The Green Death

One aspect of the whole pandemic response that was not appreciated enough was the economic devastation that it caused. Those who were supporting the lockdowns either ignored the damage caused by lockdowns, were just too stupid to understand or they justified it by saying that any measure that was stopping the virus must be taken because they were motivated by pure panic due to a deluge of panic porn created by the media. I have tried to warn people but they would, in their state of panic and fear, still accept and support lockdowns.

The idea that one could shut down major sectors of the economy without serious consequences is idiotic and yet goverments around the world deliberately kept silent about these consequences. What they essentially did was to bribe the population. Those who temporarily lost their jobs and those who had to close their businesses were given money by the goverment. Had the goverments not done so, they would have had a rebellion on their hands. You cannot take someone’s livelyhood and leave that person twisting in the wind.

Where did the goverments get the money from? They could not increase taxes because that would make the sharp contraction of the economy that they themselves caused much worse and because, again, many people would not accept lockdowns if they felt the negative consequences immidiately.
So, the goverments incurred a lot of debt, essentially printing a ton of money. From 2019 to 2021 the money supply M1 in the Eurozone grew by 25%. In the US it was much worse. Inflation would be unavoidable as soon as the economy would open up and the people could spend all the money they were not able to spend during the lockdowns.

Inflation and destroyed/disrupted supply chains were the results of the lockdowns.
See The World Catastrophe Wrought by Covid Lockdowns.

If we all thought that we could finally go back to normal, we were sorely disappointed.
That’s our own fault.
Why didn’t we listen to our “elites” when they told us that there would be no back to normal? Why didn’t we listen to guys like Gavin Newsom, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab?
Gavin Newsom and Trudeau literally told us that there wouldn’t be a return to normal but that we would “Build Back Better” and have a “Great Reset” resulting in more equity and a greener society. “Build Back Better” was on Boris Johnson’s, Joe Biden’s and Klaus Schwab’s lips all the time. They were not kidding.

When everything seemed to go back to normal, just “coincidentally” and very conveniently for our “elites” the war in Ukraine broke out.
Understand that this war makes many things worse but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT the cause of our problems. The cause of our problems are our “elites” who use the war as an excuse for everything they are causing.

Before the pandemic global oil production was 83 to 84 million barrels per day.
Current oil production is 80 million barrels per day. In the US alone, production fell by 2.2 million.
This has nothing to do with Russia but it is the result of the build-back-better-crowd’s war against fossil fuels. In the midst of an energy crisis our “elites” refuse to increase fossil fuel production and they refuse also in many cases to use fossil fuels for the production of electricity.

Understand that the current shortage of energy is artificially created. It is part of the “Great Reset”, the transition to a “green” economy.

During the covid pandemic the UN warned that the economic effects of the worldwide lockdowns could cause hunger and increased poverty in the 3rd world.

The negative effects of the lockdowns are bad enough but the effects that the explosion in energy prices and hence, exploding fertlizer prices have for food production are devastating for the 3rd world.
Don’t get me wrong. We are suffering and we will be suffering even more because of this but while we might be able to absorb higher food prices, many people in the 3rd world who are already on the edge of starvation will die.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough our “elites” make it even worse by artificially reducing food production in the EU by essentially forcing farmers to produce less for the sake of “saving the climate”. This will have have huge implications.
Our “elites” are doing this deliberately. They know what they are doing and they know that millions will die because of it. They don’t care.

The price for the green utopia is the green death.

The green death will be followed by the green human tsunami. Millions of people will try to flee from hunger and death.
What’s happening now at the US southern border is bad but it will pale in comparison to the human wave that is to come.
The same is true for Europe. The flood of refugees in 2015 will look like a picnic compared to the flood that is to come.
Needless to say that many will die on their way to the US and Europe.

Green death indeed.

