Veinte Anos

Today, while driving, I thought that these last three years were lost years, wasted years. Immediately a song popped up in my head. I absolutely love that song, Veinte Anos. Only music can turn pain and loss into something beautiful.
I wish that in the future free and happy lovers dance to beautiful songs of a long forgotten past loss.

The Return Of The Gods

I guess that many of you have asked these questions that I have asked myself.
How could all these crazy, insane and downright evil things happen that we have witnessed in these almost three years of pandemic?
How did human behaviour change so quickly and how did a mass hysteria take grip of whole societies?
How did all rational thought and the scientific method go out the window?
How did people get into a zombie-like state where they became inaccessible to any kind of reason, logic and common sense, accepting only the version of reality allowed by our governments as true and vehemently rejecting dissenting opinions from real experts?

How could decent people suddenly treat their fellow human beings with cruelty, cold-heartedness and indifference, and in many cases feel recognizable pleasure in doing so?
While most of us have the latent capacity to go from Dr. Jekyll to Mister Hyde, a lot of things usually have to occur for that to happen.
These things don’t just happen.

In my own way and in many posts I’ve described the insanity we’ve lived through. I’ve tried to find explanations but neither my own explanations nor the explanations of scientists/experts could adequately explain reality.

In my post “Revelation” I wrote “It’s as if a spirit of darkness and oppression has settled over the world.”
That’s how I felt then and that’s how I still feel. Something suffocating, something supernatural has settled over the world.
Naomi Wolf, a feminist and a “Liberal” was thinking in the same direction. The monstrous evil we have witnessed was too great to be rationally explained. After all, it’s difficult enough to explain individual irrational behaviour.and virtually impossible to explain such behaviour on a global scale.

Thanks to my podcast addiction, I found the only explanation that makes sense – at least so far.
Over the Christmas season I’ve listened to three episodes of the Monica Crowley Podcast in which she interviwed Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish minister, about his book “The Return of the Gods” (see here, here and here).
Cahn explains that the gods that were worshipped in the ancient, pagan world were spirits or demons which possessed humans.

As Christianty spread they were driven out. Now that more and more people in the West abandon God and Chrisitianity those same spirits find an empty house which they reinhabit and repossess.
Isn’t possession the word that best describes the behaviour of the people these days? Doesn’t it best describe their crazy, irrational destructive behaviour?
A possessed person is not susceptible to arguments and reason and totally blind to reality.

Cahn calls the process of the collective repossession of the West also the repaganisation of the West.
That’s a very apt description because, although Cahn doesn’t mention it, it is my observation that another distinctly pagan phenomenon has returned with a vengeance.
It’s the god-king, the ruler who is man and god at the same time like the Pharaohs, Roman emperors and other such rulers.
The modern god-kings are not yet worhipped as such but like the ancient god-kings they claim to have the superior knowledge and the right to dictate upon humanity how the “lesser” beings should live.

There are the god-kings who want to create a new man through social engineering and then there are the transhumanist god-kings who want to create a new, superior man through genetic engineering, turning humans into cyborgs and connecting them to an omniscient AI with superhuman intelligence. Of course, the masses would become slaves while only the god-kings would become like gods. Transhumanists even talk about immortality, about uploading your brain to some machine, thus enabling “you” to “live” forever.

Not all problems today are caused by the retreat/abandonment of Christianity but the ones threatening society and humanity certainly are.
A spiritual vacuum cannot exist longer than a second. It will be filled either with the spirits of darkness or the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.
There is no neutrality in this war of good against evil that has been going on since the beginning of time.
Whether one likes it or not, whether one knows it or not, everyone chooses one side or the other every second of every day.
In the words of Bob Dylan:

But you’re going to have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re going to have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re going to have to serve somebody

Cutesy time is over. Christianity must go on offense.
As powerful as the god-kings are and as powerful as the demons empowering them may be, they are nothing compared to the power of THE ONE AND ONLY true god-king, The Lord of lords, The King of kings, The Wonderful, The Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Understanding Mask Voodoo And Other Crazy Stuff

If you want to better understand what happened these last three years of covid madness you need to watch this video that was posted 4 years ago.
Slowly but steadily science is confirming what many of us knew all along. Wearing masks, lockowns and closing schools were completely useless, harmful and damaging to health and economy.
I knew from the beginning that masks and lockdowns were useless because we were never presented with robust scientific and empirical evidence that they work.

Many did go along because of fear and panic as well as threats and pressure by our goverments.
However, there is also another force at play here, as you will see in the experiment shown in the video.
You will better understand why people go along with the most stupid things.