The Real Fake News

Recently Mr. Hope And Change (aka Barrak Hussein O.) warned about the danger that “fake news” pose to democracy.
Yes, there are fake news but they are not the ones he wants to make you believe. The mainstream media have become the biggest distributors of fake news.
These media that have given up any pretense of objectivity have not only shamelessly lied through their teeth but in the 2016 elections they have been so wrong on so many levels and in such big ways that it makes me wonder who in his right mind would ever believe them again.
With the election of Donald Trump as US president the mainstream media can’t just ignore reality and sweep it under the rug.
That, Trumps brilliant use of social media and the fact that alternative media makes the mainstream media increasingly irrelevant makes it for the Left and the Democrates imperative to control and discredit the alternative media.
This will be one of the great upcoming battles. I’ve always said it. The internet is a revolution that, for the first time in history, enables every person with access to an internet connection to become a publisher who can reach millions of people.
Just like the invention of the alphabet and Gutenbergs’s printing press gave more access to knowledge to more people than before, resulting in social change, the internet revolution takes the distribution of information out of the hand of a few into the hands of the many. The internet and the alternative media makes it possible that views and information which differ from that coming from media controlled by goverments and powerful elites can be widely distributed.
This is precisely the reason why dictators and repressive regimes are so fearful of the internet and the alternative media that they take drastic measures to control both.
No, Mr. Hope And Change. You,ve got it completely wrong. The danger to democracy comes not from social media and alternative media. It comes from goverments and powerful elites trying to silence dissenting voices and trying to suppress information they don’t want people to know.
“Truth in an age of deception”, the motto of this blog, is more relevant than ever.