finding a faith stone through dark time…remembered

Great, great post by Julie on how to deal with hard times.
Reminded me of how I learned to deal with hard times. I used to be angry at God. “Why me? How do I deserve this hardship and misfortune?” I asked.
Many years later something klicked in my head and the logos kicked in. Remember. In the beginning was the logos. The answer was so simple. How did I deserve all the good moments in my life? I took them always for granted and was never thankful. That gave me peace. I want to thank Julie for reminding me of that.


“…in our willful desire to live independently of God,
we have severed the lifeline that flows from the source of all life”

Billy Graham

(Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough National Park, County Wicklow, Ireland / Julie Cook / 2015)

There are no exemptions in this life when it comes to difficulties, struggles,
trials and conflicts.
Some are self imposed, some are random and some, for the believer, can be most vexing…
for it can often feel as if God has…
walked away,
deserted us,
is proving to be more stubborn than ourselves.

Some periods will be more severe than others and there is certainly no clear window as to how long or how short such episodes will each last.

There will be times of great dryness…a rough patch of road that leaves one feeling empty…
or better yet, feeling nothing at all, as in void of feeling or emotion…
A sense…

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