On The Road To Genocide

I’ve visited the Dachau concentration camp twice. First time as a boy, next time as a teenager. I’ve read books about the 3rd Reich. I’ve watched tons of videos and films dealing with the holocaust and world war II. In school we were taught about this dark era in German history. I’ve read books on racism, antisemitism and xenophobia. I’ve been living in this country for decades knowing the culture fairly well. And yet, and yet I could not really understand how a country that was one of the most scientifically, technologically and culturally advanced countries in the world could descend into murder, barbarism and insanity.

I could not really understand why people would so willingly give up their freedom, so easily accept being ruled by a dictatorship and so blindly follow irrational, idiotic and arbitrary rules until the wuhan virus happened. Fear and panic brought out the ugliest, most primitive sides of man.
Things prior unimaginable happened with a swiftness that took most by surprise, leaving many in disbelief about the very reality happening right in front of their eyes.
Those who kept a modicum of sanity, refusing to fear a virus not much more dangerous than a bad flu, were made to fear the state which, in authoritarian, dictatorial style, enforced irrational, idiotic and arbitrary rules.

I’m not the only one for whom the years 2020 and 2021 have been a revelation.
In his column “I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’” Dennis Prager writes:

“One of the biggest revelations concerns a question that has always plagued me: How does one explain the “good German,” the term used to describe the average, presumably decent German, who did nothing to hurt Jews but also did nothing to help them and did nothing to undermine the Nazi regime? “


“What has changed my thinking has been watching what is happening in America (and Canada and Australia and elsewhere, for that matter).

The ease with which tens of millions of Americans have accepted irrational, unconstitutional and unprecedented police state-type restrictions on their freedoms, including even the freedom to make a living, has been, to understate the case, sobering.”

We have seen that events like the wuhan virus outbreak combined with media induced panic and constant disinformation can result in radical and swift change that was previously unthinkable.
Although events of that magnitude and consequence cannot by themselves cause anything, such events can function as a catalyst for radical change or other extreme events such as a genocide if the preconditions for that radical change or that other extreme event already exist.
The holocaust was not planned many decades in advance. Neither happened it out of thin air.

The preconditions for the holocaust were created many years before it happened.
Hatred of the Jews has existed for thousands of years.
Religiously justified hatred of Jews, called antijudaism, was horrible enough but Jews could at least escape persecution and death by converting to Christianity or Islam.

That changed whith Darwin’s theory of evolution which laid the foundation for modern racism.
No longer were all men created in God’s image but there were higher and lesser evolved races. Some races were even considered to be more animal than human. Evolution was the pseudoscientific base of modern racist theories including the nazi idea of the arian and the untermensch.

The most deadly aspect of antisemitism which made the holocaust possible was that Jews could no longer escape death and persecution by converting to another religion. You can’t change your race. Once the Jewish “race” was deemed a mortal thread to society the destruction of all Jews was the logical endpoint.
Widespread antisemitism based on race was the precondition. The circumstances leading to the 3rd Reich as well as Adolf Hitler were the catalyst and the spark that caused the powder keg to explode.

It saddens and infuriates me that, barely eighty years after the holocaust, the Left is advancing a theory that could potentially lead to another genocide.
It’s the same old poison, repackaged under a different name (Critical Race Theory or CRT), that contaminates the innocent minds of children, causing white kids to hate themselves and all the other kids to hate white persons.

If only Whites are racists and if all Whites are racists and if racism is such an evil then what is the logical endpoint if one wants to eliminate racism?
Exactly, it’s the elimination of all Whites.

Noel Ignatiev, a communist who developed the concept of “white privilege”, stated that he wanted to abolish the white race (see here and here).
He stated also that by “white race” he means the social construct called “white race”. Like those who advance CRT, he claimed that race was a social construct.
Whether that claim was a convenient smokescreen to hide his true motives and intentions (much like many antisemites claim to be just opposed to Israel’s policies) or whether he truly believed it, is beside the point.
The fact is, that many haters of Whites do not care about such nuances. You want evidence?
Just look at the deluge of anti-white hatred that floods the media and the social media these days.
Just listen to what comes out of the mouths of policians, activists, academics and prominent people.
If you said the things they say about Whites about any other group, you would be banned from polite society and lose your job and in some countries you would even go to jail.

Noel’s epigones can claim all they want that race is a social construct but in the end they themselves tie race to immutable, genetically determined, physical characteristics.
If a man is shot dead by the police, the radicals and their aplogists do not look at some abstract social construct. They look at he man’s skin color or physical characteristics.
If the dead dude has a white skin color then nobody cares and the media does not give a crap. If, however, the dead dude has a black skin color then the reaction is very different.
If teachers who peddle the racist garbage that is CRT, want children to check their “white privilege”, they are not selecting those kids based on some abstract social construct.
They are selecting those kids based on the very real physical characteristic of their white skin color. They are not asking kids with a black skin color to check their “white privilege”.

CRT is dangerous because it not only creates one necessary condition for genocide, the villification of a group of people, but it creates something much more dangerous and deadly. It makes it impossible for the members of the target group to ever escape by changing their religion, their ideology or their behaviour.
Just like the Jews could no longer escape persecution by converting to another religion, Whites won’t be able to escape potential future persecution and a potential future genocide by changing their behaviour.
As sure as the sun rises, CRT will cause hatred, violence and treatment of Whites as second class citizens, if it is allowed to spread.
From hatred, violence and treatment as second class citizens it is only a small step to genocide. All it takes are the right conditions and a catalyst.

I am encouraged by parents and especially mothers who boldly fight against CRT.
If there ever was a “hill to die on”, this is it. We must fight the racist CRT tooth and nail for the sake of future generations.

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  1. Part ll of the Rif halachic commentary to ראש השנה. Correctly employing the Rambam code compares to basic biology – the dissection of pithed frogs.

    The Rambam code on t’shuva merits a full rebuke. Primary emotions of grief and regret, while they arouse attempts to do t’shuva, these emotions fail to address the basis wherein t’shuva defines the heart and soul of all bnai brit. T’shuva serves as the יסוד wherein a person “launches” all tohor middot spirits from within the heart aimed to reach all generations of the O’lam HaBah nefesh soul. T’shuva entails much more than merely a reactionary dissatisfaction with how a persons’ past behavior brings disgrace after the fact. T’shuva exists as a positive time oriented commandment, which requires k’vanna.

    What does a baal aveira feel? Aware that his\her coming actions transgress negative commandments. Comparable to the Yankee Civil War Admiral – David Farragut – famous for the quote: ‘Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead’! Supposedly made at the battle of Mobile Bay; the battle to capture the last Confederate port on the Gulf of Mexico in 1864. Farragut’s decision to send his fleet through the minefields, to avoid the Confederate fort cannons, played a significant role in that damned Yankee victory towards the close of Lincoln’s illegal “Vietnam” war.

    Farragut’s bravery perhaps best exemplifies the Yatzir Ha’Ra. Reportedly, consequent to the lack of visibility, due to the black powder cannon shot, he had himself tied to the main mast to give himself a better view. Yet if his ship had sunk in the attempt to navigate through the Confederate anti-ship defenses, he virtually guaranteed his death – consequent to his decision that took such risks for victory. The mentality of a baal aveira directly compares to the rash decisions taken by Farragut.

    The brothers Grimm fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin, likewise describes the state of mind of the baal aveira. In that story a poor miller came to speak with the king. Poverty stricken, the miller attempted to advertise his import by declaring that his daughter possessed a unique wisdom wherein she could transform straw into spun gold. The king challenged the veracity of the millers’ story. If his daughter possessed such wisdom, why then did the miller live in poverty? To quote the fairy tale: “Then you must promise me the first child you have after you are queen.”

    Rumpelstiltskin serves as the נמשל of the Yatzir Ha’Ra משל. On the third day, when the Queen correctly declared his name, Rumpelstiltskin flew into a destructive bitter rage. Grief and regret likewise express the feelings of the Queen when Rumpelstiltskin came to claim her first born son. Baal aveirot personages, they permit their passions, pride, and arrogance to dominate their decision making processes. Therefore t’shuva represents the Will to mature and develop the irrational emotional mind. Physically speaking, the brain stem which sits upon the spinal cord and functions as the maestro conductor of the internal organs, which produce the basic emotions which all people feel.

    Consequently, t’shuva entails much more than remorse over silly decisions made in the past. T’shuva transforms an emotioanlly immature person into a responsible adult – fit to raise children and educate these children to dedicate positive time oriented commandments unto HaShem, expressed through the avoda of tefilla. T’shuva separates the consecrated oils whereby Moshe anointed the vessels of the Mishkan and the garments of Aaron as Cohen – the mitzva of Moshiach – from the mikveh waters which transform a tuma person unto a tohor person, who breathes tohor spirits and therein brings blessing, prosperity, and success to the world.

    No middah דאורייתא, and how much more so דרבנן, can the Cohen nation dedicate unto HaShem through the mitzva of tefilla, which lacks the יסוד of t’shuva. Herein explains the k’vanna of the mussar known as: “the King is in the field”, which defines the month of Elul.

    כל הנולדים מאחד בתשרי עד עשרים ותשעה באלול מצטרפין, ומעשרין מאלו על אלו. נולדו חמישה טלאים בתשעה ועשרים באלול, וחמישה באחד בתשרי–אין מצטרפין; ילדו הוולדות בתוך שנתן, הרי היא ובתה נכנסות לדיר להתעשר

    באחד בתשרי, ראש השנה לשמיטין וליובלות. פירות שישית שנכנסו לשביעית–אם היו תבואה או קטנייות או פירות האילן, והגיעו לעונת המעשרות קודם ראש השנה–הרי אלו מותרין: ואף על פי שאוסף אותם בשביעית, הרי הן כפירות שישית לכל דבר. ואם לא באו לעונת המעשרות אלא אחר ראש השנה, הרי הן כפירות שביעית

    באחד בתשרי, ראש השנה לעורלה ולרבעי; ומאימתיי מונין לעורלה ורבעי, משעת נטיעה. ואינו מונה מראש השנה לראש השנה, אלא שלושים יום בשנה חשובין שנה–והוא שתקלוט הנטיעה, קודם השלושים יום; וכמה הוא סתם קליטה, לכל האילנות שתי שבתות. באחד בתשרי, הוא ראש השנה למעשר תבואה וקטנייות וירקות; וכל מקום שנאמר ראש השנה סתם, הוא אחד בתשרי. ובחמישה עשר בשבט, ראש השנה למעשר האילנות

    שטרי חוב המוקדמים–פסולין, שהרי טורף בהן לקוחות שלא כדין; ולפיכך קנסו אותן חכמים, ולא יגבה בשטר מוקדם אלא מבני חורין–גזירה, שמא יטרוף בו מזמן ראשון שהקדימו. שטרי חוב המאוחרין–כשרין, שהרי הורע כוחו של בעל השטר שאינו טורף אלא מזמן השטר; ואף על פי שלא כתבו בו שהוא מאוחר, הרי זה כשר

