Stories From Lockdown?

IB knocks it out of the park. She lists the irreversible harms of two years of covid craziness and the irrecoverable loss of trust in the fellow man.
I share many of her experiences and of her feelings. My trust in my fellow man was lower than hers to begin with and my cynicism greater. Still, humanity has managed to fall very short of even my very low expectations. While my faith in man fell to new lows my faith in God was strengthened.
I have no desire for revenge but I cannot forget or forgive. Forgiveness requires that those who did wrong see the error of their ways and repent.
My first priority is to do everything to stop our ongoing descend into a totalitarian, neofeudalistic world with misery, hunger and servitude for the many and happiness and freedom for the very few. Then justice is needed.

See, there's this thing called biology...

So this local paper, this alternative press is looking for stories from the covid lockdown and I felt like I should write them something, but my urge to tell the plain truth went to war with my cheerful fortitude and so I totally choked.

I remember being ordered to shut down and suddenly finding myself locking the doors and unemployed. I remember all the closed restaurants and shuttered stores, the eerie empty streets, not even the birds singing, the way people were afraid to even leave their homes.

I remember the fear. Weeks and weeks of fear until somebody crept out in their car, alone with their windows rolled up, their mask on, as if the very air we breathe was now toxic.

I so want to tell you about all the spiritual fruit, the pearls hidden in the cesspool, the rich and varied blessings that have come from our…

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