A Horror Movie

Horror movies are usually fictional. This documentary though is scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen.
Now, the best documentaries are also entertaining and this movie is one of these kind of movies. Dramatization and evocation of feelings can be used and are being used to manipulate the viewers. You can critizise this movie for being one-sided or for using overdramatization but the underyling data is, to my knowledge, true.

WARNING: Contains images of dead bodies and their body parts.

BOMBSHELL: Irrefutable Evidence That The Wuhan Virus Was Spreading In Italy As Early As September 3, 2019

In this video Dr. John Campbell discusses the findings of a peer-reviewed study from Italy which shows irrefutable evidence that the wuhan virus (aka Covid 19) was spreading in Italy as early as September 3, 2019.
The study is based on blood samples taken in 2019 for prospective cancer research and tested later for the wuhan virus.

To say that the study has HUGE implications is an understatement.
Never mind that the entire history of the covid pandemic has to be rewritten but a high proportion of the positive tests were taken from asymptomatic persons which leads to two possible conclusions:

  1. The infection fatality rate IFR is way lower than previously thought.
  2. The covid 19 tests are complete garbage.

The study strongly supports Professor Ioannidis from Stanford who argued that the infection fatality rate was very low, meaning that the virus was not as deadly as the panic and hysteria at the time would make you believe.

This brings me to the latest calls for a “pandemic amnesty” by Emily Oster in The Atlantic.

She calls for an amnesty on the basis that the pro-lockdown, pro-mask mandates and pro-vaccine mandate people didn’t know many things about the virus at the time and that they acted with good intentions. Both are blatand lies.

Professor Ioannidis, a stellar scientist, is one of the most cited if not the most cited scientist in the world. Yet, he was either ignored or viciously maligned.
He’s not the only scienist that got this abominable treatment. He’s just the most prominent one.
Countless scientists who strayed from the covid orthodoxy shared the same fate.

You didn’t know, Mrs. Oster? Hell, yes. You did know but you chose to ignore the science.

The whole response to the pandemic was based on two premises.

  1. The wuhan virus is much deadlier than the seasonal flu.
  2. Lockdowns, mask mandates etc. could slow the spread of covid 19.

Both premises were completely false.
The wuhan virus is roughly as deadly as the flu. Therefore, all draconian measures in response to it were never warranted.
More importantly, the spread of a virus that was already spreading for FIVE MONTHS could not be stopped or slowed down by any of these measures. It was too late for that.
You f***ed the world up for no good reason.

Makes a lot of sense to do a study like the one from Italy BEFORE you subject the world to all these draconian measures, doesn’t it?
Why was it never done?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest bombshell:
The Italian study was published in October 2021.
Again, it has been completely ignored for a year.
Let that sink in.