A Horror Movie

Horror movies are usually fictional. This documentary though is scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen.
Now, the best documentaries are also entertaining and this movie is one of these kind of movies. Dramatization and evocation of feelings can be used and are being used to manipulate the viewers. You can critizise this movie for being one-sided or for using overdramatization but the underyling data is, to my knowledge, true.

WARNING: Contains images of dead bodies and their body parts.

2 thoughts on “A Horror Movie

  1. Yes, definitely a horror movie! Yikes. Watched it last night. What continues to boggle my mind is how there is still absolutely no curiosity, no desire to investigate farther and see what is going on. There is more then enough concrete evidence that should at least trigger some investigation.

    1. I don’t know whether Machiavelli ever wrote something about investigations.
      If he did, I imagine it would go like this: Never investigate if the outcome could threaten your grip on power.
      Believe it or not, that’s the more benign explanantion.
      The more sinister one is: They WANT to kill and injure people.

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