The Architects Of Tyranny

How did it all happen?
How did we arrive where we are?
Why have many liberal Western democracies become more tyrannical and totalitarian than we ever thought possible?

I don’t know all the answers but I can promise you that you will at least get some answers in this post.

Event 201 was an infamous tabletop exercise simulating the outbreak of a deadly corona virus pandemic.
Because Event 201 took place in October 2019, months before the outbreak became known to the world, many have speculated that the virus was intentionally released and that the whole pandemic was planned.

This is not necessarily true. What IS true is that the RESPONSE to the pandemic was PLANNED.
There is irrefutable evidence that the wuhan virus was spreading in Italy as early as September 2019. Covid 19 was found in Italian blood samples taken that month for the purpose of cancer research.
It is therefore possible and in my view very likely that the organizers of Event 201 knew at the time about the wuhan virus outbreak.

The purpose of the exercise was to lay the groundwork, to plant the seed of the desired (by the organizers) response to the inevitable pandemic.

Any model, any scenario, is determined by its underlying assumptions and Event 201 is no exception.
The assumptions of Event 201 that would shape the response to the pandemic were as follows.

  • A coronavirus emerging in South American pigs was transmitted to humans.
  • It was spreading very fast and exponentially (every infected person infected two other persons).
  • It had an apocalyptic death rate of 10%
  • There was no vaccine available.
  • There was an effective aintiviral therapeutic called extranavir (sounds like remdesevir).
    However, production and quantitiy was very limited.

At the end of the exercise 65 million people had “died”.

Now, put yourself into the place of one of the participants.
Let’s assume you have the best of intentions and no conflicts of interest.
When the pandemic finally hits merely two months after the exercise, how would your reaction be, with the exercise fresh in your mind?
Wouldn’t you accept very drastic measures, even measures that were unthinkable in liberal democracies until very recently?

In the scenario there is no effective therapeutic that can be produced fast enough in sufficient quantities and the only way out seem to be vaccines.
However, in reality there is an effective therapeutic and prophylactic against coronaviruses.
It’s called Chloraquine and it is produced dirt cheap and in huge quantities in the form of Hydroxychloraquine.
Used for decades as a treatment against malaria and parasites it has been proven to be a very safe and effective drug.
The antiviral efficacy of this drug has been known since at least 2005.

Why then was the scenario based on an unrealistic assumption?
The answer is very simple. Two of the three organizers of Event 201 were the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Neither were interested in a quick end of the virus threat. The former because they wanted to radically change society and economy. the latter because they wanted to push vaccines.

The assumed lethality of the virus made drastic measures acceptable and even necessary. The assumed absence of therapeutics made the risk of experimental vaccines using an unproven technology acceptable.

Among the recommendations of the organizers we read:

“Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation prior to the next pandemic response. Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation. This will require developing the ability to flood media with fast, accurate, and consistent information.”

The third video below is even more explicit. The speaker talks about REPRESSING information.
I strongly encourage you to watch at least the three videos below (there are 2 additional videos).

As I always say. This is no conspiracy. Conspiracies are done in secret. However, Event 201 is in your face.
You can find all the info, videos, documents and everything on the web site of Event 201. .
I encourage you to read it all, watch it all.

Finally, while watching the videos, sometimes I got the impression that some of the participants were talking about a real virus and not about a hypothetical one.

Segment 1 – Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion

Segment 4 – Communications Discussion and Epilogue

Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion

The Show Musk Go On

Twitter has been a lot of fun lately with Musk dropping one bombshell after another and making the leftist totalitarians heads explode.
Now, I’m not a fan of Musk and I’m keenly aware that Musk is not a saviour. Quite the contrary, he’s dangerous because of his transhumanist ideas.

Musk’s Neuralink is a giant leap towards digital slavery. How so? Once you are connected via the chip in your head to sensors, the cloud, the internet and to almost unlimited computer resources you’ll have superhuman powers. Connected to an infrared sensor, for example, you’ll see in the night. All the amazing new powers and new experiences come at a price.

People will become even more addicted than they are today to their smart phones. To the extent they’ll use these new superpowers and to the extent they depend on these, their brains will atrophy like an unused muscle and they will be unable to live without the chip even if they wanted.
This opens the way to total control of those with the chip in their head.

Still, I have to give Musk his due. He’s a visionary who builds electric cars, rockets and other cool stuff.

Eventually we will have to fight Musk but for the moment, enjoy the show while it goes on.
Man, this dude is brilliant and it’s a joy to behold how he makes the leftists’ heads explode.
If you haven’t heared much of Donald Trump lately, it’s because Musk has replaced Trump for the moment.
Donald Trump was twitter’s biggest attraction. He drove up engagement and traffic on twitter.

Since Donald Trump doesn’t tweet, Musk himself has taken the role of Trump and he seems to have a lot of fun doing it.
In a way that only Trump could do, Musk drives the Left insane by dropping “politically incorrect” tweets and by confronting the woke ideology, thus driving up engagement and traffic.
Smart business move.


This is HUGE. The prominent critic of the Covid response Dr. R,W. Malone has been unbanned just 2 hours ago.
Looks like other vaccine sceptics have been unbanned on twitter too.
This is more important than anything the House Republicans could do. It’s a real turning point and a challenge to the security state, the medical industrial complex, the WEF and other very, very powerful players.
It’s going to get very dangerous for Elon Musk.
I have to give it to him. He really has cojones.

A Ship Of Fools

“Land in sight!” yelled the man from atop the mast. As you would expect, after many months at sea his voice was full of excitement and joyous expectation.

