Don’t Be Afraid. We Are At War.

This post is my darkest and scariest post I’ve written so far.
My intentention is not to scare you but to warn and prepare you.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
I’m no prophet and everything I write are my own conclusions based on my observations and my analysis.
I’d rather be wrong and make a fool of myself than be right and see the expected disaster become reality.

This is also my last post for at least the next months. I have to take care of some urgent private business which will take up much of my time. Nothing to worry. Just a lot of work.
Also, I will have to focus all my energies to prepare for the coming winter. Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be a big thing but, as you might know, here in Germany we have not only a completely incompetent goverment but also an evil goverment which is deliberately driving this country with Europe’s most powerful economy against a concrete wall.

Germany is on it’s way to become a sh*thole country and many disastrous effects are already felt but the worst is yet to come. Today I read in a local newspaper that they fear a “winter of rage”. Yes, it is this bad. The goverment is fully aware of what’s coming but it doesn’t consider for one second changing course.

This is a good segue to Tricia’s great post Upside Down Clown World.
The one sentence in her post that struck me is this one:
“The negative results of these bad policies are not mistakes by people who mean well, they are baked in on purpose.”

We are way past “They make bad policies because they are stupid morons.”
We would have to throw Occam’s razor out the window, together with all reason and logic, if we ascribed all these bad policies to mere stupidity or just to mistakes.
The fact that the same bad policies are implemented in almost all countries of the Western world makes it virtually impossible to believe that they are implemented because all the leaders of all these countries are stupid and that they all make the same mistakes.

It’s reasonable to assume that some countries would make different policies with better outcomes for their people.
The fact that it isn’t so tells us that these policies are globally coordinated or that the leaders of the Western world share for the most part similar world views and ideologies. Most likely it’s a combination of both. While some countries like Australia and New Zealand have gone to extreme measures others are slower and less extreme.

The implementation of these “common policies” varies in degree and speed of implementation from country to country but the general direction is the same everywhere.
When the phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was used for the first time in the USA, days, if not hours later the exact same phrase was used in Germany. Same goes for other phrases and slogans. Coincidence? Not likely!
No conspiracies required. Just a bunch of fellow travellers who think alike and who copy from each other.

Our goverments are at war with us.

This is a very tough pill to swallow but it is true. It’s not a tough pill for those of us who didn’t trust our goverments to begin with but for those who did it’s like being abused by their own parents. They behave like a child that is being abused by a parent and that wants to believe that the parent is abusing and tormenting it because the parent is making an error, is incompetent or doesn’t know better. The poor child wants to believe that the parent loves it, that the parent has good intentions and wants to do what’s best for it but that the parent just goes the wrong way about it.

The very thought that the parent is evil and wants to hurt and torment the child is so painful for the child that it rationalizes the parent’s behaviour. For the same reason and in the same way many rationalize our goverments’ destructive behaviours. They ascribe their destructive policies to stupidity and incompetence when any rational analysis should tell them otherwise. Even in a bunch of absolutely incompetent morons, just by sheer dumb luck, one of them should from time to time do the right thing. The fact that they all fail and that they all fail in the same way, is proof that the failure is intentional.

For many people the thought that those we have entrusted with doing what is best for us are actively and intentionally and with the full knowledge of the consequences engaged in policies that hurt us, impoverish us, make us sick, kill us, take our freedoms away and trample on our rights is too monstrous and painful to think.
Of course, there are too many reasons to mention here why even those who don’t trust goverment refuse to see what’s going on.

We are at war. We are in WW3.

It’s not a kinetic war between countries but a war in every other sense between a global “elite” and the populations of all Western countries. This war is waged as an economic war and as an information war primarily in the Western world. The 3rd world is a secondary theater of the war and the 3rd world’s suffering caused by it is not only collateral damage but it can and most likely will be used as a weapon to advance the agenda of our global “elites”.

It is a world war because it is global in scope. Too many fail to see it because they are still stuck to seeing what is happening in their country through the lense of national politics. In America it’s Democrats vs. Republicans, Liberals vs. Conservatives and Biden vs. Trump. In Germany it is SPD/Green Party vs. CDU, leftists vs. centrists and Merz vs. Scholz and Habeck.

The real divide is between those who want international bodies and institutions to take precedence over national sovereignity and those who believe that nations should be free to chart their own course determined only by the will of their people.

It is between those who see sovereign nation states as a dangerous relic and an impediment to a better, a new world order and those who see the nation state as the entitiy that is best suited to look after the interest and to express the will of people who are sharing the same geography and who are bound by a common identity, history and culture.

It is between those who believe that the masses of “little people” should not be allowed to have their way if it goes agoinst the vision of the global “elite” that knows what’s best for all and those who believe that the will of the majority must be respected.

It is between the collctivists who believe that there should be no limits to the things the state can do to the individual for the “common good” and those who believe that individual rights, basic human rights and liberties shall not be infinged and that exeptionsc to this rule should meet extraordinary high hurdles.

It is between the totalitarians who believe that the state should have the right to meddle with every aspect, every area of life and those who believe that there are areas which the state has no business meddling with.

