Crocodile Dumbdee Part 2

In my post “The Spirit Of Freedom Manifested In A Powerful Speech” I shared this great video.

sklyjd, a rabid Australian collectivist, has made the following comment on that post.
My thoughts are as always in brackets and in red color.

sklyjd: This woman talks a load of BS.
[sklyjd just cannot help talking crap. Nothing he says in his comment does refute anything in the video.]

The vaccines have reduced the serious effects and deaths of those who get infected, the hospitals are not overwhelmed due to this fact and people are not suffering long term effects of organ damage that may shorten their lives.
[sklyjd completely misses the point of the lady’s speech.
The point of her speech was that we were told so much that was not true. The “vaccines” do not (as initially advertised) prevent one from being infected and neither do they prevent one from spreading the virus. Our freedoms were not restored (as we were told) when the vaccines were available. To reach herd immunity we were told that 60% has to be vaccinated. The number changed constantly. First to 70%, then 80%, then 98% (like the moron Biden said). To call this shot a vaccine is in itself a lie and the CDC went even so far as to change the definition of vaccine (see here ). We were told a pack of lies.

Ironically, it’s liars like sklyjd who simply can’t resist telling lies as soon as they open their mouths. How do I know he’s lying? It’s impossible for anyone to KNOW the long term effect of the “vaccines” or the virus for that matter. Both have been around no longer than 2 years. The hospitals were never overwhelmed, with or without the vaccine. The number of instensive care beds used in 2020 and in 2021 is in Germany practically the same.]

She will never believe a government will consider her wellbeing.
[Given that we were told so many lies by our goverments (vaccines, lockdowns, masks) it’s perfectly rational not to believe the goverment. It’s foolish to believe someone who repeatedly and constandly lies to you.]

I should expect she would be better off in Russia, North Korea and India maybe, not much chance of freedom there.
[Perhaps, we should add Australia and New Zealand to the list. The difference is shrinking by the day.]

It is interesting when well off privileged middle class people who live in rich countries and have never faced a hardship in their live bleat on about how they cannot get their selfish way when depressed people from Afghanistan and many other similar countries around the globe would beg to change places with her.
[It’s interesting how some idiots think that only privileged middle class people care about their freedom. It’s equally idiotic to assume that people with a working class background like myself would care less about their individual freedom. As for being selfish. I’ve addressed that in my post “Crocodile Dumbdee”.
sklyjd is here the one who’s being selfish, trying to sell his own good as the greater good.
Sure, during Stalin’s genocide by starvation of the Ukrainians some were driven so mad and desperate by hunger that they were trying break INTO the gulag, which shows us how idiotic the argument (but somewehere else it’s much worse) is. It proves nothing. One can always find something worse.]

She is a danger to a free democratic society.
[How so? By exercising her right of free speech which is the basis for ANY democratic society?]

Society understands how to change the government if they are not performing.
[That can only happen if information is not censored and if there is some minimum of transparency.
How would he know how the goverment is performing if there is censorship and no free speech?
Democracy can only function with the very thing he is lamenting.
Technically even Putin’s Russia is a democracy but by controlling the media (if necessary by murdering journalists) and by weaponizing the state apparatus against opposing parties/persons his rule is pretty much guaranteed.]

She is ironically jeopardising her own freedom with unscientific rhetorical rubbish and blanket accusations that divides societies and consequently causes disruption and often violence, look at the US since the Trump conspiracies indoctrinated the minds of the cult like followers, call that freedom?
[Yep, “unscientific rhetorical rubbish and blanket accusations” perfectly describes the horse manure sklyjd is spouting. So far he has provided zero evidence for what he is claiming.
How would she be jeopardising her own freedom?
Since sklyjd didn’t elaborate I have to extrapolate from his prior remarks.
By refusing the “vaccine” she is forcing the goverment to take her freedom away. That’s the typical behaviour of sadists and other abusers. It’s always the victim that made them do it and the victim deserves the punishment. Sick, psychotic nutjob.
Of course, it would never cross the minds of pea brained, collectivist nutjobs that there are solutions which do not require taking away the freedoms of individuals. Without fail those solutions are ignored and only the most extreme measures are preferred. The rest of his comment consists of incoherent nonsense lacking any explanation and unsubstantiated claims lacking any evidence.]

6 thoughts on “Crocodile Dumbdee Part 2

  1. “A rabid Australian”! How very Christian of you. Can you not take criticism without using derogative names for those with different opinions?

    She claims the only thing the vaccine has done is make money for the pharmaceutical companies. This is why I have mentioned the damage to humans; therefore, I did not miss the point, you have.

    She is correct about the pharmaceutical companies however; governments should be able to step in and regulate these companies profits when they take priority during disaster situations especially when it kills thousands of people.

    The speech as you rightly point out is about the changing information and highlighting what was untrue or what she called a lie.

