Letter To My Employer

One of the bloggers I really like, is Tricia with her blog “Freedom Through Empowerment” (https://freedomthroughempowerment.wordpress.com/).
She is constantly and consistently writing against the mass psychosis that is induced and fueled by the world’s goverments (supposedly) in reaction to the wuhan virus.
This tells me that “Freedom Through Empowerment” is not just a slogan but that her fight for the cause of freedom stems from a burning desire for keeping and expanding our individual freedoms.
I share the same desire and I see in her a kindred spirit
She writes using rational thought, data, scientific evidence and, most importantly, critical thinking.
Not only talking the talk but walking the walk, she published a letter to her employer dealing with the company’s vaccination requirements. I agree wholeheartedly with her post and her letter.
The only thing I want to add is this: As true as “Freedom Through Empowerment” is “Empowerment Through Freedom” and it is by taking away our freedoms that certain persons and institutions seek to keep or increase their power. We cannot let it happen.

Freedom Through Empowerment

Like many of you, I’m starting to get pressure from my company to get the vaccine. They’ve not made it a requirement for employment yet, but you are expected to mask up while on company grounds if not vaccinated. I hate this, but as a remote employee it also doesn’t effect me much.

More recently they implemented a double vaccination requirement to attend our upcoming sales achievement bonus trip, which is an annual event that rewards sales people for achieving their quotas. I’ve always enjoyed these trips, as you get to mingle with colleagues who for most of the year you only communicate with virtually and everyone feels appreciated and rewarded for all their hard work.

I won’t be attending this year because I have not gotten the vaccine, nor do I plan to.

I know many of you are facing much more dire circumstances with these mandates and risk…

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