Finally, it is between those who would trade freedom for safety and those who cherish freedom enough to be willing to accept risks and insecurity if they can be free.

Bottom line: Champions of the global “elite’s” goals are primarily on the Left but they’re also on the Right. They’re in the Democrat party and the Republican party and in the radical universities as well as in the corporate world and big business.

The ideology of our global “elites” is most comprehensively described in the webpages of the WEF, the World Economic Forum.
Before the pandemic, like most normal people, I knew almost nothing about the WEF. All I knew was that once every year the powerful people from politics, goverments and business met at the WEF in Davos, Switzerland to discuss world politics and economy. It was during the pandemic that the WEF put itself in the limelight.

More and more you could hear and read about the idea of using the pandemic as an opportunity to implement a “Great Reset” coming from powerful people and political leaders, one of them being Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU, which is an immensely powerful position. She is also Member of the Board of Trustees of the WEF.
In July 9, 2020 the book “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, written by non other than WEF founder Klaus Schwab, was published.

Basically, the idea of the “Great Reset” was to use the pandemic crisis to implement radical change in economy, politics and goverment. The two main pillars of this radical change are the shift from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism and the implementation of radical measures against Climate Change. The WEF jumped on the pandemic crisis because it saw that in this kind of crisis things were possible that would otherwise have never been accepted by the worlds populations. The WEF’s agenda is so radical that it will never be accepted by a majority of voters.

The only way to force the WEF’s vision upon the world is through crisis, emergency and economic distress. The pandemic opened my eyes and the eyes of many other people. Whatever illusions we had about our goverments, they vanished.
As it turned out and as it is more and more revealed, we were lied to and manipulated. Nothing our goverments did made medical sense. Lockdowns, masks mandates and “vaccines” did nothing for the public health.

The measures that our goverments mandated brought untold economic destruction, pain, misery, tyranny and death, yes death. By maligning and then suppressing therapeutics and prophylactics like ivermectin and chloraquine hundreds of thousands of people died needlessly.
Why did our goverments bring such massive suffering upon their populations?
As I’ve said. It’s almost impossible that our “elites” did it by mistake or because of incompetence. If it was by mistake how is it that they all made the same “mistakes”, that they always landed on the side of totalitarian, authoritarian measures?

The evidence is clear.
We have the statements of the WEF, of Klaus Schwab and of many powerful Western leaders who were and who are advocating for a “Great Reset”, “Build Back Better” or some variation of those two.
The tyrannical, authoritarian and totalitarian measures employed through the pandemic are exactly the kind of measures you would need to employ in order to enforce the radical climate change policies.
Many goverments are bebinning to implement these radical policies.
The EU has commited itself to a “Eurpean Green Deal” and America is also in the beginning stages of the same kind of deal.

Our global “elites” were not interested in a quick end of the pandemic. The longer it went on the more of the measures that make the “Great Reset” possible were implemented and the more the populations were conditioned to accept the loss of their basic rights as the new normal.
So, everything that went on and everything that is going on advances the goals of our global “elites”.
If they don’t create crises themselves, they sure as hell use them to their advantage.

They have created an artificial energy crisis which is wrecking the world’s economies and which will cause famines in the 3rd world. Inevitably, this will cause massive waves of refugees fleeing hunger and death.
What do you think will happen when these waves will hit the USA and Europe? Mark my words. They will claim that the famines are caused by climate change and they will declare a climate emergency. You know the rest.

The economic destruction caused by the pandemic response and by the artificially induced energy crisis as well as the astronomical amount of debt piled up during the pandemic may very well be the end of our economies.
What do you think would happen if the Western countries were to go bankrupt? I believe that a new world currency would be offered as a solution but that solution would come with strings attached.
It would be the Greece model. Democracy is dead in Greece. The bankrupt country accepted the help of the EU but in exchange it doesn’t matter any more what the Greek people vote. The EU pays and Greece has to do what the EU wants no matter what the Greek people wants.

If there’s one document I would like you to read it’s this document published in the prestigious magazine “nature”. You will understand what’s potentially in store for us.

At this point I have to cut this post short.

We are at war whether we like it or not and we must fight evil without becoming evil. We must fight hard but we must also show mercy whenever we can. We must not lose our humanity.
We must not use violence except for self-defense.

There are tough times ahead and some of us may not survive but as the bible tells us, death is not the worse that can happen to us. There are far worse things than death.
The bible also tells us again and again: “Do not be afraid”.

Strangely enough, the worse things got these last years, the more the world was tortured by evil, the more my faith in God was strengthened.
Honestly, i cannot tell you why that is.
All I can tell you is that I have a feeling of complete calm in my heart.
What must come will come.
Do not be afraid.

Why Should We Trust Goverment?

Anarchy cannot exist longer than 5 seconds.
In the real world, in the absence of goverment, authority and the rule of law, the law of the jungle kicks in and the strongest, most ruthless warlords are battling for control. Justice, rule of law and consent by the governed don’t exist. It’s pure tyranny.