“It’s only a matter of hours and we are at home, lads. Home! Sweet Callonisi!” said king Archon, brave warrior and hero of the Megalonesian war. He couldn’t hide his excitement which was mostly owed to the imminent reunion with his wife, Queen Elpida. They had been 11 years away from home, 10 years at war and another year at sea. Their voyage on the vast Oceanos was as dangerous as the war itself. They battled with storms, with hunger, heat and thirst and yet they endured and overcame all challenges because of their unbreakable spirit, chiefly the spirit of their great leader Archon.

Archon’s ships sailed into the port that was exactly at the place where they expected it to be. When they put their feet onto the land, king Archon ordered the harbour master: “Send a messenger to the queen and tell her highness that the king has arrived and that she shall prepare a banqued worthy of a returning king and a conquering hero. For every year of our absence let there be a barrel of extra wine. Let everyone be dressed in their finest garb. Call all the music players and jugglers and proclaim to every person, beggar and prince alike, that today is a day to rejoice in the return of the king and his valiant men at our magnificent palace. Spare no expenses! Go!”

The harbour master didn’t move. He asked: “Who are you?”.
“Who I am?” replied the king angrily. “I am YOUR KING, THE RULER OF CALLONISI!”.

For a painfully long second the harbour master kept silent. Right at the moment the king was about the explode, the harbour master said “Forgive me, your highness, but this is not the island of Callonisi. This is the island of Faringos.”

“You are lying!” shot the king back. “Turn around and look! Right at the center there is the majestic mount Callimonas. At the left there are the massive Kefalos rocks. At the right there is the lovely, fruitful plane of Tingaki. Right between the plane and the mountains there is the village of Arantos right beside lake Malinos. I can tell you what is on the other side of the mountains. I know every hill, every creek, every lake and every village on the island. I’ve played, hunted and travelled across all of the island since I was a boy when my father, the great king Selinas, ruled. Now, go!”

By now the harbour was full of people, as it is always the case when ships arrive. Curiosity and the need to exchange news, ideas, gossip and merchandise were irresistable urges.
Equally great was the urge to keep order and so a detachment of hoplites had also arrived.
After a short exchange of words with the harbour master the detachment’s commander declared “This is the island of Faringos and our ruler is king Meronax.”

At this point it became clear to king Archon that he would have to fight if he wanted to topple the liar and usurper Meronax.
As for himself, king Archon was ready and willing to fight but he knew that there were many cowards and traitors among the upper ranks. Many of them he knew already but his spymaster was wispering the names of some he didn’t know in his ears.
Some of the cowards and traitors had been payed with gold by Meronax and were ready to stab him in the back at the first opportunity.
The King knew that he could count on most of his soldiers but he couldn’t win a fight without his upper ranks
“I know you are lying” said the King to the commander of the detachment. He ordered his men to board the ships again.

The king summoned the council of the stratigoi, the generals, to his ship.
After the king’s polemarch (supreme military leader) had opened the council, it became quickly clear that the cowards and the traitors agreed with Meronax. They argued that they had made a navigation error and that this was not their homeland but a different island. The cowards did so because they were too afraid to fight. The traitors did so because the didn’t want the rightfull king to take the throne since they were paid handsomely by Meronax.

However, there was also a faction of men who simply suffered from self-delusion.
“Had we only a different navigator! Had we only Neoagros! He knew the right course” exclaimed one of them.
“No, Kleombrotos should be navigator! He had brought us successfully to Megalonesia” interjected another one.
“We should have listened to Aristides and turn west instead of turning east after the isthmus of the cannibals.” said one of the traitors cunningly. (That route would surely bring them to the wrong place).
“We should have turned north at the island of Xerimos!” contended one of the cowards.
Of course, all of the cowards, all of the traitors and some of the self-delusional ones thought but dared not say “We need a different king”

When the council fell silent for a brief moment, a weak and fearful voice could be heared. It was the shipboy’s voice.
“MMMmy kkkking” he stammered but then he fell silent, too afraid to speak. After all, he was the lowliest in rank and the very fact that he had dared to speak without being asked to do so was an impertinence of the first order. Nevertheless, his loyalty to the king and to the simple soldiers as well as the sheer nonsense that was uttered by these men of the loftiest rank had impelled him to speak.
Now, however, fear overcame him and he was unable to utter a single word.
“Speak!” thundered the king.
“MMmy kking” the boy continued. “All ttthe ccourse corrections that are proposed are moot if wwwe don’t know our true location. If we don’t know our true location we cannot say how we deviated from the correct course or even if we deviated at all. Ifff Meronax lies then we need nnno course correction. WWWe have arrrived at our destination.”
“Perfect logic.” said the king while a big smile came over all of his face. Then he continued with a mild voice “My boy, you are destined for greatness. Henceforth you will be a member of my personal staff.”
The king turned his look towards the generals and an expression of deep disgust was visible in his face.

It was true. He couldn’t win with this bunch of traitors, cowards, backstabbers and fools.
With an abrupt gesture King Archon indicated that the council had ended.

“We will return to the last location that we know to be on the right path. From there we wiil travel again to our homeland. Polemarch, prepare the ships for the journey.”

Archon’s heart was heavy. Of course, he knew that they would end up here again, here at the same place.
His only hope was, that he could replace as many of the useless, treasonous generals as possible while his faithful soldiers would not become too dispirited. After all, they knew what he knew. They would follow him and fight ferociously, not because he was their king but because they had the same goals that he had. These simple men, however, were not stupid. They wouldn’t repeat the same useless thing forever.

This little story reflects the current state of America’s Republican party.
Unlike Plato’s ship of fools, the fools here are the “experts”, the generals.
I leave it to the reader to figure out who is who and what is what. After all, what’s the point of robbing you of all the fun?