Is Hector Dead?

Since I have listened to all episodes of Jeff Wright’s excellent, excellent Trojan War Podcast during the holidays I couldn’t help seeing parallels with the Iliad and the current impeachment of President Trump.
In Homer’s Iliad, the foundational text of western literature, the classic of all classics, Achilles, the hero of the story, kills Hector, the Prince of Troy in a climactic duel, in man to man combat.
In a rage bordering on madness Achilles is not content with the death of Hector. He mutilates Hector’s body and denies him a proper burial. We see the mutilation of enemies’ bodies throughout the ages. Japanese soldiers mutilated dead American soldiers during WWII. Achilles though goes much further. Not only does he leave the body to be eaten by dogs and birds. He keeps the body in his camp, thus preventing Hector’s family from burying Hector. Being denied a proper burial was the worst that could happen to an ancient Greek. The ancient Greeks believed that when the soul/spirit leaves the body it could not enter Hades, the realm of the dead, until the body unterwent a proper burial. Without a proper purial the soul/spirit was condemned to wander eternally in a place that was even worse than hades, never finding peace and rest. Such was the rage of Achilles.
The maniacal rage and hatred of the Left and of some Republicans, no doubt, mirror the rage of Achilles. Why else would they want to impeach Donald Trump when he has to leave the Presidency in just a few days anyway?
Here though end the parallels. Some say that Trump’s enemies want to prevent him from running again for President but even if they succeeded, I would say that Hector is not dead. I believe that Donald Trump could be much more dangerous for his enemies outside the White House. Unshackled from a backstabbing, disloyal goverment apparatus filled with people who try to sabotage his agenda every step of the way, he could be much more effective in promoting his popular agenda outside the system. With the added help of a base of enthusiastic supporters he could advance his agenda as effectively as inside the system.
Don’t believe me? Think again! How is it that people like George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg have such a disproportional influence in politics?
I believe that Donald Trump could do the same thing that these people do as good or even better than they do.

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