7 thoughts on “The Green Death

  1. This is a good, albeit scary read. It is complicated as you state in the comment above to Tom. Mostly I think we are being governed by vapid, immoral and unintelligent people. Everything they do; from Covid, to BBB, this ESG nonsense, transgender mania, etc… is built on a house of cards. There is not a thing of substance to hold any of it up and the decisions made effect millions of millions of people. When things inevitably go south disaster results.

    1. Thanks, yes they are vapid, immoral and unintelligent people but they are also evil.
      Some of them may not know what they are doing but many do.
      The German newspaper FAZ recently interviewed Germany’s Agriculture Minister and it posted a tweet saying: “Hunger is not an argument for compromising biodiversity and climate protection.”
      This caused such a backlash that the FAZ promptly deleted the tweet.

      Here is an excerpt from that interview:

      Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (Alliance 90/The Greens) has spoken out against a departure from climate and nature conservation goals despite the threat of collapse of the food supply in Germany as a result of the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Although he takes the topic of hunger very seriously. “But you must not use it as an argument to make cuts in biodiversity and climate protection,” said the Green politician to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

      Even if we are extremely charitable, at the very least we have to say that this disgusting human being is willing to do an experiment which may result in people going hungry.

      This is reminiscent of Mao’s “Great leap forward”, the collectivization of China’s agriculture combined with insane agriculture experiments, which lead to the death of up to 55 million poor human beings due to starvation. This was goverment-induced death on a scale unparalleled in human history but For the “Great chairman” this was just a failed experiment. Oops, the experiment failed. Well, never mind.

      Even if we are, again, very charitable and we grant that people like Özdemir have a noble goal, we have to say that at the very least they are willing to do evil to reach that goal.

      As Stalin said, you have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

      Knowing human nature, we know that man’s goals are not always that noble and we also know that man is often indifferent to the suffering of his fellow man or, worse, he sometimes revels in that suffering.

      If Özdemir is willing to subject millions of people to an experiment which may result in their suffering then he has to be indifferent to their suffering. This is one of the traits of a sociopath. The sociopath is indifferent to the suffering he causes.

  2. I don’t whether the war in Ukraine was just convenient or planned by someone (other than Satan). I just doubt our elites are that closely tied to Putin.

    I think what we are dealing with is an elite that is more cohesive than we may suspect.
    – They are all educated at the same institutions. Those institutions have the same mindset because they all have to do the same thing to receive money from the Federal Government.
    – They are all informed by the 90 percent of the mass media owned by six crony capitalists corporations,
    – Their information is filtered by Big Tech outfits, which are run by crony capitalists.
    – They share the same religious beliefs, which may appear “spiritual” and New Age but largely involves the worship of five idols: sex, stuff, science, state, and self.

    Am I being too hard on our elites? Perhaps, but Democrats politicians are carrying out foolish policies, and Republicans politicians are not making much effort to stop them. So, I am afraid they actually believe their own propaganda, and that really is scary.

    Why would they do this? Members of the elite don’t seem to think that they will suffer from their policies. However, they clearly believe the rest of us are expendable. When the world is overpopulated, doesn’t that mean that some of us need to die or fail to reproduce?

    1. One doesn’t have to be tied to Putin to lay a trap and entice him to take the bait.
      I agree with you that in principle we have a bunch of people who think alike, with similar interests.
      It is very complex.
      Like in any movement you have different types. You have the useful idiot who doesn’t see that he is working towards his own demise. You have the true believer and you have the cynical type who uses the movement for his own purposes like gaining, power, money and control. You have the evil type who hates humanity etc.
      This movement, for lack of a better word is international in scope and goes far beyond Democrat/Republican. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of it.
      It has great sway over corporations and companies.
      Larry FInk, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager is advancing the woke agenda. Thanks to ESG, a scoring system, woke policies and green agenda are forced on corporations

      Fink made sure that activists were put on the board of Exxon with the result that Exxon will reduce oil production over the next years.

      It’s a complex web.

      They think that many of us need to suffer of die. Just not them.

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