ESG Alert

If you haven’t heared about ESG yet, I urge you to make yourself familiar with ESG.
In a nutshell ESG is a social credit score but it is applied to companies.
ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and you better believe that it is the mechanism to force all the crazy, radical woke stuff upon as many companies as possible.
This webpage is a good starting point.

Many are still underestimating or ignoring ESG or they are thinking that ESG is something that is far away and that it doesn’t affect them.
It’s not that all companies that impose radical woke ideology on their staff and their customers are doing so volontarily. It is forced upon them by big, powerful companies like BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager (10 trillion dollars in assets) which is fully invested in ESG.

Simply put, if a company has a low ESG score then less or no money is invested in that company.
If a bank is applying ESG then good luck getting a loan with a low ESG score.
In short, companies which do not implement woke ideas will be starved of capital.
Since big companies have a significant influence on politics, as donors for example, this woke stuff will creep into politics even more than it does today.
May I also remind you that one of the reasons energy prices are so high is precisely because energy production has fallen due to radical environmentalism.

I work for a big, globally operating, multibillion dollar company and the US market is a very big and important one for the company.
I’ve seen this ESG stuff creep into our company over the last 8 months but the reason why I’m raising the alert now is because ESG IS REALLY TAKING OFF.
Our company is adding a whole division dedicated to ESG and related activities. Among other things the new division will provide our customers with tools which will help them to achieve the ESG goals.


Believe it or not but with regards to ESG you have more power than you have in politics. Your vote can be made worthless by election fraud but nothing can neutralize your disinvestment from companies, stocks, asset managers etc. that either apply ESG or that force ESG upon other companies. If you are offered an opportunity to state the reason for your disinvestment, let them know that it is because of ESG.
Invest only in companies that are not involved in ESG.

The same applies to you as a consumer. Give your business only to companies that don’t apply/enforce ESG and let them know.
I guess that in most cases you won’t have to dig very deep to find out if a company is involved in ESG.
Just click on the “About us” link and if you read things like “Our purpose is a just society” or “Diversity is crucial for our success” the company is most likely involved in ESG.
Spread the word. Inform others.

Finally, a practical tip for all who are constantly plagued by “woke spam” in their workplace. If you are using MS Outlook and you get multiple times a day emails telling you how wonderfully divers your company is, how they really care about inclusion or how sustainable they are, simply select the message in your inbox and press SHIFT+DEL. The email is deleted instantly and permanently without going to the trash can.

4 thoughts on “ESG Alert

  1. I just did a podcast on this very thing . It’s getting bad! I totally agree with the idea of divesting but people also need to speak out loud and clear that their rights are being violated if they’re forced to sign anything or pledge anything about beliefs .

    1. Thanks for your comment. Just listened to your podcast. Good stuff. Of course, this is much bigger and much deeper (the WEF, Schwab, the orgins of envoronmentalism…). but there is only so much you can pack in 40 minutes.
      Yes, we have t be much more vocal and much louder.

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