    בנדרים ונדבות, אינו צריך להוציא בשפתיו; אלא אם גמר בליבו, ולא הוציא בשפתיו כלום–חייב. כיצד: גמר בליבו שזו עולה, או שיביא עולה–הרי זה חייב להביא, שנאמר “כול נדיב ליבו, יביאהא” (שמות לה,ה): בנדיבת הלב, יתחייב להביא. וכן כל כיוצא בזה מנדרי קודשים ונדבותן. אחד נדרים ונדבות, עם שאר הדברים שאדם חייב בהן מערכים ודמים ומעשרות ומתנות עניים–מצות עשה מן התורה שיביא הכול ברגל שפגע בו תחילה, שנאמר “ובאת שמה. והבאתם שמה” (דברים יב,ה-ו): כלומר, בעת שתבוא לחוג, תביא כל מה שאתה חייב בו ותיתן כל חוב שעליך, לשם

    טומאת מקדש וקדשיו–שהיה לה ידיעה בתחילה, ולא היה לה ידיעה בסוף–שעיר של יום הכיפורים הנעשה בפנים ויום הכיפורים תולין, עד שייוודע לו ויביא קרבן עולה ויורד. ושאין בה ידיעה בתחילה, אבל יש בה בסוף–שעיר הנעשה בחוץ ביום הכיפורים ויום הכיפורים מכפרין. ועל שאין בה ידיעה, לא בתחילה ולא בסוף–שעירי הרגלים ושעירי ראשי חודשים מכפרין

    מי שלא חג ביום טוב הראשון של חג הסוכות, חוגג את כל הרגל, וביום טוב האחרון, שהוא שמיני; ואף השמיני, תשלומי ראשון הוא. וכן מי שלא חג ביום חג השבועות, חוגג כל שבעה, ויש לו תשלומין, כל ששת הימים שלאחר חג השבועות; ודבר זה מפי השמועה נאמר, שחג השבועות כחג המצות לתשלומין. ביום שמיני עצרת, מקריבין מוסף היום: פר ואיל ושבעה כבשים, כולן עולות; ושעיר, חטאת. וזה מוסף בפני עצמו. וכל מי שהיה מקריב פר היום–לא היה מקריב פר למחר, אלא חוזרין חלילה. ובשמיני–חוזרין לפיס כולן כאחד, כשאר הרגלים כמו שביארנו. מי שלא הקריב ביום טוב הראשון עולת ראייתו ושלמי חגיגתו, הרי זה מקריבן בשאר ימות הרגל: שנאמר “שבעת ימים, תחוג לה’” (דברים טז,טו)–מלמד שכולן ראויין לחגיגה, וכולן תשלומי ראשון הם. מי שלא חג ביום טוב הראשון של חג הסוכות, חוגג את כל הרגל, וביום טוב האחרון, שהוא שמיני; ואף השמיני, תשלומי ראשון הוא. וכן מי שלא חג ביום חג השבועות, חוגג כל שבעה, ויש לו תשלומין, כל ששת הימים שלאחר חג השבועות; ודבר זה מפי השמועה נאמר, שחג השבועות כחג המצות לתשלומין

    חודשה של לבנה, תשעה ועשרים יום ומחצה וחלקים כמו שביארנו. ואי אפשר לומר שראש החודש יהיה במקצת היום, עד שיהיה מקצת היום מחודש שעבר ומקצתו מהבא: שנאמר “עד חודש ימים” (במדבר יא,כ)–מפי השמועה למדו שימים אתה מחשב לחודש, ואין אתה מחשב שעות
    מצות עשה לספור שבע שבתות תמימות, מיום הבאת העומר–שנאמר “וספרתם לכם, ממוחרת השבת” (ויקרא כג,טו); ומצוה למנות הימים, עם השבועות–שנאמר “תספרו חמישים יום” (ויקרא כג,טז). ומתחילת היום מונין; לפיכך מונה בלילה, מליל שישה עשר בניסן

    מי שהיה טמא בשעת שחיטת הפסח, שאין שוחטין עליו, או שהיה בדרך רחוקה, או נאנס באונס אחר, או ששגג, ולא הקריב בראשון–הרי זה שוחט פסח בארבעה עשר של חודש השני בין הערביים. ושחיטת פסח זה–מצות עשה בפני עצמה, ודוחה את השבת, שאין השני תשלומין לראשון, אלא רגל בפני עצמו; לפיכך חייבין עליו כרת

    כל הקרבנות שעברו עליהן שלוש רגלים–לא נפסלו, אלא מקריבן וכשרים; ובכל יום ויום אחר השלוש רגלים, הוא עובר בבל תאחר, ובית דין מצווין לעשותו מיד, עד שיקריב קרבנותיו ברגל שפגע בו תחילה. הקדיש בהמה למזבח, ועברו עליו שני רגלים, ונפל בה מום, ופדיה על גב בהמה אחרת–אינו עובר בלא תעשה, עד שיעברו על האחרת שלוש רגלים. ואחד האיש ואחד האישה, עוברת בבל תאחר; אבל היורש, אינו עובר בבל תאחר

    עבר ואיחר הבכור לאחר שנתו–אף על פי שהוא עובר בלא תעשה, אם היה תם–הרי זה לא נפסל, אלא מקריבו; ואם היה בעל מום, שוחטו בכל מקום: שנאמר “מעשר דגנך תירושך ויצהרך, ובכורות בקרך וצאנך” (דברים יד,כג), מקיש בכור למעשר–מה מעשר אינו נפסל משנה לחברתה, אף בכור אינו נפסל משנה לחברתה. כל הקרבנות שעברו עליהן שלוש רגלים–לא נפסלו, אלא מקריבן וכשרים; ובכל יום ויום אחר השלוש רגלים, הוא עובר בבל תאחר, ובית דין מצווין לעשותו מיד, עד שיקריב קרבנותיו ברגל שפגע בו תחילה. אף על פי שנאמר “לרצונו” (ויקרא א,ג), כופין אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני: בין שנדר ולא הפריש, בין שהפריש ולא הקריב–כופין אותו עד שיקריב. רש”י – ירקיב אתו. מלמד שכופין אותו, יכול בעל כרחו, תלמוד לומר לרצונו, הא כיצד, כופין אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני.

    From this source the rabbinic courts likewise learn the mistaken din of agunah. The two cases, while similar, the mitzva of קידושין stands apart and unique. This mitzva, made before two witnesses and a minyan, does not compare to a man dedicating a korban in the thoughts of his heart. A man who refuses to give his ex wife her get, this רשע transgresses swearing a false oath. A public desecration of the Name, on this exact point differentiates the two otherwise similar cases. Only in the case of agunah does the court have authority to place the רשע under the מעשה בראשית kabbala – the ban of נדוי; the action of creating a new Creation.

    This kabbala repudiates the antisemitic canard wherein racist Jew haters declare “their” hated & despised Christ killers as an inferior Race. HaShem chooses the Jewish people over all Goyim, because only the chosen Cohen nation accepts the revelation of the Torah at Sinai & Horev throughout the generations. Acceptance of the yoke of the Cohen nation, this action continually creates a new Creation.

    Prior to the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, the Cohen nation existed only as an oath which HaShem swore to the Avot that their future born seed would live as a unique great nation. Among all nations of the world, only the Jewish people accepted the mantle of being the chosen Cohen nation. This choice, to accept the Torah at Sinai and Horev, permanently reveals the kabbala of מעשה בראשית.

    Moshe said to Par’o that Israel must journey to worship HaShem. Tefilla, a positive time oriented commandment, defines the worship of HaShem by the Cohen nation. Goyim pray to their Gods. The prayers made by Goyim do not compare to the tefillot wherein Jews dedicate the k’vanna of tohor middot unto HaShem. The Siddur stands upon the יסוד of the kabbala of מעשה בראשית. Prayers which Goyim pray unto their Gods do not stand upon this unique יסוד. The Judgment Day of Yom HaDin upon the brit, HaShem judges all mankind based upon this יסוד.

    A blessing to my people and to all Goyim, may the New Year produce sweet fruits which benefit all mankind.

      1. What separates and distinguishes Tefilla from prayer?

        Bryan Wagner asks a most excellent question concerning how to pray? His question: “It’s interesting if you are a person who is focused on documents explaining wisdom. I subscribe to Gautama’s reflection that we must be a lamp unto ourselves in seeking what’s truthful. I have a question: Why not sit in silence and ask God directly? Why rely on others knowledge to complete the circle?”

        Response made to his direct question:
        When all Israel accepted the Torah revelation at Sinai, by which HaShem directly revealed the first 2 Commandments, Israel – the entire nation – feared if they received any more of this revelation of HaShem that they would all die. The entire nation demanded from Moshe the prophet to ascend Sinai and receive the rest of the commandments. Prophets serve as the primary medium by which HaShem speaks to bnai brit Israel.

        At the time of the golden calf, Israel received and accepted only the first 2 commandments at Sinai. The 2 tablets represent the 2 commandments accepted and received by Israel. Because all Israel assumed that they would soon die, by extension Moshe who ascended Sinai – after 40 days and nights – he too must have died. An inaccurate assumption which the men of Israel made. Therefore the people presented Aaron with a problem: “Moshe is dead, who will teach us the rest of the Torah”?

        Moshe returned, broke the 2 tablets, and once again neither eat or drank for another 40 days. On Yom Kippur\the Day of Atonement/HaShem revealed the Oral Torah logic format which permitted Moshe to interpret 611 commandments as precedents by which to understand the k’vanna of the opening first two commandments revealed at Sinai.

        The sages in the Talmud, they employ the same exact Oral Torah logic format wherein the Sanhedrin Courts ruled thousands upon thousands of judicial legal rulings/halachot. To what does this Sanhedrin judicial process compare? The British Parliament. England unlike the United States and the 1st Commonwealth Republic of Israel in the days of the prophet Yehoshua, England has no Written Constitution. The Written Torah functions as the written Constitution of the Israelite Republic of Tribes.

        The legalism of British Courts differs from that of American Courts. Britain has no Written Constitution. Every law passed by Parliament – these laws define the Constitution of Great Britain. As a consequence … no British Court has the authority to declare a law passed by Parliament as “Un-Constitutional”. The US by contrast has a written Constitution. Therefore American courts can declare laws passed by Congress and the Executive Branch of the Federal Government as “Un-Constitutional”.