    Just take a moment to think about the effects of this virus that we have slowly discovered on humans, how the Delta Variant was different from the original that was considered at first as similar to the flu, but as time went on the more in depth and long term studies were being done producing more information and facts not previously understood and this process will continue probably for many years. This is exactly how science works.

    As you have said it is impossible to know long term effects of both the vaccines and virus, so you basically agree with me. We do know you have a far better chance of survival with the vaccine compared to contracting the virus so far, therefore it is better to have the vaccine, that is a no brainer.

    I checked out your strong right wing political site, I do acknowledge that speculation and assumptions from experts who have confused the public, but to be fair though, most of the misinformation does not come from bonified experts but from politicians and conspiracy merchants who are pushing another agenda.

    This site may give you the much needed information you require on some of the issues on health.

    I wanted to make a point with the well-off middle class privileged comment. It is mostly only those people who have a say or in this case a rant about our political and social ideals. You do not see them offer the stage to a cleaner, a KFC employee do you?

    What I say is true people from poor countries would love to change places with all of us, don’t you think?

    New Zealand and Australia have their problems but nothing like the US.

    This woman is spreading misinformation. She had a sparse audience but is obviously anti-vac and anti any restrictions to control this virus. This is a irresponsible speech and her facts are totally wrong.

    Society can change the government through voting and that is purely what I mean. The woman is driving a wedge between society that is basically about a life and death issue and she claims this in the name of freedom, whereas this takes away freedom by causing conflict.

    I do not understand your intolerant rant “Sick, psychotic nutjob.” Just like your other post it is full of childish abuse. I do enjoy a good debate; however, you just ruin it for yourself and everyone else. You are supposed to be the intelligent tolerant loving Christian, but you totally lose it on a political disagreement. WTF.

    1. Thanks, Tricia. Don’t know about his ego but I know this: Something is seriously wrong in his head. That plus his fanatical collectivism plus his complete lack of self-awareness plus not being terribly bright surely doesn’t help in dealing with the truth. Yes, projection is the right word.

      1. What I find with a lot of people like that is that when truth collides with the made up reality in their mind it switches something in their head. Instead of acknowledging new data and making appropriate changes to their viewpoints, they shut down thinking and project their vileness on others.

        It’s happening in spades as the Covid narrative collapses. I’m very worried about when people finally realize how little effect the vaccines have. I think it’s gonna be worldwide chaos.

      2. You’re right. Many of them won’t change their views even if reality stares them in the face. Those are lost causes. Others can change their world view but it takes a lot of time. I know because I was once a leftist and I changed my world view. Most covid fanatics, like the leftists, are attached to their world for emotional/psychological and not for rational reasons.
        As for the vaccines and the trajectory of the “pandemic” I intent to write a post in the near future.
        The very short version:

        So far, EVERYTHING that was done by most goverments has made the pandemic worse than it needs to be and it has prolonged the “corona crisis”.
        The goal is to keep the crisis long enough going and make it severe enough to put all the totalitarian measures in place and to keep them long enough to condition the population in accepting the loss of their freedoms and a new tyrannical system.
        Once achieved, there will be no back to normal but a transition to the “climate crisis”

        The Biden regime and other regimes in Europe etc. are pretty much implementing the same policies. The UK is projected to lose more than 100,000 health care workers due to vaccine mandates.
        Creating resource shortages, thus overburdening the health care system is DELIBERATE.

        Next steps will be:
        – Blaming the coming crisis on the unvaccinated.
        – Put even more pressure on the unvaccinated and resort to even more draconian, authoritarian and totalitarian measures.

        Completely immoral regimes have absolutely no qualms about lying and so they will simply lie when it becomes clear that the vaccines don’t work as claimed. They will find an excuse which conveniently justifies the condinued violation of our freedoms. Here’s the easiest excuse: “The vaccines don’t work because of the new Sigma/Omega/whatever variant. We have to continue masks, lockdowns etc. until we have new vaccines and treatments”.
        One of the big pharma giants has a treatment (a pill) in the pipeline (efficacy basically similar to ivermectin but much more expensive).

        I know, that’s a pretty depressing outlook but I also intent to write a post on what we can, what we must do and which strategies we must adopt to defeat these evil plans. The truckers have shown how to defeat this regime.

        There are two things we MUST do immidiately.
        – We must connect even more, use multiple platforms/multiple systems, thus preempting being wiped out by censorship, For example, I want to publish my posts also on substack.
        – We must support each other. Those of us who still have jobs must support those who are fired because of the jab. We must support each other financially, spiritually and in any other possible way. Even those who don’t have money to give can dedicate their time, helping others.

        Dan Bongino has started something that could be a good model.

        The battle ahead will be a very tough one and I want to quote Thomas Paine:

        “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”

        The battle will be a tough one but if we don’t give up we can and we WILL win.

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