It’s Not Antifa. It’s Prostata.

Antifa claims that it fights Fascism. Is this really true?
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa uses the same methods that Fascists and Nazis use.
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa displays the same intolerance and hate that the Fascists and Nazis do.
If Antifa was truly about fighting Fascism it would welcome with open arms people from across the whole political spectrum in its ranks.
It would welcome Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Among the people mentioned there are plenty who are vehemently opposed to fascism.
Instead, Antifa attacks conservatives and everyone else who does not support their radical leftist goals.
The people who really DID FIGHT Fascism during WW2 would be smeared today as Fascists and racists.
The boys and men who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy, in the hills of Italy and in the forests of France, under the very flag that Antifa defecates upon.
The boys and men who freed human beings in Germany’s concentration camps, they would today be considered Fascists by Antifa.
And it wouldn’t matter whether these boys and men were Democrats or Republicans because, thanks to the constant left shift of the political spectrum, most Democrats and Republicans in these days were politically to the right of Donald Trump or moderate Republicans today.
No, Antifa is a collection of radical leftists and admirers of Stalin and Mao who want to create a world that is not much different from the world that the Fascists wanted to create.
So, let’s call it not Antifa. Let’s call it what it really is: Prostata. The pro-Stalinist terror association.