        The 5th Book of the Torah – D’varim, goes by a 2nd name. Mishna Torah, the 2nd name of the Book of D’varim. Mishna Torah means ”repeat the din/law”. What does the concept of repetition of the law mean? In a word, the legal term: “legislative review”. The Sanhedrin Federal Courts (6 small Sanhedrin Federal Courts in the 6 cities of refuge), possess the Constitutional power\authority to not only declare a law passed by the government authorities within each and every tribe\State within the larger Republic as “Un-Constitutional” – like as can the American courts. But this legal concept of “legislative review”, learned from the Book of D’varim, means that the Federal Sanhedrin courts possess the Constitutional mandate to rewrite Un-Constitutional laws, such that these rewritten laws comply with the intent of the Framers of the Written Constitution and impose these Sanhedrin Court re-written laws as the laws of the land.

        Private individuals can contemplate upon the Torah … but Governments have the obligation to rule the land and people.

        Bryan Wagner1d ago I understand, but that leaves my question unanswered. Why not speak to God directly?

        mosckerr Who speaks directly unto HaShem, (as opposed to God{s})? Monotheism violates the 2nd Torah commandment at Sinai. Answer: Prophets da’aven directly to HaShem. How do prophets da’aven directly to HaShem? This question definitively proves the Jesus son of Zeus as a counterfeit fraud.

        According to the Yerushalmi Talmud, over 247 “prophets”, occupied their resources, wisdom, and knowledge of speaking directly to HaShem as opposed to the “Father of the Gods”, as Jesus addressed and spoke directly unto Zeus. The prayers of Jesus – they too violated the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. This most basic fundamental distinction the opening Mishna of Gittin, teaches that Jews of g’lut lost the knowledge of how to do mitzvot לשמה\in the Name.

        The primary mussar which all prophets command – how to da’aven directly to HaShem… da’avening takes precedent priority over offering sacrifices. The T’NaCH refers to this House as the house of tefilla and not as the house of sacrifices. None the less, korbanot dedications, they teach a central משל\נמשל definition of blessings. (Oral Torah logic stands upon the יסוד\foundation of making דיוקים\logical inferences). The prophet Ya’acov swore an eternal oath to his father Yitzak, that he would command the eternal chosen Cohen seed of Avraham to bless HaShem directly. Herein defines the definition of da’avening. According to the oath sworn by Avram, HaShem judges the contending Yatzirot within bnai brit Hearts. The Name of HaShem lives within our hearts, and not in Heaven, by the terms of the oaths mutually sworn at the brit between the pieces.

        How to da’aven, a kabbala tradition that predated Avraham da’avening directly to HaShem to open the closed wombs of all the women of the kingdom of Avi-melech. (The king to took Sara for a wife, based upon the assumption that her relationship with Avraham, a brother\sister family connection). Rabbi Yochanon, in the Gemara of ברכות, teaches that to bless HaShem, meaning to “swear” a blessing – as opposed to “say” a praise, like for example saying Tehilem\Psalms – – – a blessing most essentially requires שם ומלכות. Jesus son of Zeus, when asked to teach his disciples how to pray, totally ignorant of this ancient kabbala – known as מעשה בראשית .

        שבאו בניו מבית המשתה ואמרו לו לא קרינו את שמע” (משנה, מסכת ברכות – פרק א, משנה א)

        It happened that came his children/students to a wedding. (When occupied in a mitzva, a person enjoys exemption from doing other mitzvot.) They said to him, we did not (yet) da’aven kre’a shma. (First Mishna of Blessings/ברכות).

        The mitzva of kre’a shma – defines how the Torah understands – love of HaShem. The mitzva of kre’a shma: acceptance of responsibility for the blessings and curses of the Torah revelation of Sinai and Horev. Moshe the prophet commanded a strong mussar, his last Will and Testament, on the last day of his life on this earth. D’varim 30:19 [https://biblehub.com/deuteronomy/30-19.htm].

        Jesus son of Zeus (1) totally ignorant of the kabbala which separates and distinguishes itself from repeating Tehillem\Psalms. Tehillem do not qualify as swearing a Torah blessing because Tehillem lack שם ומלכות. The term “kingship\מלכות” refers to the dedication of tohor middot, such that the “king” fights the wars in the heart between the opposing Yitzirot. The prayer which Jesus son of Zeus taught to his disciples, upon their specific request, had no knowledge of the kabbala commanded and taught by the prophets of Israel, even before Yehoshua caused the nation of Israel to invade and conquer the kingdoms of Canaan. (2) That imaginary man/mythical person, who according to the Gospels amazed Torah scholars touching his Torah knowledge – even as a youth, never learned the two most basic and fundamental kabbalot/traditions (The T’NaCH has the name kabbala) of [1] מעשה בראשית and [2] פרדס.

        The organization of the Jewish Siddur\book of da’avening (tefilla different from non Jewish prayer), spins around the central axis of the kabbala of מעשה בראשית. Jesus son of Zeus had absolutely know knowledge of this ancient kabbala, learned from hundreds of prophets. So much for “fulfilling the words of the prophets”, an empty and totally vain and repeated New Testament boast! A person lives mussar in his life walk before HaShem. A person never “fulfills” mussar in his life walk before HaShem. Neither the sermon on the mount nor the violent attack in the Temple where merchants offered animals for sacrifice for sale, stand upon Torah commandments.

        The Torah commands 3 re’gal’im, comparable to making the Hajj to Mecca. If a person travels to Jerusalem on a regal, (Pesach, Shevuoth, & Sukkot), if his first fruits offerings will become damaged, due to the length of the journey to Jerusalem, the Torah commands an alternative 2nd tithe. That person can convert his first fruits tithes into money and when he makes aliya to Jerusalem, he then uses that money to buy offerings, to dedicate upon the alter on Zion. The Talmud asks a pertinent question: “Whom does the Torah exempt from the obligation to make the re’gel?” Answer: a person who lives outside of the “Old City” walls of Jerusalem.

        Jesus violently condemned merchants in Jerusalem selling animals for sacrifice. His unexpected force, in context compares to what happened to Moshe, when he expressed his anger and frustration against Israel at the stone which he later struck with anger. Moshe’s actions – the Torah – HaShem directly condemned. HaShem directly spoke to Moshe a simple command. That he, (Aaron and Miriam would die, together with the entire cursed generation who believed the slander made by the spies sent to search out the land), in g’lut\exile. The Talmud compares intense expressions of anger, directly to the worship of other Gods – a direct violation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai.

        The Jesus prayer has no knowledge what distinguishes between “swearing a blessing” from “saying a praise”. As mentioned above, rabbi Yochanon taught the accepted halachic tradition, as taught by the prophets. Swearing a blessing requires שם ומלכות. The New Testament bible never once includes שם\the 1st Commandment Name revealed at Sinai; likewise that forgery has absolutely no knowledge of מלכות\kingship — the dedication as holy to HaShem of middot דאורייתא ודרבנן\tohor attributes from the Torah and rabbis.

        This total and complete ignorance of the revelation of middot revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev – 40 days after the sin of the golden calf – definitively proves that the ancient kabbala known as מעשה בראשית – Jesus son of Zeus had never learned. That imaginary mythical man had absolutely zero knowledge of how the sages organized the Siddur, the Jewish book of da’avening. He lacked basic Torah education which teaches the exact prophetic traditions which define the k’vanna of tefilla — the t’shuva dedication of remembering social interactions made by both the Yatzir HaTov and the Yatzir HaRah.

        This foreign alien non Jewish, wolf dressed in sheep clothing, had no knowledge that tefilla dedicates directly to HaShem “tohor middot”, as derived from prophetic mussar instruction, as learned from T’NaCH primary sources. (In the days of Ezra, the sages sealed the masoret\traditions of the T’NaCH). The dedication of “tohor middot”, a direct kabbala commanded by over 247 prophets! This T’NaCH based kabbala – known as מעשה בראשית – Jesus son of Zeus never learned, and did not know.

        It goes without saying that the Gospels has no education in the kabbala tradition known as פרדס. All the hundreds of rabbis in the Talmud obeyed this kabbala of the Oral Torah revelation of Horev. The chag of Hanukkah dedicates the lights of that 8 branch menorah. Specifically the sacred dedication to only interpreting the Written Torah by means of relying only upon the Oral Torah logic system format, as the eternal t’shuva of Israel for the sin of the golden calf, which HaShem revealed to Moshe on Horev as the most essential and defining character of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. The sealing of T’NaCH literature and Hanukkah predates the imaginary birth & life of Jesus. That imaginary mythical false messiah had no knowledge of the foundations upon which stands all Yiddishkeit!

      2. Mosckerr, while I don’t understand most of what you are saying, I understand that you don’t believe that Jesus is the messiah. I cherish freedom which includes your freedom to believe what you want and to worship how you want. Whether you believe Jesus is the messiah or not, most historians believe that the historical Jesus did exist. He’s not a mythical figure as the earliest Roman Historians like Tacitus testify. Anyway, what exactly is your point?

      3. Howdy. That you have no understanding of Jewish scholarship on the Torah – does not surprise me. But Xtian replacement theology declares itself as the “New Israel”. Post WWll with the establishment of the Jewish state, 2000 years of Xtian hate propaganda against the Jews went straight out the window into the trash. Now Xtianity and its church stand in exile waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus son of Zeus.

        The Bible translations of the Hebrew T’NaCH (Torah Prophets Holy Writings) one and all violate the 1st Commandment of Sinai. Which means that all these Biblical translations equally violate the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of Sinai – OOOPPPSSS the Koran and Islam – flushed down the toilet. 🙂

      4. Why should I be familiar with the Jewish scholarship? I’m not a Jew. I don’t subscribe to “replacement theology” neither am I responsible what others have done to the Jewish people. I am however allergic to anything that could lead to any genocide. FYI Jesus has nothing to do with Zeus. There is no basis for that claim.

      5. According to the replacement theology preached by the church for some 2000 years, Xtians – the new Israel b/c some God rejected the “covenant” (a very bad mis-translation of the word brit. Brit means alliance), and chose the believers of Jesus over the Cohen nation of Israel.
        Never implied you were a Nazi lover. Jesus has everything to do with Zeus b/c the New Testament represents Greek spirituality. The original New Testament texts – written in Greek. Not written in either Hebrew or Aramaic – the language spoken by the Jewish people before the Romans expelled the Jews from Judea and renamed the country Palestine. The article which you do not understand – definitively proves the basis for the claim that Jesus exists only as a Greek replacement wolf dressed in sheep clothing non Jewish imaginary myth false messiah of the Jewish people.

      6. So what? After hundreds of years it’s not surprising that many Jews spoke Greek also. As I said, most historians believe that Jesus was a real historical person. If you are familiar with the Greek pantheon, you will see that neither Jesus nor the Gospel has any semblance to Greek gods or the religion of the time: The ancient Greeks didn’t believe in resurrection. Once in hades, you stayed there. Rabbinic opinions are just that. Opinions.

