Understanding Mask Voodoo And Other Crazy Stuff

If you want to better understand what happened these last three years of covid madness you need to watch this video that was posted 4 years ago.
Slowly but steadily science is confirming what many of us knew all along. Wearing masks, lockowns and closing schools were completely useless, harmful and damaging to health and economy.
I knew from the beginning that masks and lockdowns were useless because we were never presented with robust scientific and empirical evidence that they work.

Many did go along because of fear and panic as well as threats and pressure by our goverments.
However, there is also another force at play here, as you will see in the experiment shown in the video.
You will better understand why people go along with the most stupid things.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Mask Voodoo And Other Crazy Stuff

  1. That was interesting! It’s good to know that desiring synchronicity and conforming to a group can be a positive part of our design with a good purpose. Sometimes we focus on the potential harm, on how people are often being exploited and manipulated, and miss the part about how neat our design really is. Knowing this makes it easier to forgive some people for their compliance, too.

    1. EVERYTHING that is designed by God is designed for a good purpose and EVERYTHING that is designed for a good purpose is misused or perverted by man.
      Conforming to fashion, respecting tradition are good things or they don’t harm anyone, just like the silly behaviour in the experiment didn’t harm anyone.
      God gave us also a rational brain and morals and we must use them and refuse to conform if doing so is harmful to ourselves or our fellow man.
      That’s why, at least for me, it dosen’t make it easier to forgive.
      Just like male sexual drive is designed for a good purpose, raping women is not excusable by that drive.

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