6 thoughts on “A Brilliant Answer To Climate Wokeness

  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    If you have not seen this, you are missing something really important, a well stated argument against allowing our government to force its climate change agenda upon us.

    Here are a couple references.
    This links to a news article that describes the speech: https://nypost.com/2023/01/19/konstantin-kisins-blasts-woke-brainwashing-of-young-minds/

    This link contains the entire speech: https://youtu.be/zJdqJu-6ZPo

  2. I saw that! Quite delightful. What he says aligns very well with other things I’ve read and studied.

    I think it was Jordan Peterson who said the best thing we could do for the climate and environment is to eradicate global poverty, the good news being that is exactly what we have been doing for nearly 100 yrs now. We are not there yet, but there have been major shifts in global poverty, famine, and deforestation, ironically all thanks to capitalism.

    1. Yes, very true.
      Capitalism with all its flaws and imperfections lifted more people out of poverty than socialism/fascism/marxism ever did. It happened slowly but steadily and constantly.
      The thing that bothers me is that the bastards who caused all the needless lockdowns, covid measures, money printing and economic destruction are the same ones who want to impose more economic destruction in the name of saving the climate. Never mind the human destruction and the advance of totalitarian fascism.
      They are the same people who blame the wealth disparity between us and the 3rd world on capitalism while the economic destruction they caused pushed millions of 3rd world people into poverty and hunger.

      According to the UN “As many as 828 million people were affected by hunger in 2021 – 46 million people more from a year earlier and 150 million more from 2019.”


      The speaker in this video is right. The only solution is human creativity and innovation.
      We are created in the image of a CREATOR and we are blessed with some of His creativity.
      Time and time again in human history, human creativity and innovation allowed us to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems.

      At the beginning of the 19th century people like Malthus made dismal predictions about the future based on the increase of population and a limited amount of resources.
      As late as 1898 predictions were made that the rising population could not be sustained.
      They all ignored the fact that human creativity and innovation enables us to utilize ressources previously unusable and even to expand our supply of resources (for example by mining asteroids for minerals, metals etc.).
      A mere twenty years later an explosion of innovation in the chemical industry allowed the production of synthetic fertlizers in huge quantities and at affordable prices.
      This allowed to sustain a population to the levels we have today.

      Aside from exposing the climate change hysteria as the nonsense that it is, this is the message that we have to spread.

      1. Very sad. I’ve read a few articles about how covid lock downs were really impacting the 3rd world. It wasn’t the virus itself, but rather shutting down the supply lines, kids being unable to get their aids medication anymore, all sorts of tragedies brought about from people being unable to travel, unable to get personnel and supplies in.

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