The Show Musk Go On

Twitter has been a lot of fun lately with Musk dropping one bombshell after another and making the leftist totalitarians heads explode.
Now, I’m not a fan of Musk and I’m keenly aware that Musk is not a saviour. Quite the contrary, he’s dangerous because of his transhumanist ideas.

Musk’s Neuralink is a giant leap towards digital slavery. How so? Once you are connected via the chip in your head to sensors, the cloud, the internet and to almost unlimited computer resources you’ll have superhuman powers. Connected to an infrared sensor, for example, you’ll see in the night. All the amazing new powers and new experiences come at a price.

People will become even more addicted than they are today to their smart phones. To the extent they’ll use these new superpowers and to the extent they depend on these, their brains will atrophy like an unused muscle and they will be unable to live without the chip even if they wanted.
This opens the way to total control of those with the chip in their head.

Still, I have to give Musk his due. He’s a visionary who builds electric cars, rockets and other cool stuff.

Eventually we will have to fight Musk but for the moment, enjoy the show while it goes on.
Man, this dude is brilliant and it’s a joy to behold how he makes the leftists’ heads explode.
If you haven’t heared much of Donald Trump lately, it’s because Musk has replaced Trump for the moment.
Donald Trump was twitter’s biggest attraction. He drove up engagement and traffic on twitter.

Since Donald Trump doesn’t tweet, Musk himself has taken the role of Trump and he seems to have a lot of fun doing it.
In a way that only Trump could do, Musk drives the Left insane by dropping “politically incorrect” tweets and by confronting the woke ideology, thus driving up engagement and traffic.
Smart business move.


This is HUGE. The prominent critic of the Covid response Dr. R,W. Malone has been unbanned just 2 hours ago.
Looks like other vaccine sceptics have been unbanned on twitter too.
This is more important than anything the House Republicans could do. It’s a real turning point and a challenge to the security state, the medical industrial complex, the WEF and other very, very powerful players.
It’s going to get very dangerous for Elon Musk.
I have to give it to him. He really has cojones.

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