Diabetes, Doctors And Dogma

Today I want to share a video that might change your life.
If you are from the USA you have a very good chance of falling within the 50% of the population who have pre-diabetes or diabetes. Dr. Sarah Hallberg explains in this TEDx-talk how you can REVERSE diabetes to the point where you don’t need no more medication by simply changing your diet.

No, its not voodoo or some scam. In a nutshell, you have to adopt a low carb diet by replacing carbs with FAT. Dr. Hallberg gives a very plausible explanation. While carbs increase the glucose in your blood sharply and protein raises the glucose level only moderately, fats raise the glucose level almost not at all. Therefore, the cause of the problem is avoided altogether. Even if you have no diabetes or pre-diabetes you can avoid developing type 2 diabetes by changing your diet.

Why then have you never heared of this diet? Why then does the ADA recommend a carb intake of 40 to 65 grams per meal?
Dr. Hallberg gives a refreshingly honest answer. Aside from the usual resistance to change the other big reasons are diverse agendas, conflicting interests and money.

Ah, those where the days when doctors could openly talk about these things without being burned at the stake as heretics and science deniers. Those were the wonderful days when they were not ostracized and character assassinated for speaking the simple truth that science and medicine are done by flawed humans with less than noble agendas.

Those were the days when real scientists and real doctors were not thrown into the social media gulag for diverging from the prevalent orthodoxy. Those were the days when they were not branded as conspiracy theorists for failing to worship science as a religion which is not to be questioned. Those were the days when fake scientists like Fauci were not allowed to proclaim their rapidly changing opinions in pope-like fashion ex cathedra as infallible truths.

What a difference seven years make (video is from 2015).
Rest assured that if this video was about the wuhan virus it wouldn’t stay on youtube and Dr. Hallberg wouldn’t be invited to TED in the first place.

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