Stupid Warriors

I wanted to write this post back in July I but didn’t find the time to do it.
The military and political debacle in Afghanistan which was caused by Joe Biden has given new motivation for writing it.
In a lengthy interview Admiral James Stavridis talks a lot about his book “2034: A Novel of the Next World War” which describes a military conflict between the US and China.
In the book China has technologically outstripped the US by 2034 and because of domestic politics and the mishandling of its alliances the US has not a single ally left, which looks like a shot at President Trump. That is understandable because at the time the book was written this was the easy and safe thing to do and I don’t blame the admiral for doing that.

However, I blame Stavridis for failing to acknowledge that the radical change in Biden’s half year in office makes the situation for the US military even worse than described in the book. Critical race theory, transgender soldiers and other woke projects in the military, accelerated destruction of the economy, inflation and policies directly favoring China, the increased deindustrialization of the US and the cutting of defense spending are all weakening the US military and they are changing the balance of power to China’s advantage.

There is one thing I have not seen discussed anywhere. It is the effect of America’s radical shift towards socialism on America’s alliances. Just like the rise of marxism accompanied with increased antisemitism, exemplified by people like Ilhan Omar, have a negative impact on America’s alliance with Israel, I believe, an America dominated by socialist ideas would negatively impact its alliances against China. Just like an America that would see Israel as an imperialistic oppressor would hardly be inclined to support Israel, why would an America that more and more resembles China want to support some militarily weak democracies in the pacific? Why would an America that shares the same ideology with China want to support the democracies in the indopacific region in their effort to thwart Chinese attempts at dominating the region?
If America was ideologically the same as China why would these democracies want to ally themselves with America? They might just as well join China.

Enter the wrecking ball Joe Biden.
If one wanted to severely damage America’s alliances with NATO countries like Britain, Germany and France and make new future alliances much more difficult or impossible to achieve, one could not do a better job than Biden.
Without notifying its NATO allies the US abandoned Bagram airbase thus making it much more difficult to evacuate their militaries and civilians.
As the Biden administration shamelessly abandoned its Afghan allies, who would want to ally themselves with the US?
Never mind that Biden abandoned America’s allies. He has thrown American citizens to the wolves.
Who in his right mind would trust this America?

In the end, Admiral Stavridis may be right that America has not one single ally left but it would be not because of some trumpian figure with isolationist impulses and a crude personality.
It would be because of a mean, cold and morally decrepit sociopath such as Biden.
Even so, the biggest irony would be that by the time America would have no more allies left, it would no longer need any allies against China because it would have become China.

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