That’s why we need goverment. The only question is, how much goverment do we need? How much power do we give to goverment?

Citizen Tom produced a series of posts (here, here and here), essentially dealing with the question: why should we trust goverment?
Five years ago I wrote in my post Death Wishes, Etatheism And Putin:

The Left does not trust the individual to run his own life because the flaws of the individual lead to all kinds of real or perceived problems like social injustice etc.
Therefore, in the view of the Left the state has to run and control everything.
But there is a fundamental error in this argument and it is this: Any state, no matter what kind of state, is run by a collection of individual persons with their own flaws and that is why no state can be the more just, better entity that the Left claims that it is.

To believe, as the Left claims that it does, that the state is better than the individual, it has to ascribe divine attributes of perfection that the individual lacks to the state, which makes the Left’s word view a religion. I call it etatheism (etat = state), the deification of the state.

Ironically, the people who have more faith in the state than the Americans, the Europeans, should have the least faith in the state because it was here in Europe, in Hitler’s Germany and in Stalin’s Russia where the state murdered its own citizens by the millions. It was in Mussolini’s fascist Italy and in Franco’s Spain where the state oppressed its citizens. It was in communist Eastern Europe where the state deprived its citizens of the most basic human rights and where it crushed the opposition with tanks and soldiers.
Flaws of individuals can have harmful and undesired effects but flaws of individuals who are collectively running states are magnified by orders of magnitude because of the state’s almost unlimited power and reach (compared to a single individual).

It is because of this great potential of the state to cause destruction and to prevent or diminish prosperity that the state needs to be as least powerful as possible and to interfere as least as possible in the individual’s affairs.
Leftists will, of course, counter my argument by saying that we can eliminate man’s flaws by creating a new system that will create a new man.

But again, the Left is stuck with the same problem. In order to create a flawless, perfect system which eliminates the flaws of the individual, the individuals who are creating the system have to be flawless and perfect themselves.
Again, one has to ascribe divine attributes of perfection to the persons devising such a system.

American political scientist Rudolph Rummel coined the term Democide to describe the killing of people by their own goverment. According to his definition in the 20th century, one of the bloodiest in human history, more people were killed by democide than by war.

Give an evil man a gun and he can kill tens, perhaps hundreds of people.
Put an evil man in goverment and he can kill millions and ruin whole nations.

People give power to goverment because they don’t trust their neighbour, envy their neighbour’s wealth and success or because they fear their neighbour.
Ironically, by giving power to goverment they are giving power to their neighbour because goverment IS their neighbour.
This is what the people who want to give all the power to the goverment don’t understand.

James Madison said “If Men were angels, no government would be necessary.”
However, the very reason why we need goverment is the same reason why we need to keep goverment as small as possible with as little power as possible.

The Green Death

One aspect of the whole pandemic response that was not appreciated enough was the economic devastation that it caused. Those who were supporting the lockdowns either ignored the damage caused by lockdowns, were just too stupid to understand or they justified it by saying that any measure that was stopping the virus must be taken because they were motivated by pure panic due to a deluge of panic porn created by the media. I have tried to warn people but they would, in their state of panic and fear, still accept and support lockdowns.

The idea that one could shut down major sectors of the economy without serious consequences is idiotic and yet goverments around the world deliberately kept silent about these consequences. What they essentially did was to bribe the population. Those who temporarily lost their jobs and those who had to close their businesses were given money by the goverment. Had the goverments not done so, they would have had a rebellion on their hands. You cannot take someone’s livelyhood and leave that person twisting in the wind.

Where did the goverments get the money from? They could not increase taxes because that would make the sharp contraction of the economy that they themselves caused much worse and because, again, many people would not accept lockdowns if they felt the negative consequences immidiately.
So, the goverments incurred a lot of debt, essentially printing a ton of money. From 2019 to 2021 the money supply M1 in the Eurozone grew by 25%. In the US it was much worse. Inflation would be unavoidable as soon as the economy would open up and the people could spend all the money they were not able to spend during the lockdowns.

Inflation and destroyed/disrupted supply chains were the results of the lockdowns.
See The World Catastrophe Wrought by Covid Lockdowns.

If we all thought that we could finally go back to normal, we were sorely disappointed.
That’s our own fault.
Why didn’t we listen to our “elites” when they told us that there would be no back to normal? Why didn’t we listen to guys like Gavin Newsom, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab?
Gavin Newsom and Trudeau literally told us that there wouldn’t be a return to normal but that we would “Build Back Better” and have a “Great Reset” resulting in more equity and a greener society. “Build Back Better” was on Boris Johnson’s, Joe Biden’s and Klaus Schwab’s lips all the time. They were not kidding.

When everything seemed to go back to normal, just “coincidentally” and very conveniently for our “elites” the war in Ukraine broke out.
Understand that this war makes many things worse but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT the cause of our problems. The cause of our problems are our “elites” who use the war as an excuse for everything they are causing.

