The Worst Dictator Ever: Donald Trump

Imagine, if you will, that you are Adolf Hitler, sitting in your mountain fortress with Eva Braun on your side and Blondi, your German shephed dog at your feet. You are enjoying listening to Richard Wagner’s “Nibelungen” coming from your radio. Directed by Germany’s most famous conductor, the orchestra’s performance is superb. The concert ends and after multiple standing ovations and applause that seems to go on endlessly, the radio brings the news.

The news anchor reads that a famous German actor calls you a scumbag and a traitor. The news anchor quotes the actor verbatim. It’s the German equivalent of “F*** you”. What are you going to do? I think, it’s safe to assume that the only question in your mind is, which method of execution should be used to exterminate this impertinent cockroach. There’s no doubt that the punishment will come swift. While you are calling Himmler, chief of the Gestapo, you are still struggling with yourself whether the cockroach should die a slow and painful or a quick death.

Whether you are politically left, center or right, I think that you will most likely agree that this is how Hitler would react.
Why this, hopefully entertaining and instructive, thought experiment?
Because the objective of this post is, to examine whether Donald Trump was really a dictator or even tried to be a dictator and hence, a threat to democracy.

Originally, I wanted to write a post about the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, titled “American Gestapo” but many great bloggers have already written great posts on the outrage of the American Gestapo’s, the FBI’s raid and its implications going forward.
One such blogger is “The Night Wind” who wrote “BROWNSHIRTS ATTACK MAR-A-LAGO” which is defintely worth reading.

So, what’s left for me to do is to deal with the premise behind all the attacks on Donald Trump: “He’s a threat to democracy. He’s a dictator.”
Of course, the leadership of the “Democrat” party knows that this is pure nonsense but it has to justify its naked pursuit of power by all means necessary, the constitution and the rule of law be damned.

To all the fake conservatives, psychotic never-Trump nutjobs and even more psychotic leftwing fanatics: Let’s stop pretending. You don’t give a shit about the constitution or the rule of law. If you did you would want the law equally applied to Hillary Clinton’s blatand mishandling of classified information or Hunter Biden’s shady business deals benefitting his totally corrupt father Joe Biden. There’s plenty of evidence for the crimes of the Biden family (Hunter’s laptop) but you don’t care about that.

So, let’s stop pretending and go straight to the argument you use to rationalize your disregard for the rule of law: Donald Trump has to be stopped from getting back to power by all means necessary, even illegal means, because he’s a threat to democracy. He’s a dictator. Democracy has to be abolished to save democracy.

Now, let’s go back to our thought experiment. Strangely enough, in Trump’s dictatorship, hurling wild insults at the dictator didn’t get you executed, imprisoned, tortured or banned from public life.
On the contrary, it was a great career move. You got the fawning applause and adulation of the media, press and Hollywood. On the other hand, if you were an open supporter of the evil, evil dictator you were eviscerated by the press and you could kiss good bye to your Hollywood and media career. That’s some strange dictatorship.

How would a Mussolini deal with a guy like Jim Acosta? You think Acosta would be allowed for one second to talk to the Duce the way he talked to the President?
Donald Trump was a joke of a dictator. Under his dictatorship the press was allowed to attack the goverment in unprecedented ways with impunity.
Here’s dictatorship 101: The very first thing any self-respecting dictator does is to bring the media under his complete control.

From beginning to end, under Trump’s dictatorship the whole goverment apparatus was full with people who obstructed him every step of the way and who backstabed him at every opportunity. Never mind the obstruction in his own party. Dictators like Hitler, Mussolini and Castro are known for suffering that kind of resistance and obstruction, right? Night of the long knives anyone? Another Trump failure as a dictator.

Do you remember the days when Hitler’s Gestapo went after Hitler, Mussolini’s police investigated Mussolini and Castro’s revolutionary thugs went after the Maximo Lider? No? Me neither.
The other thing equally important to complete control of the media is complete control of police, intelligence apparatus and the army.
Again, Donald Trump was a lousy dictator. He was constantly harrassed by his own intelligence apparatus.
This brutal, ruthless dictator couldn’t even fire Robert Mueller who hung for 2 years like the sword of damocles over his head.
Do you remember the iron grip Donald Trump had on the military? No? Me neither.
The dictator Trump couldn’t rely on the miltitary to be used even for legitimate reasons, like for example quelling BLM/antifa riots. In the end Mark Milley even usurped the role as commander in chief, insisting that all orders like attacks on China went through him first.
Speaking of riots, in which dictatorship would the police kneel in solidarity with the rioters? Try that in a real dictatorship like China. You wouldn’t face a kneeling police but tanks that would murder you with their machine guns.

One thing any dictator knows was expressed by Mao in this famous quote:

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

Any serious dictator takes the guns away from the general population. Only police, intelligence apparatus, army and the regime’s thugs are allowed to have weapons.
As usual, Donald Trump failed miserably in this regard as well. He allowed the population to keep their guns.

Remember the days when Hitler’s policies allowed the Jews to get rich and prosper? No? Me neither.
We know that wealth, economic independence and economic power translates to political power and therefore any dictator has to make his political opponents poor and dependent on the goverment. If you target a demographic for annihilation you sure as hell want to impoverish that demographic.
Next Trump dictator failure. The evil, evil racist Trump failed miserably by improving the economic situation of blacks, latinos and other minorities. Real income growth and low unemployment. Boy, that’s the way to punish the groups you hate most.

Donald Trump missed every opportunity to act as an even mildly competent dictator. Even when he was urged by the press and the Democrats to impose covid measures on the states, he screwed up royally and failed to dictate covid measures to the states. He had the unheared of temerity to refuse to dictate. What a disgrace to all dictators.

Finally, any dictator worth his salt only allows elections if the only possible outcome is his reelection.
Yep, here Donald Trump failed again.

As a dictator President Donald Trump was an abysmal failure unrivaled in the history of failed dictators.
In contrast to The Donald’s goverment, the Biden regime is infinitely more competent as a dictatorship even if it displays utter incompetence in all other fields of goverment.

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