      7. The Greek language, spoke across the Roman empire. Most historians? There’s not enough physical evidence of Jesus to write a descent obituary. Greek pantheon – Zeus the father of the Gods. New Testament never even once employs the Name of HaShem revealed at Sinai and continually and constantly refers to God by the metaphor “father”.

        How does the Torah define “resurrection from the dead”? Definition of terms come from mitzvot from the Torah. The above mentions term “love” learns from the mitzva of kre’a shma (Hear Israel HaShem our Judge HaShem is One) One shares nothing in common with monotheism. Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of the Torah revelation at Sinai. The kre’a shma yoke of love … acceptance of responsibility to bear the burden of the curses and blessings of the Torah ie life and death … redemption from g’lut and g’lut\exile from off the oath sworn lands. Hades — a Greek not Jewish term. Rabbinic opinion do not learn from the agape Greeks.

      8. Your argument that the Gospel is written in Greek is zero evidence that Jesus has anything to do with Zeus. I don’t care how the rabbis learn. It doesn’t matter. Your arguments cannot refute anything I said. All that matters is that Greek pagan religion was radically different from both Judasim and Christianity. It doesn’t matter how you or the torah define hades. All that matters is how the Greeks defined it.
        Unlike Christianity the Greeks didn’t believe in resurrection from the dead.
        The hades was the realm of the dead. Once you were dead you stayed in hades.
        You can say all day how Christianity is different from Judaism. Fine, but doesn’t prove that Jesus was the son of Zeus.
        It doesn’t matter how Christianity is different from Judaism. To prove that Christianity or Jesus had anything to do with the Greek pantheon you have to ´prove that Greek paganism was similar to Christianity.
        Do you understand?
        Yep, most historians believe that Jesus existed as a historical person.
        You want physical evidence?
        Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no physical evidence for Moses or many other persons from the bible either. Do you doubt their existence? Your standard of proof is very selective. Does that standard apply only to Jesus or to other persons from the bible as well?

      9. The Gospels written in Greek strongly suggests that the target audience – non Jews. If Jesus was Jewish and came, as so claimed to “fulfill” the Torah, then how the rabbis learn should and must interest you. That you have no interest in how the rabbi contemporaries of imaginary Jesus learned, this serves as a strong proof that you yourself view Jesus as a non Jew like yourself.

        The Greek and Xtian religions – have no brit. To have a brit requires swearing an oath in the Name of HaShem. Neither any Greek religion or Xtianity have an oath with HaShem. Roman culture embraced the pantheon of the Greek Gods. As such since New Testament shares no brit basis as does the Torah, this definitively proves that Xtianity shares roots with the Greek pantheon of Gods and has no portion with the Torah. Xtianity and the Greek pantheon have no portion with the brit faith. The first word of the Torah contains אש ברית\brit fire (בראשית).

      10. Nope, target audience was both Jews and Non Jews. For that purpose the Greek language was ideal because it was widely spoken in the ancient world. Jesus was a Jew. You have not offered any evidence that Christianity and Greek paganism was similar.

      11. Paul in Damascus proves otherwise. Paul preached that circumcision no longer qualified as a Torah commandment. Paul effectively placed Xtianity as a separate religion with this denunciation of the Torah. You say that Jesus was a Jew. Yet Jesus had no knowledge of the 2 most basic traditions\kabbala of Yiddishkeit: (1) פרדס and (2) chariot mysticism known as מעשה בראשית. The Jewish siddur bases itself upon the 2nd kabbala while the Talmud bases itself upon the first kabbala. Jesus understood neither tradition. This makes this imaginary man a total “Jewish” ignoramus.

      12. Non Jews had no circumcision. The story of Sh’Cem where the prince of Sh’Cem raped the daughter/Dinah of Yaacov. The sons of Yaacov demanded that for the people of Sh’Cem to cut a brit alliance with Israel, that they would have to circumcise themselves. On the 3rd day, when they were incapable of defending themselves, the sons of Yaacov slaughtered all the males of Sh’Cem.

      13. It proves that the listening audience – non Jews. Jews, even if they perhaps had some slight curiosity with this new religion, the moment Paul denounced circumcision – they lost all interest and viewed this new religion with the contempt that it deserves.

      14. Ah! So you yourself validate that he addressed a non Jewish audience. The noise New Testament address non Jews as its target audience.

      15. Torah teaches spirituality not history. Prophets command mussar not future events. The new testament did not know how the Torah defines the word prophet. Impossible to “fulfill” the words of the prophets. Its totally irrelevant concerning the stories of Moshe and the deliverance from Egyptian slavery as historical events. What’s absolutely binding upon the Jewish people – the mussar which these stories command.

        Majored in History at Texas A&M. Dr. Dunning taught me that the purpose of historians, to view the recorded events of history to reconstruct the decision makers who made history, their thought processes which lead them to make the critical decisions which transpired and produced the events known as History. As such historians can not validate the existence of individuals. Historians today cannot validate a imaginary myth – Jesus – and prove him to be a real person. Say Moshe too equally a myth. That’s difficult because Jewish culture does not lean upon mythology. Greek culture stands upon mythology. So any attempt to compare Jewish culture which rejects mythology with Greek culture which makes mythology the foundation upon which it builds its culture – very obtuse to say the least.

        Torah prophets, one and all command mussar. Mussar applies equally to all generations living on this earth. No Xtian theologian ever once learned mussar from the New Testament.

      16. You are full of logical contradictions.
        So historians reconstruct the thought processes of persons who didn’t exist?
        If historians cannot validaste the existence of persons then it follows logically that they cannot their non-existence either.
        So, you call basically whatever you don’t like a myth and that which you like a non-myth. I understand.

      17. Historians can not validate the existence of Jesus son of Zeus. The New Testament knows nothing of Jewish tradition and spirituality. This makes it closer to Greek superstition and mythology.

      18. The fact that the new testament differs from Jewish tradition proves absolutely nothing.
        You can repeat the lie “Son of Zeus” as much as you want. Show me yor proof. Liar.

      19. Another personal illogical ad hominem attack. Having an emotional temper tantrum hardly qualifies as a rational debate. Jesus refers to his God as “Father”. Zeus — the “Father” of the Gods.

      20. No personal attack. Just the truth. You are a liar because you repeatedly claim that Jesus is the Son of Jews without providing evidence.

      21. Truth, the 8th middah of the oral Torah which the church denies throughout its barbaric history upon the face of the earth. Truth the Torah defines as path. One person can not tell another person that his path destiny, that that path is wrong. Another ad hominem attack, have never claimed that Jesus is the Son of Jews. Have always viewed the virgin birth of Jesus as Jesus son of Zeus.

      22. Another irrational personal attack. I have proven that Jesus son of Zeus did not have a Torah education. Now if this imaginary mythical man never existed other than a fictional character, then the author of this myth, most probably a Roman.

      23. Again truth by the definition of the Torah means “path”. Its totally irrational for you to pretend to stand in the stead of God and determine the correct path others should walk.

      24. Now you are evading. You said that my definition of the truth differs from that of the torah. To make that claim you should at least know my definition.

      25. If as you have admitted that you have virtually no knowledge of the Torah. The study of tohor and tuma the most difficult and complex subject in the whole of the T’NaCH Talmud Midrash literature, this its a fore gone conclusion that you do not know the Torah definition for truth.

      26. No not accurate. The Gemara of Baba Kama refers the Greek language known as “rhetoric” by the metaphor of “hanging a mountain by a hair”. Greek rhetoric hangs entire arguments upon some critical undefined term. In your specific case, that term – truth.

      27. Your claim was that my definition of truth differs from that of the torah. An illogical claim since you don’t know my definition.

      28. have repeated the language fallacy twice in two sentences. Propaganda rhetoric repeats invalid statements over and again based on the assumption that the repeated repetition of the invalid declarations the listening audience will validate as correct.

      29. Have 2000 years of Xtian subhuman behavior and war crimes committed against humanity. Bring as evidence the barbaric imprisonment of virtually all Western European Jewry forced to exist in ghetto imprisonment without a trial for some 300 year!!! This despicable “by their fruits you shall know them” serves as evidence that the morality of Xtianity exists as an abomination.

      30. Go ahead, mein führer. You only expose your ugly face. You expose your hatred for Christians even that is equal to that of the nazis. Extermination much?

      31. Go to hell.
        I’m done with bastards who calle others subhumans.
        And I don’t care whether they are Nazis or Jews.
        Those who use that language are the same to me.

      32. Ahhh its ok for Europeans to slaughter 75% of all European Jewry in less than four years, but god forbid that Jews view this human filth with complete and utter contempt!

      33. The Gemara tractate of K’tuboth teaches this opinion. Not that you would know it due to your total ignorance of Jewish scholarship on the Torah.

      34. I don’t need to read the torah to understand that you are a hatefilled idiot who hates even those who never did anything to him.

      35. Yep. Now that we Jews have returned and won our National Independence the burden rests on our shoulders to rule the homelands with righteous justice. No European court ever tried the church for war crimes.

      36. And enjoy your exile. You wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus son of Zeus. As refugees you have no rights just like the despised Balestinians.

      37. An you clearly do not respect the teachings of your own god. HaHaHaHaHa When I lived in Oklahoma had a friend who went by the nickname of Tex, he was a very interesting non Jewish friend. He taught me: “Moshe, don’t take yourself toooo serioiusly”. This teaching strikes a real chord with me to this day.

      38. No Jews just like Goyim only more so. Arab stateless refugees temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish state have no rights.

      39. Why not? After the 2nd Israeli Independence War of 1967 over a million stateless Arab refugees did Israel capture in that Independence war.

      40. Yom Kippur seals the din opened by Rosh HaShanna. Rosh HaShanna a Chag of 2 days. First day a person dedicates the t’shuva on the Yatzir Ha’Rah\evil inclination within the heart. 2nd day a person dedicates the t’shuva on the Yatzir HaTov\good inclination within the heart. The t’shuva made on the one does not equal or compare to the t’shuva made on the other.

      41. Thanks, Adolf. Your hatred for Christianity is remarkable. Bullshit would be the idea that you are sinless.
        Since I don’t have much more time.
        What is the point of this converstaion.
        Do you want to convert me or to exterminate me?

      42. Justice justice pursue. This mussar taught by Yesha’Yahu\Isaiah a clear summation of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. My mother always repeatedly said: “Its easier to be a critic than a playwrite”. For over 2000 years stateless refugee Jewish populations had no country of our own. We endured the cruel injustice oppression of the immoral Xtian mass murderers whom we utterly detest and despise as inhuman sons of bitches. Matched only by their inhuman imaginary bastard god Jesus son of Zeus, a vile false messiah.

        Now the balls lies in our court. We Jews have reconquered our national homelands and rule them. Put up or shut up rests squarely upon our shoulders. Personally I think we Jews can do t’shuva upon our Yatzir HaRah and rule the oath sworn lands with righteous ie tohor middot to achieve justice ie compensation for having damaged others among our own brit people. Stateless Arab refugees have no more rights than did Jewish stateless refugees who endured over 2000 year of Goyim oppression and mass murder. Xtianity following the Shoah stands totally disgraced and utterly discredited as completely morally bankrupt.