Before the pandemic global oil production was 83 to 84 million barrels per day.
Current oil production is 80 million barrels per day. In the US alone, production fell by 2.2 million.
This has nothing to do with Russia but it is the result of the build-back-better-crowd’s war against fossil fuels. In the midst of an energy crisis our “elites” refuse to increase fossil fuel production and they refuse also in many cases to use fossil fuels for the production of electricity.

Understand that the current shortage of energy is artificially created. It is part of the “Great Reset”, the transition to a “green” economy.

During the covid pandemic the UN warned that the economic effects of the worldwide lockdowns could cause hunger and increased poverty in the 3rd world.

The negative effects of the lockdowns are bad enough but the effects that the explosion in energy prices and hence, exploding fertlizer prices have for food production are devastating for the 3rd world.
Don’t get me wrong. We are suffering and we will be suffering even more because of this but while we might be able to absorb higher food prices, many people in the 3rd world who are already on the edge of starvation will die.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough our “elites” make it even worse by artificially reducing food production in the EU by essentially forcing farmers to produce less for the sake of “saving the climate”. This will have have huge implications.
Our “elites” are doing this deliberately. They know what they are doing and they know that millions will die because of it. They don’t care.

The price for the green utopia is the green death.

The green death will be followed by the green human tsunami. Millions of people will try to flee from hunger and death.
What’s happening now at the US southern border is bad but it will pale in comparison to the human wave that is to come.
The same is true for Europe. The flood of refugees in 2015 will look like a picnic compared to the flood that is to come.
Needless to say that many will die on their way to the US and Europe.

Green death indeed.

Evil Loves Stupid

This post was primarily prompted by this excellent comment made by IB in response to my post Crocodile Dumbdee Strikes Again:

“sklyjd and many others like him have a completely incoherent worldview. It has no foundation and it contradicts itself. Also, many who subscribe to this way of thinking have no self awareness at all, which brings me to my real point. What I find so chilling is that I don’t think evil can see itself or recognize itself. We people tend to just rationalize and justify everything we do. Some of the worst evil is often sold to you as being, ‘for your own good’ or for ‘the common good.’ Almost no one gets up in the morning determined to just do evil like a supervillain.”

The thought that evil cannot recognize itself is indeed chilling.
It is precisely because “Almost no one gets up in the morning determined to just do evil” that evil involves almost always deception, lies and seduction.

Therefore, we have to ask the following question:´
If you were a con artist what kind of person would you wish to be the target of your efforts?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want that person to be smart, knowledgeable and wise.
Obviously, you wouldn’t want that person to have a healthy dose of scepticism.
Obviously, you wouldn’t want that person to understand logic and reason, so you can fool that person more easily.
Obviously, you wouldn’t want that person to have any self awareness.
Obviously, you would want that person to be very trustful of authorities in politics, science, religion or goverment so that you can fool the person by giving yourself the air of authority.
Obviously, you would want that person to be unwilling to test its own views and assumptions. Once such a person made a falsehood part of its own views it’s extremely hard to correct the falsehood.
Obviously, you would want that person to be as stupid as possible.

Obviously, evil loves stupid.

There are two kinds of stupid people.
Those very rare, genuinly stupid people who are born stupid and who are going to die stupid.
The overwhelming majority who are willfully stupid.

A perfect example for the first kind is our old friend sklyjd with whom I recently had an exchange of comments and posts.
I don’t say this as an insult or for the sake of being offensive. It’s just a statement of fact.

How do I know that sklyjd is genuinly stupid?
He still objects to a definition of evil which he himself has shown to be mostly true.
Still fixated with the covid “vaccines”, he still keeps using an argument I’ve definitely debunked and buried a long time ago.
He keeps insisting that the covid “vaccines” prevented long term health problems for many people.
That’s so stupid that it hurts. NO ONE KNOWS the long term effects of the wuhan virus or the “vaccines”. Both have been around less than 3 years.
While admitting that we cannot know the longterm effects of the virus he came up with an even more insane answer.
His reply at the time: Because we don’t know the longterm effects of the corona virus we should vaccinate people.

That’s nutjob logic for you: Because the virus MIGHT BE more damaging than we think it is, we should inject people with stuff that MIGHT ALSO BE more damaging than we think it is and wich MAY BE much more damaging than the virus itself.
At any other time prior to the wuhan virus this would have been considered medical malpractice and utter recklessness.

Back to the main topic.
Because most stupid people are willfully stupid, the stupidy can be reversed.
However, this is a herculean task.
Military experts often say “Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics.”
Logistics is everything that has to do with supplying the men who are fighting on the front with everything they need to keep fighting (clothing, food, ammunition, arms, fuel etc.).

By reversing stupidity we can cut off the supply line of evil. This is no easy task and we cannot expect quick, decisive victories. This is a war of attrition.
It is not easy but it is possible. I know because I changed my political views and my views on religion radically. That process took years.

The first breaktrough is the toughest one to achieve but once you can convince someone that he is wrong on ONE thing it’s much easier and much more likely that the same person says: “I was wrong on this one thing. Maybe I’m wrong on other things too.”
Your best weapon is the question rather than the statement. Use it as often as you can. Statements can be easily dismissed and ignored. A question forces your interlocutor to think.

