A Tactical Mistake?

No question. The resignation of Mike Flynn is a big setback for President Donald Trump.
In their panic, the establishment, the Left, the globalsts and the media were trying desperately to do anything and everything to kill Donald Trump’s presidency in its infancy.
While fully enjoying their first major victory, Trump’s enemies might have made ia tactical mistake.
Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to kill (politically) Donald Trump they struck at the first opportunity but the resignation of Mike Flynn is not necessarilly a fatal blow.
So, this might be the wakeup call that President Trump needs in order to realize that, unlike in the world of business, this is total war, fought on every level and with every dirty trick imaginable.
If President Trump draws the right lessons from this and if he goes on the offensive he can use this first defeat to achieve ultimate victory.
In warfare an early defeat just at the right time sometimes can pave the wave for the greater strategic victory.

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