      43. Well if successful, hopefully you would examine how Jews study and learn the Torah as contrasted by how some Roman put words in the mouth of an imaginary mythical God\man.

      44. During the Middle Ages the Xtian priest would stage show debates. The Jews the church limited\restricted to only defending themselves against the Xtian charges. Those days no longer exist. I challenge Xtian believer to debate and show no mercy to their despicable faith.

      45. The Written Torah has 5 Books. Jewish scholarship views these Books as the Written Constitution of the Israeli Republic. (At least in theory, but alot of water has passed under the bridge due to 2000 years of political exile from our homelands. The Zionist founders of the State established a democracy rather than a republic. My generation has allot and loads of work to do).

      46. Torah faith does not seek or require Goyim to convert. Goyim merit respect for who and what they are. But nothing stops a Goy to realize that within his heart battles two opposing forces. The rational mind opposed by the ‘penis mind’. This metaphor refers to what i call the ‘Cave of many colors’. Feelings and emotions compare to attempting to describe colors with words. Its not easy to describe the color green to a person born blind. Same hold true with maturing one’s emotional development.

        When i married my wife, a divorcee having 4 teenage children from a previous marriage. To my horror, discovered that my personal emotional maturity … not much different than that of my wife’s children!!!! Wow what a disgraceful shock that revelation came to me!!!!

      47. Anyone can convert and be Jewish. Its for this very reason that Jews do not qualify as a race. Despite the Nazi declarations otherwise.

      48. But the Torah directs Jewish authorities to discourages Goyim from converting. Jews just like Goyim only more so. Meaning countless numbers of Jews chase and pursue their Evil inclinations, just as do Goyim throughout history.

      49. All right. Thank you for your extensive answers.
        Understand, that calling others sons of bitches and subhumans is not condusive to changing their view.
        As for myself I never hated, harmed or discriminated ageinst Jews and I never felt that my religion tells me to do so.
        So, I am completely innocent of the things that happened in the past and I feel absolutely no guilt.
        That’s the reason why I won’t tolerate such attacks. I’m only responsible for the things I do. I cannot change the past.
        I understand your feelings. My grandmother barely escaped the genocide of the Armenians and Greeks by the Turks.
        I can assure you that I have no warm feelings towards Turkey or the Turks but I cannot hold the current generation accountable for what their ancestors did.
        I can also not condemn all Turks because it was a Turkish woman who saved my grandmother’s life by hiding her and her family.
        That however does not dominate me and I’m not consumed by hate. Hate is like a cancer that eats you from within.
        Will there ever be justice for what the Turks did?
        Would it be just to punish the sons for the sins of their fathers?
        I don’t think so. There will be justice by God for sure.

      50. From the way you write, it seems rather obvious that your thesis statement (Opening paragraph) here – both accurate and correct.

        Your 2nd paragraph also equally valid. Equally so your 3rd paragraph. But the 4th paragraph has its cracks. A leopard cannot change its spots. Goyim to due real t’shuva qualify as a gere tzeddick – a new creation into this world. Wow upon this יסוד stands both the kabbala of מעשה בראשית commonly known as chariot mysticism; the Siddur stands upon this foundation. You do not condemn all Turks exclusive of those whom you personally know. Bravo this refusal to across the board condemn entire peoples and nations a tohor middah.

        Hate merits hate, this point we disagree. For over 2000 years, Google a history of the pogroms in Europe, Europeans barbarian bastards consciously made every effort to make life on earth for the Jewish people a living Hell.

        To much water has gone under the bridges of oppression rape murder slander and taxation without representation. America broke away from England on the last crime.

        Will the Turks ever possess the courage to admit guilt for their War Crimes? Only in the 21st Century did Spain acknowledge the abominations which ended in the 1492 general expulsion of all Jews in Spain and the follow up Inquisition. Your concluding statement, again Bravo. Except you fail to distinguish — which “God for sure”.
        Shalom learns from Shabbot. The 3 meals affixed to this day, a person makes peace with friends and family. Shabbot teaches that a person never makes friends with enemies because enemies merit zero trust.

        The kre’a shma supports this premise. With all your heart – your two Yatzirot; with all your soul, the bnai brit seed of Avraham HaShem swore that this chosen Cohen seed would compare to the number of the stars in the heavens for multitude. Herein the Torah teaches O’lam Ha’bah\life in the world to come.

        At the time of the brit between the pieces Avram remained childless after more that 10 years married to Sara and he had reached 90 years of age. Not to promising that he would have children born from him into the future … world to come … children born in all future generations …

        This Torah concept of O’lam Ha’bah totally different from the Xtian and Muslim avoda zara tumah. Post war(s) victory in the 2 wars of National Independence in 1948 and 1967 Israel has witness the “resurrection of the dead” of our National identity! Xtianity now rots and stinks in g’lut\exile. That evil and most vile religion(s) – all sects of Xtianity – now tastes the Torah curses of g’lut. Fair is fair. The church declared itself the ‘new israel’ for over 2000 years. The mitzva of kre’a shma – the mitzva of love for HaShem and the oath brit faith.

        The kre’a shma sworn in the evening accepts the yoke of all Torah curses included in the brit faith. The Shemone Esrei adjacent to that kre’a shma has the k’vanna of remembering the t’shuva for tuma middot as experienced in ones’ social interactions in life. In short t’shuva upon the Yatzir Ha’Rah.

        The kre’a shma in the morning, its k’vanna remembers those social interactions among the bnai brit Cohen nation wherein tohor middot expunge the flames of social conflict and crisis among and between the bnai brit Cohen people. The morning tefilla adjacent to that kre’a shma a person consciously remembers t’shuva made upon tohor middot. להתפלל to judge oneself. Tefillah goes by the language of להתפלל – a reflexive verb.

        The afternoon tefilla – not adjacent to a kre’a shma. A person chooses which Yatzir to remember to cause the scales to determine which Yatzir dominates that day before HaShem. HaShem who lives within the hearts of the bnai brit people.

        Clearly tefilla does not at all compare to the prayer Jesus son of Zeus taught his disciples, because there, in that prayer, Jesus desecrates the oath brit sworn by both HaShem and Avraham the father of Yitzak and grand father of Yaacov\Israel. He teaches that Zeus his Father lives in Heaven.

        Mohammad that this false messiah as a T’NaCH prophet! Oooops Big mistake. That neither he nor his dictating Angel did not know the difference between a prophet from a false messiah, completely invalidates the Koran.

      51. Torah teaches spirituality not history. The opening blessing of the Shemone Esrei/standing tefilla within the Siddur/Book of da’avening, that 1st blessing concludes with ‘shield of Avraham’.

        Interpreting the intent of the language defines the term k’vanna. The ‘shield of Avraham’ that should a person remember and dedicate unto HaShem the memories of tohor and toma social interactions … that when a situation arises where the tuma emotional mind, let’s call this ‘mind’ as big brother based on the fact that Esau was older than Yaacov, usually big brother tells little brother what to do, but if a person remembers how both Yatzirot have behaved in the past, “the shield of Avraham” da’avens that the Good Yatzir prevails over the Evil Yatzir in future social interactions.

      52. The Oral Torah represents a unique logic system. Totally and completely different than the logic formats which the ancient Greeks under Plato and Aristotle developed.

        Differential Equations, follows Calculus. This discipline of higher mathematics employs several logic models. Model A, B, C, and D for example. Logic establishes a certain Order. Therefore Model A reaches one conclusion while Model B reaches an entirely different conclusion. Same holds true for C and D.

        Interpreting the intent of the Framers of the Torah (the Torah compares to the Talmud — both highly edited documents). The entire Talmud stands upon the foundation of Rabbi Akiva’s explanation of the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which Moshe the prophet heard at Horev, 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf on Yom Kippur. In short, the study of the Talmud and Midrashim centers around learning the logic by which the rabbis frame their logical comparisons.

      53. Rhetoric, defined as using a word which has no clear definition. You by your own admission have stated that you have yet to define this term “truth”.

      54. A court judges the evidence presented before the court. You have repeatedly blah blah declared truth this and lie that, yet have never presented any definition for truth. This invalidates your argument.

      55. did scroll up and guess what you only asked me to ask you how you defined this BS rhetoric term of truth. Never have you actually defined this none sense word. What separates truth from accuracy? HaHaHaHaHa

      56. Precisely. I’ve never defined it. That’s why your claim that my definiton of truth is different from the tora’s definition of truth is mere speculation. I won’t repeat myself.

      57. Another irrational personal attack. Poor thing never learned how to conduct yourself during a debate. Truth from you equals ike dicky doda because you refuse to define this key term which you attempt to hang your arguments to invalidate me.

      58. Furthermore, Greek gods were much like humans. They were not morally superior to the mortals. They were as depraved and sinful as the humans with lust, envy, hate and any other weakness you can find. The only thing that made them different from humans were their immortality and their special powers. This was in sharp contrast to the Jewish and Christian view of God who IS the perfect good.
        He IS perfect justice, perfect love etc. He is holy and has no sin.

      59. Greek Gods, like Euclid’s 5th axiom of plane geometry … limited the reality of these Gods to 3 physical dimensions. No different than Xtian dogma limits Jesus son of Zeus to 3 physical dimensions. The church absolutely require a physical historical Jesus.

        The blood libels and host desecration slanders which church believers denounced the Jews, not “depraved and sinful as the humans with lust not to pay debts owed to Jews. Jewish and xtian – do not merit being said in the same sentence. The Xtian view of their trinity Gods shares nothing in common with the Torah idea which clearly states “God is not a man”.

        How does the Torah define abstract terms like justice and love? The xtian narishkeit uses but never defines these key terms.

      60. Please, be serious. Your parallels between Greek gods are farefeched, arbitrary and so generic that they could be equally applied to other religions as well.
        Should we call the Jewish/Christian God Odin?
        Like Odin the Germanic god, the God of the bible could cause lightning to strike.
        Do you see now that such superficial parallels don’t make any sense and that they prove nothing?
        The difference how we Christians view God and how the Greeks viewed their gods is real. You can say we were both wrong but that doesn’t change that the fact that we view God radically different from how the Greeks viewed their gods.
        I have already described two radically different viewpoints.
        I understand that you dislike Christianity. To be brutally frank, that doesn’t bother me. I don’t care. If you want to have a serious debate with me, make at least better arguments. Until then, shalom.

      61. How? Declaring a logical comparison as “far fetched” in no wise actually makes a logical comparison “far fetched”. To prove a logical comparison as “far fetched” requires a different logical comparison.