Sometimes the fight against stupidity and evil may seem utterly futile and hopeless but that might be a totally false perception.

On March 17, 1990 a spectacular boxing fight took place. Later dubbed the fight of the decade. the controversy that this fight sparked, lives to this day.
The two boxers, both in their prime, were Julio César Chávez and Meldrick Taylor. From the start Taylor dominated thanks to his phenomenal handspeed and quick movements and to most of the spectators it looked like Taylor was winning round after round.

Only few could see what was really happening. While Taylor responded to every punch by Chavez with 3 or 4 punches, Chavez hit harder and did more damage than Taylor. While it was obvious that Taylor’s eyes were swelling only few could see what kind of punishment Taylor was taking. In round 11 Taylor was ahead on points and all he had to do to win was to stay on his feet.

In the final round (round 12) Chavez desperately tried to knock out Taylor (his only path to victory). Finally, with less than 25 seconds to go Chavez knocked Taylor to the floor with a crushing blow. Taylor got on his feet and was using the ropes to stay on his feet. The referee counted to 8 and asked Taylor twice if he was OK. Taylor’s response was only a blank stare and with 2 seconds to go the referee stopped the fight. Chavez won by by TKO. The referee’s decision remains controverial but from this day forward Taylor’s health quickly deteriorated.

The moral of the story: Perceptions can be misleading. Even Chavez himself could not truly know what Taylor’s internal state was and he might very well have had for a second that sense of hopelessness and futility.
The effect of Chavez’ punches was cumulative and just as he had no way of knowing when the tiping point would be reached, we have no way of knowing when our efforts will cause our opponent to reach that critical tipping point where the opponent is ready for critical self-examination.

Everyone has to fight against the evil within oneself and against the evil from outside in one’s very own ring. We don’t know the internal state of our opponent. Our opponent is of course not our enemy. Our enemy is a spiritual one.
That’s why without God’s help we have no chance in hell of winning. With God’s help, however, hell has no chance of winning against us.

Crocodile Dumbdee Strikes Again

Our old friend sklyjd aka “Crocodile Dumbdee” strikes again. He commented on my post “About Evil” in which I feature one of JP’s awsome videos in which JP defines evil and in which he explaines how to deal with evil.
sklyjd tries really hard to prove that he’s an idiot by shooting down his own arguments.
Am I too harsh? You be the judge.

Here is sklyjd’s comment in full:

“Evil ? What a complete mess. In this mans world and in his context the NRA that he obviously loves, all religions including his own, schools, any kind of ruling government, the police, doctors, the military and any organisation that generates certain rules or legislation that you may not like or feel is ungodly or not conforming to your ideology can be defined as processed by evil people.

I understand profound immorality and wickedness is how evil is generally defined in real English and the proper definition would cover real evil acts such as murderers, rapists, terrorists, school shooters, armed robbers, child snatchers and the Putin type of leaders but does not describe or include the majority of people on the planet who do their duty conforming to laws and directions expected of them while living good and honest lives, but because they are not of this mans personal idealism and world views they would be classed as evil.

This man with his extreme views is the kind that drives divisions in society and enhances confused mental states of many people and ultimately contributes to the self destruction you are witnessing within your own country. You should thank your God this man is not broadcast nation wide.”

Here are my responses:

“Evil ? What a complete mess. In this mans world and in his context the NRA that he obviously loves, all religions including his own, schools, any kind of ruling government, the police, doctors, the military and any organisation that generates certain rules or legislation that you may not like or feel is ungodly or not conforming to your ideology can be defined as processed by evil people.”

Response: What utter garbage. sklyjd can’t stop misrepresenting arguments in order to attack strawmen. Obviously, he’s not capable of having a discussion without resorting to logical fallacies. Sound and fury signifying nothing.
Here’s JP’s definition of evil: “Evil, from my point of view is anyone trying to control someone else in a way that is not in their best interest.”
See the difference? It’s not about liking or not liking or about religion and ideology.
It’s about trying to control someone in a way that it’s not in their best interest.

“I understand profound immorality and wickedness is how evil is generally defined in real English and the proper definition would cover real evil acts such as murderers, rapists, terrorists, school shooters, armed robbers, child snatchers and the Putin type of leaders but does not describe or include the majority of people on the planet who do their duty conforming to laws and directions expected of them while living good and honest lives, but because they are not of this mans personal idealism and world views they would be classed as evil.”

Response: It’s always funny how sklyjd shoots down his own arguments. He enumerates the things that he thinks are really evil and puts them in contrast to the things he doesn’t view as evil such as following the law and obeying orders.
Here’s JP’s definition again: “Evil, from my point of view is anyone trying to control someone else in a way that is not in their best interest.”
Let’s see how the things sklyjd views as evil fit JP’s definition of evil.

murderers. JP’s definition needs expansion.
rapists fit JP’s definition perfectly.
terrorists fit JP’s definition perfectly.
school shooters fit JP’s definition partially, needs expansion.
armed robbers fit JP’s definition perfectly.
child snatchers fit JP’s definition perfectly.
Putin type of leaders fit JP’s definition perfectly.

