Amazing Voice: Carlo Bergonzi

I like classical music. Opera not so much. However, when I heared Carlo Bergonzi, perhaps seven years ago, playing on my radio, I was so impressed that I could not forget the aria he was singing. It’s ‘E lucevan le stelle’ from Puccini’s opera ‘Tosca’. Since then I have heared the greatest tenors (Pavarotti, Carreras etc.) sing this aria.
I still like Bergonzi’s interpretation the most.
Carlo Bergonzi was one of the great tenors of the 20th century. He died in 2014 but his amazing voice is still with us.

Amazing Voice: Lena Chamamyan

Of all the musical instruments I find the human voice to be the most fascinating one.
No other instrument comes even close to the range of expressions that the human voice can produce.

When an artist isn’t just blessed with a great voice but when the artist knows how to use it, then something truly exceptional is created.
Lena Chamamyan, a Syrian-Armenian singer, is such an artist. Enjoy!