      62. Far-fetched = not easily or naturally deduced or introduced : IMPROBABLE.
        It is far fetched because you have to come up with such exotic praralells which are not even true. No Christian believes that Jesus is limited to 3 dimesnions. No Christian believe that Jesus is the son of Zeus. You can tell this lie all you want. It doesn’t make it true. Unlike God, Zeus didn’t create the universe. That alone makes your claim a stupid one. According to mythology Zeus was the son of Cronos and Rea.
        You are falling victim to a logical fallacy. Concluding equality from a parallel in one respect whle ignoring all the differences is a logical fallacy

      63. Have shown that tefillah and Xtian prayer to completely different species. You have called the proof offered as “far fetched”, even though you admit your near total ignorance of Jewish Torah scholarship. All Xtians that i know of hold that Jesus physically lived on this earth as a man. This violates the Torah in the Parshah of Balak which teaches that HaShem is not a Man. Xtianity preaches that Jesus was a Jew. Irregardless of the Torah commandment that a child born from adultery qualifies as a bastard, excluded from the Jewish people even unto the 10th generation. Truth means path. A person’s destiny another person can not determine. Zeus as Creator, I do not know. Am not a scholar of Greek mythology. Only studied it in the 9th grade. None the less, the New Testament employs the language of “father”, Zeus in Greek mythology: the father of the Gods.

      64. Your declaration of Greek mythology which limits the reality of the Gods to three physical dimensions and my comparison to the wine and bread being the physical body and blood of Jesus, a belief by which Xtians murdered and plunders hundreds of Jewish communities across your for well over a thousand years serves as witness that Xtian limit the reality of Jesus son of Zeus to 3 physical dimensions.

      65. The Xtian church permitted the murder of Jews in hundred of pogroms. Those pogroms an historical fact. The Xtian blood libel that Jews use Xtian murdered children’s blood to make the Pesach matza – a despicable lie that caused hundreds of violent deaths of Jews for over a 1000 years.

      66. Your lie that the bread and wine teaching made Christians kill Jews is equally despicable.
        You perfectly demonstrate your hatred for Christians. So you admit that it was not an ad hominem but the truth.

      67. Another personal attack illogic irrational argument. That bread and wine pogroms … Jesus says: “By there fruits you shall know them”. HaHaHaHa

      68. Too bad, you cannot remember what you said a few minutes ago or you lie.
        Either way, that makes your response irrational and illogical.

        ” my comparison to the wine and bread being the physical body and blood of Jesus, a belief by which Xtians murdered and plunders hundreds of Jewish communities ”

      69. Remember precisely what and how presented rational arguments. You on the other hand admit to making critical typo errors. “my comparison to etc etc (blah blah)” this serves as strong evidence that the fruits of Xtian beliefs produce criminal barbarian subhumans.

      70. I remember perfectly.
        “fruits of Xtian beliefs produce criminal barbarian subhumans.”
        Ad hominem much?
        You sound exactly like a nazi.
        The führer would be very proud of you.
        Thanks for revealing your heart.
        I don’t hate you. I pitty you. Your hatred must be like a cancer eating you from within.

      71. Hitler based his efforts to exterminate the Jewish people on Xtian propaganda of hate. Martin Luther demanded that Jews be gathered into their synagogues and the building burnt.

      72. Hitler and his subhuman barbarian Xtian followers murdered 75% of all European Jewry in less than 4 years. Europe the birth place of the Xtian religion.

      73. So Christians are subhuman barbarians?
        How nice of you.
        I see no difference between you and the nazis.
        In fact, you would make a perfect nazi.

      74. Xtians worship avoda zara idolatry. Jews have an oath brit relationship with HaShem. The Xtian bible never once brings the Name of HaShem; a direct violation of the 1st Commandment of Sinai.

      75. Another personal attack irrational illogic. “You would love to terminate blah blah”, an attempt to foist Xtian criminal behavior for the last 2000 years upon this Jewish person.

      76. Odin – not a Greek God. The Greek pantheon of Gods includes Zeus, the father of this pantheon of Gods. Odin has no such “father” references. The New Testament employs throughout its nonsense the metaphor of “father”. Our father who art in heaven blah blah serves as an example. The Christian and Greek and Swedish Gods all live in the Heavens. The oath brit Avram swore with HaShem, HaShem lives within the hearts of the bnai brit. So the xtistian God more resembles the Greek and Swedish\Viking Gods. Remind me please your two radically different viewpoints. HaShem lives in the hearts of the bnai brit Cohen nation. Jesus lives in the Heavens on the right hand side of Zeus the father.

      77. You demonstrated that you did understand nothing. You can mock the Christian faith all you want. That doesn’t make you look better. It makes look you like an idiot. When the bible describes God as seated on a throne, with angels surrounding him do you take that as literally or symbolic?
        Of course, you are logically inconsistent.
        If you are a hatefilled idiot, I can’t help you.
        The fact that you cannot understand that just because two different things are equal in one respect while ignoring all the other differences does not speak well of your intellectual integrity. You just pick and choose the things as you wish. That is not convincing.
        The fact that both Jews and Christians both believe that God created the world, does not mean that both believe the same. To do that one has to ignore all the other differences.
        Please, don’t play stupid. I’ve already described those viewpoints.

      78. Logical arguments share nothing with “looks”. Looks describe a beauty contest, not a logical argument. “like an idiot”, represents a personal attack, an invalid logical argument.

        Tehillim\Psalms 47:8 HaShem rules over nations. “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. Isaiah 6:1-2 touches throne mysticism. ”hatefilled idiot” another illogical personal ad hominem argument. “Intellectual integrity” … another illogical ad hominem argument.

        Seeing that you have admitted that Jewish rabbinic scholarship does not interest you. Its quite impossible for you to turn and declare what Jews believe or do not believe. As a Jew, consider myself an atheist baruch HaShem.

      79. So far, you have not managed to refute anything I said.
        Believing that Moses existed without any phisical evidence while claiming that Jesus didn’t exist because of the lack of physical evidence is logically inconsistent.
        Hear, hear. If you have ever read the Gospel then it is equally impossible to claim that Christians believe in Zeus.
        Your answer tells me that you completely failed to understand my Odin/God parallel.
        Furthermore, responding to what you call ad hominem doesn’t prove your point either.

      80. Swearing a Torah oath does not compare to believing some theology or Creed. Torah never commands the Cohen nation to believe in God(s). All belief systems/theologies qualify as avoda zara/idolatry. Your Odin/God parallel introduces just another God. Have made no illogical personal attacks upon your character or person as you have repeatedly made against me.

      81. Bla Bla Bla.
        This parallel was only to demonstrate that two things are not necessarily the same just because they are similar in one respect. Easy to understand. I think I expected two much.

      82. Bla etc does not qualify as a logical rational argument. The Odin Zeus comparison does not apply because Odin does not qualify as the “Father” of the Gods like as the case with Greek mythology and new testament mythology.

      83. Emitting inconsistemce word salad does not qualifie either.
        You are engaging in a strawman argument (logical fallacy).
        I didn’t compare Odin to Zeus.
        So you still don’t understand but that’s your problem.

      84. Who cares? BTW. If you want to talk to a non-Jew you should perhaps talk in English. No disrespect but I don’t know all these special words like tefilla.

      85. t’shuva requires that a person actually remember while standing in tefilla memories of either tuma or tohor social interactions in his life. Tuma and tohor have no translation into English. The king james bible attempted to translate these terms as clean and unclean.

      86. marcdbaker asks a Torah question: November 13, 2021

        Rabbi KERR, I have a question please and it may not seem serious to some but it is to me. It is a serious question to me. My question is… In the scriptures, how does one gain the confidence to believe that G-D is pleased with their works ? Is there scripture that addresses this issue?

        The Response:

        “”How does one gain the confidence to believe that G-D is pleased with their works?””

        Xtianity bases itself upon a Pauline conflict theme which confronts faith vs. works. The Torah rejects all belief systems as tumah. Tumah spirits arouse the Yatzir HaRah within the human heart. These tumah spirits, the source of irrational emotions, physically produced by the major internal organs within our bodies. The identification of tumah spirits within our hearts, when emotions dominate and control the rational mind of Man. The employment of propaganda and rhetoric by politicians and priests\pastors seeks to arouse an emotional response by the listening audience. A famous example of religious rhetoric, ‘fire and brimstone’ sermons. Beliefs in this or that God, Heaven and Hell etc etc. All belief systems wherein a person declares “I believe” … constitute as avoda zarah idolatry. Your question cuts straight to the heart of the Parshah of Noach.

        What relevance does this Parshah have with the rest of the Torah? From the 3rd Parshah of Lech Lecha to the end of D’varim the Torah focus centers around the chosen cohen seed of Avraham.

        Not so Parshat Noach. That Parshah addresses “Bnai Brit Goyim”. Who qualifies as a Bnai Brit Goy? Dof ג of the Gemara of Avoda Zara teaches that Goyim across the board abandoned the brit faith.

        Herein explains the floods and the later stories of Sodom and the fears of Avram and Yitzak that the Goyim would murder them for the beauty of their wives.

        Therefore seeing that mitzvot from the Torah do not apply ,,, Man receives no reward for keeping mitzvot while existing in accursed g’lut\exile. Herein comes to play Parshat Noach, commonly referred to as the “Brit Bnai Noach” …. the only Bnai Brit people on the face of the earth, Israel. Only Israel accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

        Therefore Parshat Noach – the Brit Bnai Noach – applies strictly and only to Jews living in g’lut. The Torah defines ‘fear of Heaven’ as Ba’al Shem Tov, a person who strives to maintain and respect the reputation of his\her ‘Good Name’. The vision of the Torah quite simple: live a righteous and just life on this earth.

        Righteous refers to the dedication unto HaShem of defined tohor middot wherein a person dedicates the Yatzir Ha’Tov to dominate the key decisions of life wherein a person defines his lifes’ walk before HaShem. Just, the Torah defines as – the courage to fairly compensate others whose person or property you damaged either intentionally or accidentally. Justice: the fair compensation for all damages inflicted upon others.

        The Jewish take on the Hebrew Scriptures spins around the distinction between tohor and tuma. This subject Xtianity totally ignores. The subject of ‘greatest commandments — hands down the opening first 2 commandments of Sinai. Sinai represents the watershed moment which eternally separates bnai brit Jews from non Jews. The Xtian Bible for example violates the 1st Commandment of Sinai. Aaron translated the Name revealed in the first Commandment unto the word אלהים. The Xtian Bible translations make the exact same avoda zara error by translating the Name, revealed in the 1st Commandment, to other words. The Name lives as Spirit not a word that the lips can pronounce. Attempts to translate the Name into a word: Yahweh, Jehova etc etc all examples of avoda zara, commonly mistranslated as idolatry.