How stupid do you have to be to rail against someone’s definition of evil and then to go on and cite examples of evil which mostly fit the definition you are railing against? My only explanation for that kind of stupid behaviour is that sklyjd is not too bright or intellectually underpowered which makes interactions with him painful. Talking to idiots is no fun. What a clown.

How about the things sklyjd views as non-evil?
Conforming to laws doesn’t make evil good. If a law itself is evil then conforming to that law is evil. In ancient Sparta the law was that a young man had to kill a Helot as a rite of passage. That’s evil if you ask me. Furthermore, the Nürnberg trials have established the principle that there is a higher law. Hitler’s murderous thugs could not cite German nazi law as a defense because that law was evil and it violated the higher law. The Nürnberg trials also established the principle that “I was just following orders” is no longer a defense when those orders violate the higher law.

The idea that lawful behaviour cannot be evil is just plain stupid. Equally stupid is the idea that laws, orders and policies are not evil just because the goverment was democratically elected. Putin, like Hitler was elected.
This kind of thinking is illustratiive of sklyjd’s collectivist views. He is a nutjob with the mindset of a fanatical nazi who thinks police violence against journalists is ok and that the individual is subject to the collective and that freedom is of no big concern as evidenced here and here. That’s the only reason why he has to object to JP’s definition of evil. JP’s definition highlights the evil of goverments, authorities and people in power.

“This man with his extreme views is the kind that drives divisions in society and enhances confused mental states of many people and ultimately contributes to the self destruction you are witnessing within your own country. You should thank your God this man is not broadcast nation wide.”

Response: These are the ranting and ravings of a fanatical nutjob. sklyjd couldn’t point to anything extreme in JP’s video if his life depended on it. If he could he would have done so. The only extremes exist in his screwed up mind. Of course, in the mind of the totalitarian any kind of dissent drives division and “wrongthink” which he calls “confused mental states”. Oh, what irony. An idiot talking about confusion. The only thing that leads to self-destruction are the radical, extremist policies of the green fascists implemented by the Biden administration. I guess, sklyjd would, in keeping with his totalitarian views, censor JP if he could or put him off the air.

About Evil

JP is known for his funny videos and his political satire. He is no theologian but he gives a very useful working definition of evil. He gives also very good advice on how to recognize eivil and how to deal with it. Although not theologically accurate on some points, this video is much more useful than the stuff that comes from many theologians.

The Worst Dictator Ever: Donald Trump

Imagine, if you will, that you are Adolf Hitler, sitting in your mountain fortress with Eva Braun on your side and Blondi, your German shephed dog at your feet. You are enjoying listening to Richard Wagner’s “Nibelungen” coming from your radio. Directed by Germany’s most famous conductor, the orchestra’s performance is superb. The concert ends and after multiple standing ovations and applause that seems to go on endlessly, the radio brings the news.

The news anchor reads that a famous German actor calls you a scumbag and a traitor. The news anchor quotes the actor verbatim. It’s the German equivalent of “F*** you”. What are you going to do? I think, it’s safe to assume that the only question in your mind is, which method of execution should be used to exterminate this impertinent cockroach. There’s no doubt that the punishment will come swift. While you are calling Himmler, chief of the Gestapo, you are still struggling with yourself whether the cockroach should die a slow and painful or a quick death.

Whether you are politically left, center or right, I think that you will most likely agree that this is how Hitler would react.
Why this, hopefully entertaining and instructive, thought experiment?
Because the objective of this post is, to examine whether Donald Trump was really a dictator or even tried to be a dictator and hence, a threat to democracy.

Originally, I wanted to write a post about the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, titled “American Gestapo” but many great bloggers have already written great posts on the outrage of the American Gestapo’s, the FBI’s raid and its implications going forward.
One such blogger is “The Night Wind” who wrote “BROWNSHIRTS ATTACK MAR-A-LAGO” which is defintely worth reading.

So, what’s left for me to do is to deal with the premise behind all the attacks on Donald Trump: “He’s a threat to democracy. He’s a dictator.”
Of course, the leadership of the “Democrat” party knows that this is pure nonsense but it has to justify its naked pursuit of power by all means necessary, the constitution and the rule of law be damned.

To all the fake conservatives, psychotic never-Trump nutjobs and even more psychotic leftwing fanatics: Let’s stop pretending. You don’t give a shit about the constitution or the rule of law. If you did you would want the law equally applied to Hillary Clinton’s blatand mishandling of classified information or Hunter Biden’s shady business deals benefitting his totally corrupt father Joe Biden. There’s plenty of evidence for the crimes of the Biden family (Hunter’s laptop) but you don’t care about that.

So, let’s stop pretending and go straight to the argument you use to rationalize your disregard for the rule of law: Donald Trump has to be stopped from getting back to power by all means necessary, even illegal means, because he’s a threat to democracy. He’s a dictator. Democracy has to be abolished to save democracy.

