An Incompetent Man Asks: Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

In this video the speaker, a man, explains why so many leaders are incompetent. His answer: It’s because many leaders are not as good as they think they are. In other words, they deceive themselves (and others) about their level of competence. He explains, quite confidently so, that men are more prone to this self-deception than women and therefore, we can improve the quality of leadership by putting more women in leadership positions.

This video is unwittingly funny because he mentions Angela Merkel as the prime example of a competent female leader. There can hardly be any doubt that Angela Merkel was completely incompetent and that the German people stand in the ruins of her failed policies. No matter where you stand on the Ukraine issue, it was a catastrophic mistake to make Germany completely dependend on Russian energy.

The speaker is incompetent because he lets his political leanings interfere with objective analysis.
Mrs. Merkel was incompetent because she stubbornly and consistently resisted all warnings and good counsel not only on the Russia issue but on many other important issues as well.

5 thoughts on “An Incompetent Man Asks: Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

  1. This is a post from last month, but recently I watched a good video about the limits of human reason, the need to practice intellectual humility. We tend to look to authority figures for wisdom, but if you look at history, they were all wrong at some point. The one consistent factor is that humans, by nature are going to be wrong. At one point we thought the universe revolved around the earth and human slavery made sense. The theory being that reason came about as a social skill, as a way of getting along with others and not a way of determining truth or morality. It was interesting! This post kind of reminded me of that video.😊

    1. I don’t agree with the theory you mentioned. The skill of reason and finding truth is an advantage in the struggle for survival in even the simplest hunter/gatherer societies. The hunter who can accurately infer from mere footprints the kind of animal and for example, whether the animal is lame, has an advantage over the hunter without those skills. This skill can bring us into conflict with powerful rulers who want to spread falsehoods for the sake of achieving their own personal goals.

      However, I completely agree that humans are by nature bound to make errors and that we need to practice intellectual humility.
      Most importantly we need to always test our own assumptions. The lack of humility, the lack of considering the possibility that we might be wrong can make us skip this most critical of tests.

  2. Lot of irony in that video.

    The bigotry Liberals display and justify is so hypocritical. When we choose our leaders (elections provide one of the few opportunities), why are we supposed to care about whether the candidate is a Muslim, a man, white, straight, disabled, and so forth? We are supposed to care because supposedly unprejudiced Liberal Democrats tell us we are supposed to care. In order to be “unprejudiced, we just have to stereotype people their way and to be prejudiced their way.

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