        Most people translate tefilla into the English word — prayer. Tefilla shares nothing in common with non Jewish prayer. By the terms of the oath brit (brit commonly mistranslated into covenant). The bible translations – one and all utterly pathetic. The term brit requires swearing an oath, with the intention of forging an alliance. This oath brit alliance requires the kabbala knowledge of saying the Spirit Name of HaShem, which the Bible avoda zara never once includes the Name of HaShem,,, the first commandment of Sinai. The translation of covenant fails to grasp,,, the Torah requirement – swearing a Torah oath most essentially entails knowledge. Specifically the knowledge just how does a person pronounce the Spirit Name of HaShem (The Name). This concealed kabbala never revealed to non brit Goyim. The revelation of the Name in the first commandment of Sinai, this Spirit no word can pronounce,,, so how does a person cut a Torah oath brit? The evil translation “Covenant”, serves as a stumbling block which causes the blind Goyim to stumble and fall continually throughout all recorded history.

        The consequence of unreliable biblical translations, the Xtian religion, which stands upon the foundation of a personal “I Believe” belief system, continually and always makes critical and fundamental errors of judgment. Xtianity denies the existence of the Oral Torah. Big Mistake.

        The Talmud compares to the Torah — both documents share a common denominator – the one and the other, highly edited. The most famous example of this fundamental reality of the Torah texts … the 10 commandments. Xtianity never troubles itself with anything other than fuzzy logic; the narcissistic Egotism of these alien religions – to caught up in the ecstasy of their theologies and Creeds – to ever stop and rationally think things through to their logical conclusions. Never met a Xtian who asks: “How does the T’NaCH (Torah, Prophets, and Holy Writings) define the key term – prophet? Witchcraft foretells the future. Prophets do not foretell the future. Furthermore, its absolutely impossible to “fulfill” the words of the prophets! Prophets command mussar to all generations of bnai brit Israel. Xtianity never examines T’NaCH mussar. An Elephant in the China closet – kind of Error.

        All T’NaCH prophets command mussar instruction. The “10 Commandments” editorial arrangement, it functions as the greatest example of understanding how the editors of the Torah, how they organized the Torah revelation at Sinai. The framers and editors of the Torah always acknowledged the shadow of death — g’lut\exile. The stories of the expulsion of Adam from the garden, Noach and his Ark, childless Avram told that his future born chosen Cohen seed would suffer g’lut\exile. This fundamental strategic reality, the Pauline dogma of original sin totally ignores. Bnai brit Yidden alway fear the censorship of Goyim overlords because g’lut and geulah – the two opposing poles of Torah faith.

        At Sinai Israel accepted only the first 2 commandments of Sinai. (Jesus really missed the boat when he confused the mitzva of kre’a shma, the Torah definition of love, with the revelation of HaShem at Sinai – as expressed in the opening first 2 commandments). Why did the editors and framers of the Torah organize the Sinai revelation – expressed by the format of 10 commandments????

        All prophets command Mussar, and Moshe he serves as the greatest of all Torah prophets. Something as significant as this, you would think that non Jews religious ecstasy – as expressed through the religions of Xtianity and Islam – would have understood and known. But such most definitely not the case, the Xtian counterfeit assumes that the 10 commandments define all of Torah law. In similar fashion the Koran repeats the word prophet over and again, like Xtianity has a conniption fit over “for God so loved the world” narishkeit. About every 7 to 12th word – prophet. Yet never once did the Framers of the Koran ever ask: “How does the Torah define this key term “Prophet”; any more than Xtian theology ever once rationally attempts to think through the definition of the key term: BRIT. Like as בראשית\ברית אש. A Torah brit, the parties to a Torah alliance, both required to swear an oath to one another. HaShem swore an oath to make the lands of Canaan the eternal inheritance of the chosen Cohen descendants of Avraham. What oath did Avraham, Yitzak, and Yaacov swear back to HaShem? Oral Torah logic stands upon making the required דיוקים\logical inferences. If the Greater Party to the brit swears an oath, then how much more so the lessor Party to the brit likewise swears a Torah oath. As the Greater Party of a Torah brit swears in the Name of HaShem, how much more so the lessor parties likewise swear their Torah oaths dependent upon swearing in the Name of HaShem.

        The Talmud refers to this fundamental error in logic as — “Hanging a mountain by a Hair”; meaning the failure to rationally think through a critical issue unto its final conclusions. In the 2008 Presidential election candidate Obama hung his hopes for winning the Office of POTUS on the “hair” – the rhetoric – of “C H A N G E”. Obama, like Xtianity with the term covenant, and Islam with the term prophet, both religious theologies never even once trouble thimselves – not in 8 years of Office – to ever once give a concrete definition to this critical “hair” key word; Obama made the rhetoric of “C H A N G E”, the foundation upon which he launched his attempt to seize the POTUS.

        All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. The editors and framers of the Torah organized the revelation of the Torah at Sinai together with, and comparable to — the 10 plagues of Egypt. But, in actual point of fact, after the 2nd Commandment, terrorized Israel could hear no more; we demanded that Moshe ascend the Mount and receive the rest of the Torah. At the sin of the golden calf, mentioned previously, Israel had received only the first two,,, the Greatest commandments of the Torah,,, and no more. The breaking of the 2 tablets: the first commandment on one and the second commandment on the other.

        At the crisis of the golden calf, Israel who sent Moshe to receive the rest of the Torah, due to our horror and dread of our imminent impending deaths, we the People of Israel feared that we all would immediately die if we heard the voice of HaShem even once more again. Therefore, after 40 days and nights without any sign that Moshe remained yet alived, our irrational tumah Yatzir prevailed – we cried unto Aaron: “Moshe is dead. Who will teach us the rest of the Torah?”

        40 days after Moshe broke the 2 tablets, he heard the Oral Torah logic system. This logic system permitted Moshe to derive 611 commandments!!!! These 611 commandments exist as interpretations upon the opening first 2 commandments! The Talmud employs the Oral Torah logic system in a like and similar fashion, the Talmud derives 10s of thousands of halachic laws which interpret the Torah in a comparable fashion to how Moshe originally derived the 611 commandments. Based upon this Oral Torah logic revelation, which HaShem revealed to Moshe 40 days after the sin of the golden calf, students of the Talmud can convert rabbinic halachot unto positive time oriented commandments from the Torah, without ever adding or subtracting from the Torah itself. Halachic mitzvot exist as the logical דיוקים passed down as a “tradition” throughout the generations of the Jewish people on this Earth.

        Both Xtianity and Islam deny the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system. The rediscovery of the ancient Greek logic formats developed by Plato and Aristotle, they dominate Muslim and Xtian civilizations to this very day. The lights of Hanukkah, that Civil War which pitted the P’rushim\Pharisees against the assimilated T’zeddukim\Sadducees … the P’rushim (separated: think tithes), this leadership existed during the 110 years that Judea existed as an independent nation. After the nation lost its national independents to the Romans the title that the inheritors of the P’rushim accepted upon ourselves, the name of rabbi. The dedication of the lights of Hanukkah — to limit and restrict the interpretions made upon the Written Torah, relying solely upon the Oral Torah logic format revealed unto Moshe at Horev. This Jewish Civil War/Independence War most specifically commands a negative commandment. Forbidden to use alien Greek logic formats to interpret the Written Torah!!

        The refusal of Xtian leaders to recognize, much less validate, the Oral Torah logic format, (revealed to all generations of bnai brit Israel on Yom Kippur 40 days after the sin of the golden calf), permits all generations of bnai brit Israel the wisdom required to interpret the Torah, and understand original k’vanna of its Framers, based upon the prevailing conditions that tests the faith of all the generations living. No one generation has a lock and monopoly upon logic. Xtianity committed a Huge Error when its leaders threw out the Written Torah baby out with the Oral Torah bath water. The Church confused Torah commandments with judicial legal rulings/halacha; Paul and his misinformed ilk called Torah commandments “the law”. A catastrophic error. Court judicial rulings, known as halacha in Hebrew, exist as law – legalistic interpretations. Torah commandments – being prophetic – command mussar. Mussar by definition – NOT law.

        Tefilla qualifies as a postive time oriented commandment. This type of Torah commandment {contrasts with positive and negative commandments; neither type of commandment requires k’vanna}, requires k’vanna. The k’vanna which tefilla necessitates, remembering t’shuva. Xtianity errs by limiting its mistranslation of t’shuva unto the overly simplistic idea of “repentance” for committed sins.

        By sharp contrast, T’shuva most essentially “remembers” both tohor and tuma social interactions while daavening the Shemone Esrei tefillah. According to the Torah accepted by the Cohen nation, faith spins around the limitation to do avodat HaShem strictly and only when in a tohor condition. A world apart from the theologies and Creeds which the so called ‘daughter religions’ preach. The Torah threatens the din of כרת, the lose of life in the World to Come, if a Cohen person attempts to remember the t’shuva made by a specific Yatzir when daavening the Shemone Esrei – tefilla. This fundamental distinction – tefilla dedicates t’shuva of a specific Yatzir within the heart (Tahor or Tumah Yatzir), it fundamentally and for ever separates tefillah from none Jewish prayer. Making this required “P’rushim\separation” distinguishes Yiddishkeit from the counterfeit religions which the world knows as Xtianity and Islam.

        Tohor and tuma have no valid translation into English. There subject, the most difficult and complex subject in the whole of the Talmud. Like the Name of HaShem, tohor middot\attributes expressed by and through “Holy Spirits” which enter the heart like wind passes through an open window.

        Tuma spirits, they too pass and enter the heart — comparable to bad smells which assaults the nostrils. Tohor middot – from the Torah\דאורייתא and from the rabbis\דרבנן learn by means of weaving prophetic T’NaCH mussar together (think warp and weft of a loom) with actually defined halachic actions\mitzvot.

        Tuma middot, these spirits, produced by the 10 major internal organs of the body. The brain\stem sits perched on the spinal column – like a bird on the limb of a tree. The language of the brain stem, an electric based language; by means of the ‘reflex arc’ the brain stem orchestrates the ATP which the mitochondria within the cells of the major organs within the body produces. Chinese medicine refers to this conversion of ADP unto ATP as Chi. Japanese medicine, specifically the art of meditation as defined by post WWll Jin shin Jyutsu Is: reduces the production of powerful emotions produced by the major internal organs of the body to — fear anger grief shame and worry, as points of meditation affixed to specific internal organs. These powerful negative emotions, the brain stem treats them like, so to speak, the Neo Cortex of our rational mind treats letters of our native alphabet. The brain stem, by way of the reflex arc organizes these simple emotions and converts them into complex emotions, something like a conductor who leads a large orchestra having many and diverse musical instruments.

        The prophetic T’NaCH commands mussar which permits a person to meditate upon Torah defined middot. Tefilla – the action wherein a person stands before a Safer Torah and dedicates, so to speak, ‘positive’ tohor emotional social skills unto HaShem. This action\mitzva learns from, and compares to, dedicating an animal upon the altar. As a consequence tefilla stands in the stead of sacrifices.

