Iron Ladies And Absent Men

My respect and admiration for Christine Anderson is increasing day by day.
I call her Germany’s Iron Lady. If you watch these two videos below, you’ll understand why.

Last monday I took part in a demonstration against Germany’s fascistic covid policies and the looming universal vax mandate which will follow Austria’s insane universal vax mandate.
I couldn’t help noticing that there were more women than men present. Since it was my first participation in this demonstration that happens every monday and since I didn’t have an overview of the crowd I asked some ladies who are regular participants.
They confirmed my observation. I told them that the men must have lost something, something which is usually in their trousers. They laughed but their reaction told me that they shared that sentiment.

I also can’t help noticing that througout history women often played a leading role in revolutions or the struggle for liberty or the defense of their nations.
These women were either real (Joan of Arc) or symbolic like Lady Liberty and Marianne, the symbol of the French revolution.
I believe that it is women who are the necessary driving force which is needed to encourage men to fight.

So, ladies, kick the men in the butt and encourage them to be more traditional in their role.
Forget (at least for one moment) feminism and demand some good old toxic masculinity when the situation clearly calls for it.

Christine Anderson tells EU Parlament President to either respect democracy or to step down:

Christine Anderson answers Australia’s SOS:

A famous painting about the French Revolution:

Liberty Leading the People” by Eugène Delacroix

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