Hippocrates, Where Are You?

Oh, how I wish this collective psychosis caused by a virus with an infection fatality rate of 0.26% would be gone already.
Today I visited my new doctor for the first time. I left my old doctor because he’s incompetent and negligent.

After the usual questions about my health condition and medication, she asked me if I was vaccinated. I said “No I have done pretty well for two years without the vax.”
She replied: “We’re in a pandemic. Don’t you want to prevent the disease from spreading and infecting other people?”
I was going to reply that the “vax” does not prevent you from spreading the virus and that it is still an experimantal drug but she turned the conversation away to a different topic. That was fine by me. I thought that as long as she isn’t pestering me with the question constantly, it’s ok.

After I got my medication from the pharmacy, I thought that this was a strange reply by my new doctor.
The next logical question should have been: “Have you had already the wuhan virus?”. She didn’t even ask. What’s even more strange is that she didn’t even try to convince me that the “vax” is good for ME. Instead she tried to sell me the “vax” because of its benefit for the collective.
What the hell? A doctor is supposed to care first and foremost for the health and wellbeing of her patients and not for some diffuse collective. This proves again, that the individual must look first and foremost for his own health because if he doesn’t no one else will. No one else has so much interest in the wellbeing of the individual than the individual himself.

Would all the maskholes who want to get me “vaccinated” with an experimental “vax” by hook or by crook care if I was crippled by the “vax”? Hell no, they wouldn’t give a crap and because the “vax” is experimental the “vax” producers have zero liability. So, to all those maskholes I say: “Eff you!”.
All this doesn’t bode well for the relationship with my new doctor but I’m not willing to make a final judgement yet. We shall see.

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