No Snowflake Planet

Today I deal with a topic that has been beaten to death but I will ask the questions that are virtually never asked. There’s a reason these questions are almost never asked. They’re politically inconvenient. They are heresy.

The topic in question is the infamous “climate change”.

It is claimed that because of manmade climate change (global warming) there will be catastrophic consequences. The only chance to avoid these consequences is, to prevent the climate from changing.

Why is global warming bad?

The only answer we get from the climate fascists is pure hysteria purely based on arbitrary models which are pure speculation. The future we cannot know but we know a lot more about our planet’s past. So, if we look at earth’s history we see that there were times with much higher temperatures and with much more CO2 in the atmosphere than today. Our biological ancestors which were biologically not much different than we are, mammals and many other species that exist today as they did exist millions of years ago, did survive and did not go extinct.

Furthermore, it is known that cold weather kills many more people than warm weather. Extended periods of a colder climate have been much worse and much more deadly than warm periods because plants grow much more plentiful in a warm climate. Therefore, extended periods of colder climate are associated with famine and disease.

Global warming is good.

Can we prevent the climate from changing?

We do not know to which degree humans influence the climate. We DO know however that climate has always changed. It did so long before humans existed and it will continue to do so with or without humans.

Should we prevent the climate from changing if we could?

No! The idea that we can slap a thermostat on the planet and keep the temperature from changing is sheer lunacy and hubris.

To do that we would need to not only compensate for the human influence on the climate but we would also have to neutralize the climate change that is happening independent from man’s influence.

Furthermore, this would be such a massive intervention in nature, of which humans are a part, that it would do more harm than good.

Is it bad that humans are changing the environment by releasing a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere?

No! All living organisms change the environment. In fact, the very reason why we exist in the first place is because organisms changed the environment. Billions of years ago, the primordial atmosphere didn’t contain oxygen.

The first living organisms didn’t depend on oxygen. They aquired the energy that all living beings need by other means. Then organisms emerged that could utilize sunlight as a source of energy. These organisms (algae, plants) converted sunlight into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis. As a byproduct they produced oxygen which over time changed the environment the point that oxygen constituted 30% of our atmospere.

Did that mean that the atmosphere was going to be full of oxygen?
No! Nature has a way of establishing a dynamic equilibrium. Other organisms adapted/emerged which used the oxygen to their advantage by using it in combination with the chemical energy stored in plants to satisfy their energy needs.

Today’s atmosphere consists of 21% oxygen.

Changing the environment and, to whatever degree, the climate is perfectly natural. It is what all life forms have always done and what they will always do. This planet is a self-regulating system. If environmental changes could end in catastrophy it would have happened a long time ago.

Can the climate spin out of control because of positive feedback loops?

A positive feedback loop is a self-reinforcing process where cause A produces effect B which in turn produces more of A which in turn produces more of B etc.

Example: Melting of ice reduces reflection of sunlight into space. This produces more heat which in turn melts more ice which in turn produces more heat etc.

We have definitive proof that the climate cannot spin out of control. If the earth’s climate was such an unstable system that the temperature could run away to one of the two extremes, either extremely hot or extremely cold, it would have done so already by now and the earth would be a hot hell like Venus or a dead, cold planet like Neptune.

Evidently, this has never happened in 4 billion years of earth’s history. An event, no matter how improbable, will happen, given a sufficient amount of time. 4 billion years is a darn long time and the fact that such a runaway event has not happened by now means that it is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, that it will ever happen.

To conclude:

If earth’s history tells us anything, it is that it is a remarkably stable system which always self-regulates in a way which allows for the continuation and flourishing of life. It has withstood solar flares, cosmic rays, gamma rays, polar shifts, vulcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis. It was relentlessly bombarded with meteors and asteroids. It has withstood cataclysmic events of unimaginable scale like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. We can only marvel at its ability to withstand punishment and to sustain life.

In short: Contrary to the message spread by panic peddlers this planet is no snowflake but a tough, tough hombre who neither needs nor wants a safe-space.

3 thoughts on “No Snowflake Planet

  1. Great post. I’ve known for quite some time that most climate change discussions are based on completely false illusions due to politicians stoking fear for political purposes and a compliant, ill informed media that refuses to stray beyond the accepted narratives of climate policy.

    1. Thanks. Yes, most of the premises in the whole discussion are unproven and not based on empirical evidence and sound science but on speculation. The parallels between “climate change” and covid are uncanny. Same type of arguments. Same type of tactics to silence critics and same type of censorship but this time on steroids.

      1. Very similar indeed. Interestingly I know more than a few number of lefties how are now questioning everything the govt is telling them due to the preposterous covid response. Silver lining there

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