Progressives For Guns

There are a lot of good reasons why every citizen should have the right to bear arms.
Usually it is conservatives who are making the argument for the 2nd amendment.
In this post though I will make the case for the right to bear arms from the Left’s point of view.
As you will see, this case is even stronger than the case made by the Right.
So, if you are a conservative, forget for a moment that you are a conservative and view the world through the Left’s lens.

Leftist mode ON

In a time of widespread systemic racism and the killings of unarmed black people and other minorities by a brutal, racist police, shouldn’t we advocate for the right to carry arms, especially for blacks? If black lives matter, shouldn’t our black brothers have the means to defend themselves against those racist, fascist police pigs?

The rise of  a racist, fascist scumbag like Donald Trump to power should give us pause to reconsider our position on gun control.
Trump, who is like Hitler and who like Hitler attacks the press and the institutions of democracy and who is having concentration camps at the southern border, has shown where he wants to lead Amerikkka. Trump is militarizing the state and he is having tanks brought to the streets, using the opportunity of a military parade to do so.
Shouldn’t we learn from history? Trump is creating a climate of antisemitism which already has lead to the violent deaths of Jewish people in this country.
As it was the case in nazi Germany, this is only the beginning. As it was in nazi Germany, the Jews were murdered first by street thugs with the tacit approval of the state. It was only later that Hitler used the full force of the state to implement the mass murder and extermination of the Jewish people.
Shouldn’t we prevent another Holocaust? Don’t you think a Jew in nazi Germany would have loved to have a weapon to defend himself against that monstrous regime?
It was not only the Jews that were imprisoned and murdered by Hitler’s henchmen. It was also communists, socialists and everyone deemed an enemy of the state and anyone deemed undesirable. It was only logical that Hitler took the guns away from the general population.
If Trump is like Hitler then it is suicidal to disarm ourselves.

Even if we get rid of Trump, who can assure us that another one like him or even a worse one – yes that’s possible – will not grab the power of the state in this deeply racist country?
After all, no one thought that it was possible that Trump could win. After all, no one thought that such a hateful excuse of a person could ever become president.
Shouldn’t we learn from this? We should always be prepared. We should always be armed in order to be able to fight tyrants like Trump if and when they come after us.
Once the full force of the goverment ist turned against an unarmed population it’s too late.
Trump is still in power and even if he goes we cannot exclude the possibility that another possibly worse dictator grabs power.
Therefore, gun control and the banning of guns should be the last thing we want. EVER!

Leftist mode OFF

Artaxes mode ON

If the Left believes its own rhetoric, then the LEFT should be the fiercest, most zealous, most passionate defender and advocate for the right to bear arms and the LEFT should be the one to hold the 2nd amendment to be sacrosanct.