This Is Why Big Tech Censors You

By now there are many peer reviewed studies, showing the efficacy of treatments with ivermectin, hydroxychloraquin and other substances.
There is no solid empirical evidence that lockdowns and masks do more good than harm. Yet, those idiots advocating for such measures completely ignore their very severe negative side effects. They pretend that there are no such side effects or that it’s still worth having those measures imposed on all of us. The few studies that have been done could not show that masks or lockdowns have any substantial, positive effects.
From the beginning it was clear that the “vaccines” could not be the sole solution or even the main part of the solution for the problem.
The “vaccines” would not be effective enough and therefore too many viruses would escape. Vaccinating too many people, let alone all people would put too much pressure on the virus, resulting in escape mutants which would be resistant to the “vaccines”.
For this very reason, to prevent resistant strains of bacteria, you don’t give out antibiotics like lollypops.
From the beginning the virus was overhyped and everything was done to spread fear.

These and many other facts have been known for a long time.
Why, then, does Big Tech suppress every information that could result in ending the pandemic and why does Big Tech promote information that helps prolonging the wuhan virus crisis?

It’s not only ideology or goverment pressure that causes Big Tech to censor everything that challenges the official narrative with regards to the wuhan virus.
Big Tech has a very strong incentive to prolong the wuhan virus crisis.
It’s the money. As you can see in the graphics I have provided (data from, since the start of the pandemic Big Tech has been making money like pirates.

While small businesses were nuked and millions lost their jobs Big Tech has made a veritable loot.
The closing of shops on a massive scale resulted in a huge increase in online shopping.
The widespread closing of offices resulted in a huge increase in home office work.
The closing of schools, restaurants, cultural institutions like museums, theaters and concerts as well as severe restrictions of gatherings of people, be it for church services or just for the usual communication between persons resulted in a huge increase in online communication via social media and other online platforms. After all, man is a social animal and can’t live without interpersonal communication.

All this has hugely benefitted Big Tech by enormously increasing demand for hardware, operating systems, all kinds of software, especially software for online conferences like Microsoft Teams, software services and software licenses, cloud and online services, server capacities and the whole cloud infrastracture like Amazon AWS and too many other things to mention.
I don’t know the numbers but you can rest assured that a huge increase in online activity has also resulted in an equally huge increase in advertising revenues for companies like Facebook.

Biden was right when he said about the social media: “They are killing people”.
He was right but not for the reasons he thinks. Through its censorship Big Tech is killing people by needlessly prolonging the pandemic and by keeping people away from effective treatments such as ivermectin which could save the lives of people who really need these treatments.

Graphics: Big Tech net income from 2014 to present,

One thought on “This Is Why Big Tech Censors You

  1. Reblogged this on Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance and commented:
    “Follow the money” is not an old axiom. It was not even invented by especially wise people, but it does seem to carry much truth.

    “Follow the money” is a catchphrase popularized by the 1976 docudrama film All the President’s Men, which suggests political corruption can be brought to light by examining money transfers between parties. (

    So, consider artaxes post carefully. Do we want people making so much money off of us to have so much control over the information we receive? Are the people running these Big Tech companies still getting rich by serving us, or are they getting rich dishonestly?

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