My Body, My Choice? F*** You!

For the last two years totalitarians, predominantly on the left side of the political spectrum, didn’t give a sh*t about individual rights, bodily autonomy and sovereignity over our own lives. They called for the violation of every single right imaginable and they violated every single right imaginable. They did so, supposedly for the common good. They did so, wait for it, to save lives.

My body, my choice? Take that damn jab or you will cause the death of other people! They claimed that saving lives takes priority over your individual rights. Never mind that the efficacy of covid “vaccines” was never proven to be high enough to prevent the spread of covid. At best, people who were “vaccinated” could POTENTIALLY save the lives of others.

The same was true for masks and lockdowns. There was never robust evidence that they work at all. There were studies that showed that these measure made hardly any difference. Again, at best these measures could POTENTIALLY save lives. Yet, the totalitarians on the left trampled on every single individual right and enforced these measures with the full force of the state, supposedly to save lives.

Now that Roe v. Wade might be overturned they are howling and screaming. Suddenly, they have rediscovered individual rights and women’s rights. Abortions are almost 100% fatal and every abortion that is not allowed to happen saves not POTENTIALLY but with almost 100% CERTAINTY a human life. So, those who are now screaming and howling because abortion might be banned in some states are only demonstrating that they are stinking liars who never really cared about saving lives.

It all was and still is about power and irrational ideology.
So, when these cul-de-sacs of human evolution say “My body, my choice”, I say “F*** you!”

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