Batsoup Crazy Or Batman Villain?

The Fauci emails have confirmed what many of us knew or suspected all along.
Even before Nicholas Wade published his comprehensive article, for wihich he deserves great credit, there was enough circumstantial evidence that justified the assertion that the wuhan virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan.
Furthermore, there was ample evidence for the involvement of the US medical bureaucracy (NIH and NIAID) in Chinese gain of function experiments and other dangerous biological research.
The involvement of NIH and NIAID was mainly through funding of and cooperation with their Chinese counterparts.
Also, the substandard or nonexistent protocols and regulations in Chinese labs were common knowledge.

In 2015 “Nature” published a study by the infamous “Bat Lady” Dr. Shi and by Dr. Baric.
The study described how they changed a bat virus into a virus that could infect human airway cells. In the publication the authors state that their research was supported by grants from NIAID (Fauci’s organisation) and NIH.

In an interview with CBS former FDA commisioner Gottlieb said that lab leaks happen all the time and that the last six known outbreaks of SARS-1 in China were borne out of labs.

At a 2011 conference sponsored by NIH the director of the Wuhan lab almost bragged that there were practically no regulations when it comes to dual use research of concern (DURC). “Dual use” means that the research could be used both for military and civilian purposes and it includes gain of function experiments.

In an opinion piece from May 13, 2020 in “The Diplomat” the author discusses “Why Would the US Have Funded the Controversial Wuhan Lab?”

This comprehensive Newsweek article from April 27, 2020 already contains most of the information that we know today.

The real scandal is, that despite the fact that the medical bureaucracy, the scientific community and the media knew all these facts they all colluded together with big tech, China and the WHO in order to shut down any discussion of a lab leak as a potential origin of the wuhan virus.
Why did they do it?
China (the CCP) did not want to draw the fury of the world, law suits, demands for reparations, the damage to its image and very negative diplomatic and economic consequences followed by a loss of power or severe internal challenges to its power.
The US medical bureaucracy and the scientific community feared a loss of trust, credibility and funding as well as being put under the microscope and being heavily regulated.
The WTO was practically in the pockets of the CCP and was used to spread misinformation like the WTO statement that the virus was not transmissible to humans.
The CCP, the US medical bureaucracy, the media and big tech had one political enemy: Trump. A natural origin of the virus would shift all the burden to Trump and how he would deal with the emerging crisis. Thanks to a phenomenal US economy President Trump’s reelection was virtually assured. A real, severe crisis was a golden opportunity to ruin President Trump’s reelection prospects.
The media went even so far as to repeat CCP propaganda like the claim that the virus could be spread by people eating bat soup.

One question that plagued me is: How extensive was US involvement in the Chinese virus research? Was the US military also involved?
Very unlikely! Why would they outsource virus research that could be used by the enemy to produce bioweapons? To do that they would have to be completely insane or completely traitorous.
Why would US scientists and US institutions cooperate in such research? Well, isn’t the answer obvious? They did it for the same reasons that large parts of the world outsource a huge proportion of their industrial production to China.
Cheap labor and the fact that the Chinese communist party doesn’t give a crap about the environment, safety standards or the protection of the labour force does attract foreign manufacturers. While Western woke politicians and ecological totalitarians enforce in Western countries insane and unrealistic standards instead of reasonable regulations, manufacturers take their production to China where there are no standards at all. This, however, does not excuse scientists who wouldn’t accept even reasonable standards and who would know no ethical limits to their research. Some regulations and bans exist for a good reason. Also, letting do things by Chinese scientists gives some kind of “plausible deniability”. Put simply, they could do in China what they couldn’t do in the US.

Enter Anthony Fauci.
The first time I saw Dr. Fauci he struck me as likeable and funny but as time progressed, that first perception changed substantially.
I noticed that his words and actions were neither dictated by science nor by care for the health and the lives of millions of people.
Here is the progression of Faucis views (I paraphrase):
“The virus is no big deal. You can take that cruise on that ship.”
“The virus is very dangerous and deadly.”
“Asymptomatic spread is not the driver of the pandemic.”
Remember! The justification for both lockdowns and mask mandates is based on the assumption that the virus spreads asymptomatically.
“Masks do not work.”
“Wear masks!”
“Lockdowns were no mistake.”
At no point did Fauci justify the sudden and abrupt changes of his views with new scientific data.
Besides, it would seem strange that everything we know about viruses would change drastically in the short span of months. Indeed, the science has not changed as fast as Dr. Fauci’s opinions.
Neither is the wuhan virus so radically different from other corona viruses that we should throw everything we know about them out the window.
Rather than being dictated by science his changes were motivated by political and personal needs.
What disturbed me above all else was his pathological need for the limelight, the camera and the adoration of the media who portray him as a combination of a Hippocrates, a saint and a Marvel superhero.
I understand that a man who works in the relative anonymity of the bureaucratic machine, enjoys his bath in the spotlight, the fame and power that he gets suddenly at the last years of his career but his craving for adoration is clearly obsessive. This craving is what motivates him above all else. Something is not right with Dr. Fauci.
A secondary motivation for Fauci’s desire to be constantly present in the media is money. All those interviews, speeches and events bring some neat extra cash.
Last month alone yours truly received two “Meet Dr. Fauci” email invitations from the company yours truly works for. You can rest assured that the company payed Mr. Fauci a neat sum for these events.
As with all the other players, Fauci knew everything that they did and yet he was involved, albeit indirectly, with the research in the Wuhan lab. He knew that there were virtually no regulations for dual use research and if there were any they were sloppily implemented. He had to know. How else could he predict in 2017 that Trump would have to deal with a pandemic in his presidency? He knew that a leak would happen sooner or later and he knew exactly what kind of research was done in the Wuhan lab.
Why? Why? Why? Why did he do it? Is he the stereotypical “mad scientist” who sacrifices everything, including his soul, for science? No! He does not seem to care that much about the science. My guess is that his motivation was of a pecuniary nature and that a potential lab leak and the resulting pandemic were merely collateral damage. He may have made an even more sinister calculation. From his point of view a pandemic may be a great outcome allowing him to reap exactly the benefits he enjoys so much now. Viewed in this light a lab leak was not a bug. It was a feature.
You think I’m too harsh with Dr. Fauci? NO!
I KNOW that Fauci does not give an excrement about the human suffering that he caused and that he continues to cause.
How do I know?
He suggested lockdowns and masks as means to stop or slow the pandemic. There is no evidence that lockdowns or masks reduce the overall number of deaths of a pandemic. There is however evidence that lockdowns cause economic and psychological devastation and that they cause additional death and depression. There is evidence that the wearing of masks causes health damage and psychological damage.
A hippocratic principle is: Do no harm. You don’t apply a procedure to the patient if you know that it harms him but you don’t know whether that procedure does help him at all.
Worse, the same Dr. Fauci discouraged the use of Hydroxychlaraquin and Ivermectin claiming insufficient evidence for their efficacy while these drugs are safe and they have been in use for decades.
Had these drugs been used widely, thousands of lifes would have been saved. Because these drugs are safe, discouraging their use is completely irrational, even if their efficacy is not as great as one hopes for.
Again, Fauci never gave a rational justification for his recommendations. He was motivated not by science but by something different.
Fauci is not batsoup crazy. He is like one of those truly evil Batman villains who would blow up an entire city just to satisfy their sick, perverted needs.
He’s a sick, evil bastard who caused death by the hundreds of thousands and who made all our lives miserable. That’s the nicest thing I can say about him. 

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