Fortify Your Faith With Facts

Faith is important. Even the scientist needs faith. In fact, science requires BIG faith.
Science makes some BIG basic assumptions which science needs in order to operate.
However, these basic assumptions are UNPROVABLE.
Here are three of these unprovable assumptions that science is based upon:

  1. The universe is intelligible.
  2. We can trust our intelletual faculties to give us a true picture of reality.
  3. The laws of not change.

Assumption #3 is the backbone of science. If the laws of nature were changing over time we could for example not calculate the orbits of the planets for the next year.
Everytime we make such calculations for the future (or for the distant past) we have faith that the third assumption is true.

As important as faith is, facts that strengthen and justify faith are equally important.
This video provides fascinating and not widely known evidence that the gospels were based on eyewitness accounts.

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