The Spirit Of Freedom Manifested In A Powerful Speech

Christine Anderson, member of the European Parlamant, delivers a speech which is not characterized by churchillian mastery of language but it is short, direct, to the point and most importantly truthful. This, the spirit behind her words and her delivery makes it all the more powerful.
Be inspired by this Lady’s words while the video is still on youtube.

2 thoughts on “The Spirit Of Freedom Manifested In A Powerful Speech

  1. This woman talks a load of BS. The vaccines have reduced the serious effects and deaths of those who get infected, the hospitals are not overwhelmed due to this fact and people are not suffering long term effects of organ damage that may shorten their lives.

    She will never believe a government will consider her wellbeing. I should expect she would be better off in Russia, North Korea and India maybe, not much chance of freedom there. It is interesting when well off privileged middle class people who live in rich countries and have never faced a hardship in their live bleat on about how they cannot get their selfish way when depressed people from Afghanistan and many other similar countries around the globe would beg to change places with her.

    She is a danger to a free democratic society. Society understands how to change the government if they are not performing. She is ironically jeopardising her own freedom with unscientific rhetorical rubbish and blanket accusations that divides societies and consequently causes disruption and often violence, look at the US since the Trump conspiracies indoctrinated the minds of the cult like followers, call that freedom?

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