Now, let’s go back to our thought experiment. Strangely enough, in Trump’s dictatorship, hurling wild insults at the dictator didn’t get you executed, imprisoned, tortured or banned from public life.
On the contrary, it was a great career move. You got the fawning applause and adulation of the media, press and Hollywood. On the other hand, if you were an open supporter of the evil, evil dictator you were eviscerated by the press and you could kiss good bye to your Hollywood and media career. That’s some strange dictatorship.

How would a Mussolini deal with a guy like Jim Acosta? You think Acosta would be allowed for one second to talk to the Duce the way he talked to the President?
Donald Trump was a joke of a dictator. Under his dictatorship the press was allowed to attack the goverment in unprecedented ways with impunity.
Here’s dictatorship 101: The very first thing any self-respecting dictator does is to bring the media under his complete control.

From beginning to end, under Trump’s dictatorship the whole goverment apparatus was full with people who obstructed him every step of the way and who backstabed him at every opportunity. Never mind the obstruction in his own party. Dictators like Hitler, Mussolini and Castro are known for suffering that kind of resistance and obstruction, right? Night of the long knives anyone? Another Trump failure as a dictator.

Do you remember the days when Hitler’s Gestapo went after Hitler, Mussolini’s police investigated Mussolini and Castro’s revolutionary thugs went after the Maximo Lider? No? Me neither.
The other thing equally important to complete control of the media is complete control of police, intelligence apparatus and the army.
Again, Donald Trump was a lousy dictator. He was constantly harrassed by his own intelligence apparatus.
This brutal, ruthless dictator couldn’t even fire Robert Mueller who hung for 2 years like the sword of damocles over his head.
Do you remember the iron grip Donald Trump had on the military? No? Me neither.
The dictator Trump couldn’t rely on the miltitary to be used even for legitimate reasons, like for example quelling BLM/antifa riots. In the end Mark Milley even usurped the role as commander in chief, insisting that all orders like attacks on China went through him first.
Speaking of riots, in which dictatorship would the police kneel in solidarity with the rioters? Try that in a real dictatorship like China. You wouldn’t face a kneeling police but tanks that would murder you with their machine guns.

One thing any dictator knows was expressed by Mao in this famous quote:

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

Any serious dictator takes the guns away from the general population. Only police, intelligence apparatus, army and the regime’s thugs are allowed to have weapons.
As usual, Donald Trump failed miserably in this regard as well. He allowed the population to keep their guns.

Remember the days when Hitler’s policies allowed the Jews to get rich and prosper? No? Me neither.
We know that wealth, economic independence and economic power translates to political power and therefore any dictator has to make his political opponents poor and dependent on the goverment. If you target a demographic for annihilation you sure as hell want to impoverish that demographic.
Next Trump dictator failure. The evil, evil racist Trump failed miserably by improving the economic situation of blacks, latinos and other minorities. Real income growth and low unemployment. Boy, that’s the way to punish the groups you hate most.

Donald Trump missed every opportunity to act as an even mildly competent dictator. Even when he was urged by the press and the Democrats to impose covid measures on the states, he screwed up royally and failed to dictate covid measures to the states. He had the unheared of temerity to refuse to dictate. What a disgrace to all dictators.

Finally, any dictator worth his salt only allows elections if the only possible outcome is his reelection.
Yep, here Donald Trump failed again.

As a dictator President Donald Trump was an abysmal failure unrivaled in the history of failed dictators.
In contrast to The Donald’s goverment, the Biden regime is infinitely more competent as a dictatorship even if it displays utter incompetence in all other fields of goverment.

No Snowflake Planet

Today I deal with a topic that has been beaten to death but I will ask the questions that are virtually never asked. There’s a reason these questions are almost never asked. They’re politically inconvenient. They are heresy.

The topic in question is the infamous “climate change”.

It is claimed that because of manmade climate change (global warming) there will be catastrophic consequences. The only chance to avoid these consequences is, to prevent the climate from changing.

Why is global warming bad?

The only answer we get from the climate fascists is pure hysteria purely based on arbitrary models which are pure speculation. The future we cannot know but we know a lot more about our planet’s past. So, if we look at earth’s history we see that there were times with much higher temperatures and with much more CO2 in the atmosphere than today. Our biological ancestors which were biologically not much different than we are, mammals and many other species that exist today as they did exist millions of years ago, did survive and did not go extinct.

Furthermore, it is known that cold weather kills many more people than warm weather. Extended periods of a colder climate have been much worse and much more deadly than warm periods because plants grow much more plentiful in a warm climate. Therefore, extended periods of colder climate are associated with famine and disease.

Global warming is good.

Can we prevent the climate from changing?

We do not know to which degree humans influence the climate. We DO know however that climate has always changed. It did so long before humans existed and it will continue to do so with or without humans.

Should we prevent the climate from changing if we could?

No! The idea that we can slap a thermostat on the planet and keep the temperature from changing is sheer lunacy and hubris.

To do that we would need to not only compensate for the human influence on the climate but we would also have to neutralize the climate change that is happening independent from man’s influence.

Furthermore, this would be such a massive intervention in nature, of which humans are a part, that it would do more harm than good.

