Cognitive Dissonance and Trauma?

This is one of IB’s finest posts (at least of the ones I’ve read).
She nails it when she compares our current situation to an abusive relationship.
That’s exactly how I feel. One of the hallmarks of abusive relationships and of sadistic behaviour is that the abuser always blames the victim for the abuse. It’s always the victim’s fault.
“Now I take away your freedom because you’re not wearing your mask/don’t get vaccinated etc. etc.”.
“Now I’m punishing you because your behaviour caused all these problems.”
The abuser, like any other tyrant, does not use the power of persuasion but he uses the persuasion of power.
He demands obedience without questions.
It is in the nature of abusive relationships that the abuser raises hope by telling the victim that the abuse will end if the victim is slavishly obedient and follows all orders.
It’s also in the nature of such abusive relationships that the abuser is never satisfied. The victim is never obedient enough.
That’s why those who think that perfect obedience such as getting vaccinated and following all orders will end the abuse are sadly mistaken.
There are cases of Stockholm syndrome but for the most part, the abuser is more interested than the victim in keeping the relationship.
However, it’s not only the psychological dynamics that keeps the abuse alive. It’s also the political necessity of achieving “The Great Reset”, “Build Back Better”, “Green New Deal” and other euphemisms for the new global fascism wich wraps itself in the cloths of building a new utopia that saves the world from the alleged climate apocalypse.
There is only one thing that will end the abuse: No obedience! No compliance! Our basic, God-given human rights are not negotiable.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I thought this was a very good video discussing, Why Do People Believe the Covid and Vaccine Narrative? They talk about trauma, psychology, and cognitive dissonance.

First let me say that it was trauma that brought me close to Lord, that helped me to discover I was wonderfully and fearfully made. I am such a survivor, not by my own will and determination, but by design. Our brains, everything from cognitive dissonance to post traumatic stress disorder are part of an incredible and intricate defense mechanism. Not so fun if you are trying to cope with these afflictions, but as a detached observation, they are just remarkable and awe inspiring in ways we don’t even yet fully understand.

Something I find interesting, these are coping skills, survival skills, and yet they don’t really contribute to our physical health, our well being and survival, in fact they are a huge hindrance…

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