Mateo: Inside The Soul Of A Leftist

When people from the political right talk about leftists they call them often stupid.
Well, that is certainly true in many cases but it fails to completely understand the nature of the Left.
If you are debating leftists, armed with facts, rigorous logic and modest debating skills, you are winning the argument every time. This, of course, might give you the impression that leftists are just stupid for defending world view that is so utterly inconsistent, so utterly contrary to reality, common sense and logic and hence utterly indefensible.
But this impression misses the full picture. You wll find that persons who are perfectly logical and reasonable in their line of work and in their field of expertise, throw logic, reason and common sense out the window when it comes to their world view. That kind of behaviour is not limited to the Left.
Case in point: Steven Hawking. This brilliant physicist who is highly regarded in his field of expertise, makes the most  fundamental philosophical error that perhaps only amateurs could make, when he talks about the unverse creating itself.
Well, in order for the unverse to create anythng it must already be in exstence. Somethng that doesn’t exist, can’t create anything.

Enter Mateo.
Mateo is a real person but Mateo is not his real name. While protecting his identity it is easier for me to talk about him when he’s given a name, even a false one.
The reason why I’m writing at all about him is because we’ve had a conversation that schocked me in these recent Christmas days.
Usually Mateo doesn’t want to talk about politics with me because he usually loses the argument, because he wants to keep living in his dream world and because he loves me. Lacking arguments he would have to hurt me and verbally abuse me because he has no other way to defend his crazy world view. The feeling of love is mutual. No, we’re both straight. It’s the kind of love you have for a brother. I know Mateo since we were both little chldren. In fact, I think I know his heart better than anyone on the planet, including himself. He is envious and he can be petty and ugly. He is ruthless and egotistical and in the pursuit of his personal goals he is willing to hurt even the ones he loves. On the other hand he is fiercely loyal. He would rather have his arms hacked off than betray you. He fights wthout regard for his life when he defends and protects those he loves or cares about. I know he would fight to the death for my sake.
With the same ruthlessnes and energy he pursues his own goals he helps those he loves when they need his help. He can be as selfless as he can be egotistcal.
As I’ve written elsewhere, I live in Germany. With the islamic terrorist attack in Berlin happening just a few days before, I didn’t give a damn about Mateo’s wishes to not talk about the topic of Islam and Germany’s “refugee” crisis when we met on Christmas.
That’s because I’m concerned with the safety and the lives of those I love (including Mateo himself).
The conversation quickly turned heated and at times ugly. As usual he was losing the argument. At one point he said: “there have to be not just people like you but idealists like me”. Following that, I shredded the notion of his “idealism” by exposing the contradictions in his “idealism” and by pointing out the effects his “idealism” has in the real world.
After some strawman arguments and ad hominems coming from him he was reduced to this: “I don’t want to be reasonable!”.
I was floored, speechless.
This really shocked me because not only here we have a grown man acting utterly childish but we have also a man who is unable to see that he sacrifices even those he loves on the altar of his insane leftist world view.
Now, I know that Mateo is definitely not stupid. Why then does he act stupidly?
The answer goes straight to the core of Mateo’s being.
Since he was a little child Mateo wanted always to have parents who would fulfil his desires, who would make sure that everything would turn out to be good and, most importantly, parents who would take responsibility for his life.
While these wishes are natural for a little child, in the course of his life Mateo wanted to stay a child. He refused to become fully adult. He wanted to stay a little child with the ability to do everything adults do.
As he was growing up he replaced real physical parents with abbstract ideas (lefist ideas) which promised paradise on earth and, more importantly, he replaced them with the parties, organizatons and states that represented these ideas.
This overpowering desire to stay a child explains Mateo’s polics. Leftist ideas, leftist organizations and the state have become Mateo’s psychological parents. This is the reason why Mateo clings to these “parents” even if they are killing the very people he loves.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing one can do to change Mateo. The only thing that could perhaps change Mateo would be his “parents” going directly after him in the way Hitler, Stalin and Mao did go after political “apostates”. But even then I’m not sure that he would change.

What do I want you to take away from this post? I want you to realize that leftists mostly cling to their ideas not because of rational, intellectual reasons but because of feelings, emotions, fear and psychological attachment to leftist ideas.
That is why they act stupidly in the defense of these intellectually bankrupt ideas. Like Islam, the leftists’ ideas cannot be rationally defended. That’s why both islam and the Left have to use threats, intimidation and violence to impose their ideas upon the rest of the world.
What should we do in light of all these facts?
We should continue pummelling leftists in the intellectual arena. We should expose and pummel them intellectually to the point where they have no resort other than to admit (explicitely or implicitely) that they have only emotional/psychologcal reasons for clinging to their ideas.
But if you are a conservative who thinks that this is enough, you are sadly mistaken.
Since the basis for being a leftist is to a great extend emotional/psychological you cannot change a leftist’s world view by purely intellectual and logical means.
The cultural marxists used means like film, music and art that appeal mostly to emotions and the psyche in order to pump their message subliminally into the population.
Remember the cultural revolution of the 1960’s? Many of the kids where not drawn in because the ideas of Mao and other marxists were brillant or intellectually attractive. The marxists’ ideas were as rotten then as they are now, Many of the kids were drawn in by the good feelings, free love, the music, the girls, the sex, the drugs and the rock and roll.
This is the open flank of conservatives and all non-leftists. The Left completely dominates film, music and art.
If we want to appeal to the emotions of the leftists we have to invest more rescources in these areas. We have to take these areas over from the Left. We need more films, for example, like “American Sniper”.
Such a takeover will take a long time. Until that happens we must develop creative and low-cost ways to achieve the same results in our daily lives. I’m convinced that this endeavor is worth the while because I’m convinced that the majoriy of the leftists are not completely lost causes like Mateo.