Is it bad that humans are changing the environment by releasing a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere?

No! All living organisms change the environment. In fact, the very reason why we exist in the first place is because organisms changed the environment. Billions of years ago, the primordial atmosphere didn’t contain oxygen.

The first living organisms didn’t depend on oxygen. They aquired the energy that all living beings need by other means. Then organisms emerged that could utilize sunlight as a source of energy. These organisms (algae, plants) converted sunlight into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis. As a byproduct they produced oxygen which over time changed the environment the point that oxygen constituted 30% of our atmospere.

Did that mean that the atmosphere was going to be full of oxygen?
No! Nature has a way of establishing a dynamic equilibrium. Other organisms adapted/emerged which used the oxygen to their advantage by using it in combination with the chemical energy stored in plants to satisfy their energy needs.

Today’s atmosphere consists of 21% oxygen.

Changing the environment and, to whatever degree, the climate is perfectly natural. It is what all life forms have always done and what they will always do. This planet is a self-regulating system. If environmental changes could end in catastrophy it would have happened a long time ago.

Can the climate spin out of control because of positive feedback loops?

A positive feedback loop is a self-reinforcing process where cause A produces effect B which in turn produces more of A which in turn produces more of B etc.

Example: Melting of ice reduces reflection of sunlight into space. This produces more heat which in turn melts more ice which in turn produces more heat etc.

We have definitive proof that the climate cannot spin out of control. If the earth’s climate was such an unstable system that the temperature could run away to one of the two extremes, either extremely hot or extremely cold, it would have done so already by now and the earth would be a hot hell like Venus or a dead, cold planet like Neptune.

Evidently, this has never happened in 4 billion years of earth’s history. An event, no matter how improbable, will happen, given a sufficient amount of time. 4 billion years is a darn long time and the fact that such a runaway event has not happened by now means that it is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, that it will ever happen.

To conclude:

If earth’s history tells us anything, it is that it is a remarkably stable system which always self-regulates in a way which allows for the continuation and flourishing of life. It has withstood solar flares, cosmic rays, gamma rays, polar shifts, vulcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis. It was relentlessly bombarded with meteors and asteroids. It has withstood cataclysmic events of unimaginable scale like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. We can only marvel at its ability to withstand punishment and to sustain life.

In short: Contrary to the message spread by panic peddlers this planet is no snowflake but a tough, tough hombre who neither needs nor wants a safe-space.

An Incompetent Man Asks: Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

In this video the speaker, a man, explains why so many leaders are incompetent. His answer: It’s because many leaders are not as good as they think they are. In other words, they deceive themselves (and others) about their level of competence. He explains, quite confidently so, that men are more prone to this self-deception than women and therefore, we can improve the quality of leadership by putting more women in leadership positions.

This video is unwittingly funny because he mentions Angela Merkel as the prime example of a competent female leader. There can hardly be any doubt that Angela Merkel was completely incompetent and that the German people stand in the ruins of her failed policies. No matter where you stand on the Ukraine issue, it was a catastrophic mistake to make Germany completely dependend on Russian energy.

The speaker is incompetent because he lets his political leanings interfere with objective analysis.
Mrs. Merkel was incompetent because she stubbornly and consistently resisted all warnings and good counsel not only on the Russia issue but on many other important issues as well.

Jordan B. Peterson: Russia Vs. Ukraine Or Civil War In The West?

Agree or disagree, Jordan B. Peterson is always worth listening to. Brilliant as always, he puts the the Ukraine war into a greater context.


“Perhaps I might end this litany of warnings and woe with a story and not one that I think will improve anyone’s mood.

As has become somewhat widely known, Putin had an encounter with an angry and desperate rodent when he was young.

Quote: ‘There on that stair landing I got a quick and lasting lesson in the meaning of the word cornered. There were hords of rats in the front entryway. My friends and I used to chase them around wih sticks. Once I spotted a huge rat and pursued it down the hall until I drove it into a corner. It had nowhere to run. Suddenly it lashed around and threw itself at me. I was surprised and frightened. Now the rat was chasing me! It jumped across the landing and down the stairs. Luckily I was a little faster and I managed to slam the door on its nose’.

Now, Putin is not a rat and we are not children tormenting rats with sticks or at least we shouldn’t be. I spoke recently with the former Albanian minister of foreign affairs and he told me that there are Western leaders who hold the view that Russia’s president needs to be humiliated so that he will learn his lesson.

Here’s a lesson from the benighted, vengeful Versailles treaty, designed to humiliate and cripple the Germans in the aftermath of the brutalities of WWI: Don’t plant the seeds that will blossom into the next war. Putin will not be around in 10 years or so but Russia will remain. This isn’t or shouldn’t be personal although the relationships that might bring peace need to be and let’s not corner the explosive bear that is Russia, no mere contemptible rat, or aim at a highschool-like humiliation of its leader and therefore its people, no matter how misguided we may believe they presently are. We need to find a way out of this awful mess, this terrible tar baby before it engulfs us all and it needs to be the top priority of those who purport to lead and guide us here in the West.”