        Tohor middot they serve as the “shield of Avraham” – the closing words of the 1st blessing within the language of the Shemone Esrei tefilla within the Siddur\prayerbook.

        Tefilah calls into judgment the two opposing Yatzirot\inclinations within the heart. For this reason the Talmud refers to tefilla as “the duty of the heart”. Tefilla “weighs” within the heart of bnai brit Man, and NOT in the heavens with the other Gods – the remembrance of t’shuva upon specified tohor or tuma middot. Tohor middot serve, so to speak, as the anointed Moshiach designated as the leader who fights Jewish wars. What wars specifically? The wars fought between the Yatzir HaTov and the Yatzir HaRah within the heart of bnai brit Man.

        The oath brit faith cut between HaShem and Avram at the brit cut between the pieces. Such a Torah brit as this requires swearing a Torah oath. Rabbi Yochanon in the Gemara of ברכות teaches that a blessing – as opposed and contrasted by a praise (think about quoting the Psalms) – exists as the “offspring” of Oaths. A blessing requires שם\the Name and מלכות\kingship to separate swearing a blessing from reciting a praise like as represented through the reading Tehillem\Psalsms. The 2nd Parsha of the Torah, known as Parshat Noach, the Gemara of Sanhedrin asks the pertinent question: “What caused the floods to fall and destroy all of Man Kind in the days of Noach?”

        The answer which Talmudic learning concludes: the Floods in the days of Noach came as the result of Man swearing false oaths!!!!!! Torah exists as a functioning spirituality because it stands upon swearing oaths unto HaShem as the definition of Torah faith; RATHER than believing in Creeds and Theologies. These latter tuma belief systems stand upon the foundation of EGO, the avoda zara of “I believe” idolatry. Concerning this self centered emotional immaturity, the Talmud teaches how a person can meditate upon both tohor and tuma middot\attributes. This type of Torah meditation seeks to mature emotional middot, comparable to cooking a roast upon a low flame in the oven tenderizes the meat.

        Tefilla, a person stands before a Safer Torah and dedicates as holy, the remembrance of either tohor or tuma middot unto HaShem. Comparable to the dedication of burnt, trespass, sin, and shalom sacrificial dedications burned upon the altar on Zion in Jerusalem – the place where stood the 2nd Temple.

        Xtianity declares itself as the “New Israel”, yet knows nothing of the Chosen Cohonim People, much less the brit Torah curse of g’lut; Moshe the prophet anointed Aaron and his House as the Cohonim of the Israelite nation. The Torah refers to Israel as the “nation of Cohonim”. Anointing of Aaron and his House as Cohonim, this mitzva done by Moshe, it defines and serves as the basis for the mitzva of Moshiach\messiah. Upon this foundation stands the mitzva of Moshiach. New testament theology\avoda zara/ totally ignores, or even worse – does not know – this the most basic fundamental basis for the mitzva of Moshiach within the Written Torah.

        Xtianity theologies, they harp upon Jesus messiah, as if this mitzva did not exist prior to their imaginary Man. This “saved” theology compares to the Koran which Universally declares Mohammad as the Prophet; Mohammad, in the contexts of over-exaltation of Jesus as Messiah, his halo too shines brighter than that of Moshe, as expressed in the language of the Koran. Xtianity never understood that the Torah definition of Moshiach, that it learns from Moshe anointing Aaron as the Leader of the Cohen nation. Goyim did not accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev. Logically it makes no sense that the Torah aims to address an audience of non bnai brit Goyim. The prophet Shmuel\Samuel did a rabbinic mitzva of messiah, when he anointed first Shaul\Saul and later David as King.

        The mussar which this anointing story teaches a strong mussar, learned from HaShem rejecting Shaul as king. Obedience to obeying the mussar commands of the prophets takes priority importance over dedicating sacrifices unto HaShem. The Book of Shmuel teaches this all important theme mussar, which the letters of Paul – wherein he extols the sacrifice of Jesus, totally ignores. The theology of Paul aimed at and addressed to non bnai brit Goyim. Paul prioritized the salvation of messiah Jesus over the Torah. From the start of his revolutionary activities in Syria, he preached: “You are not under the Law, circumcision has ceased to exist as a Torah commandment.

        The Xtian theology which tells the story of Jesus and the cross negates and invalidates the mussar of HaShem debunking king Shaul as the Moshiach. Replacing him with king David as the anointed Moshiach. Yet this dedication of the House of David as moshiach, it for ever stands in the shadows cast by the error made by Shaul who prioritized sacrifices above obedience to keeping and observing the Torah commandments.

        The anointing of the House of David as Moshiach by the prophet Shmuel\Samuel qualifies as a rabbinic interpretation of Moshe’s anointing the House of Aaron as the Cohen Moshiach!!!! A rabbinic interpretation of the mitzva of Moshiach does not and cannot override the Torah commandment of Moshiach established by Moshe the prophet; based upon the negative commandment not to add or subtract from the Torah.

        The Talmud refers to the prophet Shmuel as 2nd only unto the authority of Moshe the prophet – the giver of all Torah 611 commandments!!!! Moshe the prophet derived these 611 commandments, they define and serve as the primary interpretations of the intent of the original opening first 2 commandments of the Sinai revelation of the Torah by means of the Oral Torah logic system – first revealed to Moshe on Yom Kippur ,,, 40 days after the sin of the golden calf.

        The dedication to do and keep the commandments goes by the title “avodat HaShem”. Tefilla in similar vein, goes by the title of “avodat HaShem. The mitzva of Tefilla, a positive time oriented commandment. This type of Torah commandment requires k’vanna. K’vanna specifically entails t’shuva. T’shuva necessitates remembering tohor contrasted by tuma middot, expressed during critical social interactions and/or behaviors with other bnai brit people. Xtianity, by contrast, limits t’shuva to regret for having committed sins. The Torah teaches that the mitzva of doing t’shuva, the baali t’shuva person – inclusive of remembering tohor social interactions among and between bnai brit, as well as remembering tuma social interactions among and between bnai brit. T’shuva as a Torah mitzva qualifies as a 2 edged sword.

        Tefilla requires the k’vanna of stopping and remembering middot – both tohor and tuma – when standing before a Safer Torah. A person stands before a Safer Torah to swear a Torah oath or sits with tefillen to swear a Torah oath\blessing. [Blessings exist in a unique category: a blessing compares to the offspring of a couple; based upon the Torah commandment of honoring ones’ father and mother. The Talmud asks in the Gemaras of Baba Kama and Gemara of Shabbot: do the offspring (blessings) follow after their fathers (sworn oaths)? This question springs from the foundations of swearing Torah oaths, as the basis to da’aven blessings unto HaShem.

        Impossible to cut a Torah brit without swearing a Torah oath. Rabbi Yochanon in ברכות teaches that swearing a blessing (as opposed by saying Tehillem\Psalms) requires the Name and מלכות\kingship. Kingship, learns from the anointing of king David as Moshiach. A person prioritizes causing Torah and Talmudic defined tohor middot\social attributes/ to conquer powerful tuma emotions which otherwise – lacking this designated anointed Moshiach king – tend to dominate the rational mind – something like Big Brother tells little brother what to do in sibling relationships.

        Yaacov, the little brother, inherited the oath brit faith. The older first born brothers Esau\Ishmael/Cain, HaShem rejected their sacrificial dedications as part of the chosen brit Cohonim people, despite the fact that all three men existed as the first born sons of their respective fathers. Yaacov switched hands and placed his right hand upon the younger son Ephraim, son of Yosef. By means of this blessing, Yaacov chose the seed of Yosef as his Cohen first born.

        The fundamental distinction which separates Yaacov from Yosef, his chosen first born son as opposed by Reuven his actual first born son – the first born son inherited the Cohen status until the Tribe of Levi replaced all the 1st born sons of Israel as the Levitical Cohonim. Yaacov at the end of his life blessed his children, whereas Yosef failed to bless his brothers before passing from this world. Moshe the prophet, like Yaacov, blessed all the Tribes of Israel, before he passed from this world. The oath which Yaacov swore unto Yitzak: Father give me the oath sworn brit which grand father and you swore unto HaShem as my first born inheritance, and I shall command all of my chosen Cohon descendants to make blessings as the avodat HaShem of the House of Israel.

        The dedication of sacrifices to HaShem defines the “avodat HaShem” of the anointed Moshiach House of Aaron. The dedication of Torah and Talmudic defined tohor middot have replaced the dedication of sacrifices upon the altar of Jerusalem on Zion. Raising halachic ritual observances (by means of weaving Prophetic mussar, as the Aggadita within the Talmud teaches, into and together with halachic legalism) unto positive time oriented commandments defines all Talmudic learning and scholarship to this very moment in time.

        Talmud, which means: Learning, affixes Prophetic mussar commandments unto halachic ritual observances. The affixing of prophetic mussar, as expressed through Aggaditah, to rabbinic halachic mitzvot, defines the k’vanna of transforming positive and negative halachic mitzvot, which do not require k’vanna, unto positive time oriented commandments from the Torah, within all and every page of the T’NaCH and Talmud. The study of this discipline, k’vanna transforms all rabbinic halachic mitvot unto positive time oriented Torah commandments. Torah commandments define ”’avodat HaShem”’ like and similar to the dedication of korbanot\sacrifices ”’avodat HaShem”’ for the House of Aaron – the anointed Moshiach by Moshe the Prophet. Obedience to keeping the commandment takes priority over bringing bulls and goats unto Jerusalem.

        This avodat HaShem stands upon the foundation of the Oral Torah logic system format which Rabbi Akiva defined by way of his Pardes\פרדס kabbala. The four major branches of Torah learning: P’shat (פ) Remiz (ר) D’rosh (ר) and Sod\(ס). The discipline of these 4 major braches of Talmudic scholarship, according to Rabbi Akiva, they define the Oral Torah logic format first revealed to Moshe the prophet, 40 days after the sin of the golden calf on Yom Kippur.

        This revelation of Oral Torah came as a result of Israel lamenting before Aaron, that Moshe had died on Mount Sinai. Who then would teach Israel the rest of the Torah revelation? Moshe came down and broke the 2 tablets which contained the 1st and 2nd Commandments of the Sinai revelation of HaShem. Moshe reascended Sinai for another 40 days and nights and there after received the 2nd Torah revelation, the Oral Torah logic system by which Moshe derived 611 Torah commandments – and the Sages, students of Rabbi Akiva – employed his kabbala פרדס logic system, to derive tens of thousands of halachic mitzvot. The purpose of Talmudic scholarship to this day centers upon making an aliyeh to rabbinic mitzvot; raising halachic ritual observance to the level of positive time oriented commandments from the Torah.

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