Lust For Life – Why Lockdowns Don‘t Work

It was around the time when the first lockdown due to the wuhan virus reached a maximum of strictness when I was riding my bike through the night on my way home.

I was riding the bike on country roads that I know like the back of my hand when I reached a hut-like wooden structure big enough to drive a car through.

I sat on one of the wooden benches while surfing the internet on my phone,  enjoying the silence around me.

It must have been an hour later when a car appeared right next to the „hut“.

I was a little bit surprised but not overly nervous. Being cool, calm and relaxed I looked at the car with a piercing look when a young fellow got out of the car, followed by a guy and a girl about the same age.

The first fellow told me politely that I need not worry and asked me If I would mind them using the hut. I told him that there was no problem and went on reading my phone. Understandably, they didn‘t expect to find a person sitting alone in the „hut“ in the middle of the night and so they asked me repeatedly if I was not afraid being alone in the dark. I assured them that I take often a stroll in the night, sometimes in the middle of a forest and that the only things I try to keep a respectful distance from are wild boars.

They told me that they just came here to have a cozy little fire and to just sit around for a while.

While the two guys were searching for wood I had a pleasant conversation with the girl who reminded me of my former Dalmatian girl friend.

The two guys found few dry material suitable for burning and after a shortlived fire I decided to leave the place and to ride the few remaining klometers to my home.

This little episode partially confirmed a suspicion that I always had before.

I always suspected that the things that were verboten because of those silly „corona lockdowns“ were not done in public anymore but they just were done in private. In my wild phantasy I imagined that people with large rooms that are acoustically isolated or far away from curious ears would have wild parties or big gatherings in those rooms.

Perhaps the mob would rent such rooms. None of the particpants would ever talk to the police. If necessary, a combination of intimidation and corruption would ensure the undisturbed continuation of such business.

Perhaps I’ve seen too many old gangster movies dealing with the time of the prohibition of alcohol.

One thing is certain: You cannot forbid life.

The people who call for the most drastic infringements on individual liberties and for the strictest „anti-corona measures“ are often the same idiots who call for the legalization of prostitution, drug use and abortion.

Their argument is that if you criminalize these activities you only drive those who are engaged in these activities underground which in turn leads to dangerous practices that often result in damaged health or loss of life.

Their argument is that those who are engaged in these activities won‘t stop being engaged in them even if said activities are outlawed.

They claim for example that if abortion is illegal then abortion will often be done by shady, untrained persons practising unsafe and dangerous procedures.

Well, if all this is true for such things as prostitution, drug use and abortion then sure as hell the same is true for the normal and necessary functions of life.

How about legalizing life?

Isn‘t it insane that the same people who are perfectly ok with abortion are the ones who are calling for strict, even totalitarian measures because of their supposed newly found respect for life?

They say that, wait for it, even if we can save one life, these measures are justified.

Ouch! What painful stupidity. Haw about stopping abortion? Millions of lifes could be saved!

All this brings me to a deeper, perhaps the deepest question: Is there anything worse than death?

Should we value life more than anything else?

Our ancestors answered these questions emphatically. They determined that liberty and the chance to pursue one‘s dreams is worth risking their lives. They determined that living in slavery, misery and tyranny is worse than dying in the process of fighting for freedom, the same freedom which we are in the process of losing.

Man is a spiritual being and as such man‘s existence points to something higher, something more than life on this earth.

There is worse than death: A life not lived and an eternal life in hell.