Dear Atheists, Would You Please Work On Sundays?

Dear Atheists, you keep complaining about religious symbols in the public sphere.
You insist on removing all traces of religion from the public space.
I wonder why you don’t want to remove the biggest symbol of religious interference in public life.
Perhaps it’s because it’s such a big fat symbol that it is hidden in plain sight.
It’s the Sunday.
As you should know, the concept of working six days and resting on the seventh day is a concept that is entirely rooted in judeochristian theology.
Seriously, if I was an atheist, I would be offended that, based on the teachings about an imaginary sky daddy, I would be forced to stay away from work on Sundays.
Now, I understand that it’s pretty hard for you to call for the abolishment of the Sunday.
That would make you hated by 95% of humanity.
But how about working on Sundays on a volontary basis?
If you are an employee you should call your boss. I’m shure he can make some arrangements for you. Perhaps home office …
What do I hear? Crickets? I just wonder why …