What The Hell Is Happening In China?

Since December 23, 2021 eight big Chinese cities with a total population of 70.4 million have come successively under brutal lockdown. It started with the city of Xi’an which seems to be the epicenter of what exactly?
The Chinese communist party (CCP) which has a track record of lies, cover-ups and a severe lack of transparency wants the world to believe that they closed down Xi’an and that they closed all domestic and international flights out of Xi’an because of SIX new cases of the covid delta variant.
When I say brutal lockdown I mean brutal. The following quotes are from an article written by Ben Harnwell who deserves credit for doing the work that our mainstream media refuse to do.

“No one is allowed out of their homes, not even for essential shopping supplies; residential tower blocks have been welded shut from the outside. Deserted streets are sprayed with disinfectant. The fact that Xi’an City is literally starving has provoked the even world’s normally lethargic mainstream media to report on the situation.”

“The official symptoms in Xi’an are both similar and different from all other recognised variants. In addition to all the expected respiratory tract symptoms, there is also recorded haemorrhaging including from the eyes, ears, and nose.

How did the CCP explain this? Officially, the CCP—the same authority that claims less than 5,000 people have died of COVID-19 in China since the beginning of the outbreak—closed down Xi’an City because of the above-cited six Delta cases. But the CCP—the same authority that reassured the WHO at the crucial early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak that the virus was not passed via person to person transmission—also highlighted as justification for the Xi’an lockdown an outbreak of an unspecified “seasonal haemorrhagic fever.”

“According to the Global Times/CCP press release, this “seasonal haemorrhagic fever” is not person-to-person contagious. But if this really were the case, if the unspecified seasonal haemorrhagic fever were indeed not person to person contagious, why close Xi’an citing it?

Considering that the official CCP explanation is that the ‘seasonal haemorrhagic fever’ is spread by rodents infecting humans, I suppose we ought to be grateful at least that Xi didn’t blame the Chinese themselves, by accusing them of feasting on rats at a wet market.”

Because of the CCP’s obfuscation and heavy censorship Ben Harnwell does what every reasonable journalist has to do in such a situation. He speculates within reasonable bounds, using logic and common sense and he asks whether there are two different diseases or a new variant which shows symptoms of both covid and a haemorrhagic fever.
Haemorrhagic fever btw. includes diseases like ebola.
Whatever the case is, if we have learned anything from China’s handling of the wuhan virus, it is that we should err on the side of caution when dealing with information coming from Chinese officials.
That’s why the olympic games in Beijing should be cancelled. If the CCP refuses to do that, reasonable countries should refuse to participate in these games.
The prestige of a genocidal, totalitarian regime is not worth putting the health of athletes and spectators at risk.
Furthermore, the communist regime would never change their behaviour which caused death and misery around the world if it had not to pay a price for such reckless behaviour.
Cancelling or boycotting the games would be an appropriate price to pay. This is especially true for a regime that attaches great importance to international prestige and to not losing face.

Anyway, prepare yourself for something really bad coming from China and be prepared for more supply shortages. Among the cities under lockdown are Ningbo Port (the largest port in China), Tianjin Port (the largest port in northern China) and Shenzhen Port and 40% of Samsung’s microchips come from Xi’an.

2 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Happening In China?

  1. What new fresh hell is this coming from China? Good Lord, supply chain disruptions will be the least of our problems if they are covering up a new and more deadly strain.

    1. Yes, a new strain would be catastrophic.
      As for the supply shortages, that’s at least something where the reader can act proactively.
      Anything else is not in our hands and we can only hope and pray that it is paranoia and overreaction on the part of the CCP. Perhaps there is one thing we can do: pressure our politcal representatives to act proactively.

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