Let’s Blow Up The Pyramides

The moderately extreme Left, the extremely extreme Left, indeed all of the unamerican American Left as well as black racists and white racist Democrats are going completely bananas these days.
They are going full Taliban / Islamic State.
Like these barbarians they are beginning to destroy all works of art that represent something they don’t like.
I have to ask all you leftist and antiwhite racists:
Why stop at confederate statues?
Why not destroy ALL symbols of slavery?
Why not blow up the pyramides of Egypt?
After all, the pyramides of Egypt are the biggests symbols of slavery.
They were build by slaves for the biggest, unapologetic slave owners, the pharaohs who viewed themselves as gods and the rest of humanity as slaves.
Don’t give me the crap that this would violate Egyptian or international law. You don’t care about the law anyway. You are already tearing down statues illegally.
That would be an act of violence? So what! You are already committing acts of violence by destroying art you don’t like.
So, you leftists out there, why don’t you call for President Trump to nuke these pyramides?
That would be too harsh? I here you. I here you.
That’s why you should volunteer to go to Egypt, pick in hand, and bring these evil symbols of slavery down with your own hands.
Have fun!

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