Unleashing Hell

My favorite quote is

“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad”

It’s the opening line from Rafael Sabatini’s novel “Scaramouche” and it’s also his epitaph.
It’s my favorite quote because that’s what I’ve been thinking for a long time, even before the covid craziness. I wasn’t born with the gift of laughter but even I have to laugh from time to time at the craziness of it all, just to keep my sanity.

There have been some great theories trying to explain the current craziness.
One theory by Meredith Miller explains it as a combination of abusive relationship and cognitive dissonance.

Another one (Dr. Mark McDonald, psychiatrist) has a more complex, multifaceted explanation.
I highly recommend these two video interviews with him. They are fascinating, enlightening and disturbing. He opens the window to some very dark places in the human soul. At one point the interviewer is visibly disturbed. The reward for watching these two videos is that you’ll understand why people still believe that their abusers are good persons and how the darkest human proclivities are unleashed for the purpose of power and control.

The third one is by Dr. Robert W. Malone, the inventor of tne mRNA technology who tries to explain the madness as a form of hypnosis. Because he is supremely qualified to talk about vaccines, viruses and epidemics he is in a perfect position to see that the current policies with regards to the wuhan virus have absolutely nothing to do with science, the care for health or good medical practise.
I highly recommed Dr. Malone’s substack page.
The video is a recording of a speech he gave on “MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS”.

All of the above explanations have great merit. They are all plausible and they have one thing in common:
They tell us that one way to awaken people caught in a loop that makes processing new information impossible is some kind of shock.

I liken the current situation of the world to a stampede. People with bad intentions have caused the herd to panic. Instinctively the cattle are running with the herd because the herd provides protection from the predators. This is true but when the herd runs towards a cliff this behaviour is suicidal. Every time the herd slows down the bad guys are causing more panic. The herd keeps running and running and the only way to stop it is to blow up a dynamite charge right in front of the herd, causing a great shock.
And just because some idiots are out there: this is an allegory and not a call to violence.

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