Abortion Is Not About The Right To Choose

Listening to the Dinesh D’Souza podcast where he talks about the racist/eugenic roots of the “pro-choice movement”, I was reminded of a post in the blog “Confessions of a Conservative Atheist” where the author asks “Why is abortion the only right the left doesn’t want to restrict?”

I replied with the following comment:

The Left’s position is consistent.
However, it’s only consistent if you consider what the real goals are.
One openly stated goal is population reduction. No, It’s not some conspiracy theory.
You can find plenty of videos (on TED talk for example) where they openly state that they call for women’s rights (including abortion) in the 3rd world as, among other things, a way to reduce overpopulation and hence, prevent or slow down climate change. That makes sense if one views humanity as a virus and a malignant cancer threatening the planet. I don’t subscribe to that view btw.

The other goal is an unstated one. It’s an attack on the right to life. That is consistent with what you have already said. The Left is practically crapping on all other fundamental rights. Why should the right to life be an exception?

In a dystopian future, which seems not that unrealistic if one thinks of the current global slide into medical fascism (see Australia), I can easily imagine a goverment FORCING women to abort their babies for the purpose of preventing a supposedly imminent climate catastrophy.
Think of China and how they brutally enforced their one-child policy.
No, it’s not that they care for women’s rights. It’s that they attack the last fundamental barrier, THE most fundamental right: the right to life.

As I was listening to the podcast I was thinking that the real goal of abortion has been consistent over time. It’s the extermination of human beings that are deemed undesirable by society or influential groups of people. The motivation and rationalzation changes (racial, overpopulation, envitonmental) but the goal stays the same.

It’s only natural that individual rights (like the right to life) are intolerable for collectivists and so, it’s no surprise that the Left is the advocate for the right to murder babies. Granting mothers the right to violate the right to life of another person (the baby) is very dangerous. Why? Because it’s very difficult to mandate something that is forbidden/illegal. However, it’s much easier to mandate something which is allowed/legal. We have seen how fast something that is allowed (vaccination) becomes mandatory, haven’t we?

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