Tough Choices

Life is not ideal. Life is not perfect. In fact, life can be mean and nasty.
We all know it. And yet, many forget this simple fact when it comes to making choices.
Life presents constantly choices to you. Now, whether you like those choices or not doesn’t matter because there are no others.
Let me give you a real life example, a real story that happened to my brother.
He was riding his bicycle down a hill when a car came suddenly out of a side street.
It didn’t help him that he had the right of way and that the car was supposed to wait.
Worse, the driver didn’t continue driving but the car stopped on the road.
My brother pulled the brakes hard but he realized that there was no way that he could stop in time or that he could get around the car.
He realized that he would hit the side of the car but he still could choose WHERE to hit the car.
He could choose to hit the back or the front of the car. If he chose to hit the back of the car, with almost absolute certainty he would sustain serious, potentially fatal, injuries because almost all of the impact energy would be absorbed by his body and he could also hit the windows or the roof of the car with his head.
If he chose to hit the front of the car the bicycle would absorb all of the immediate impact energy while he would fly over the engine hood and land somewhere on the road. That would still involve the risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries but his chances to come out much less harmed were much better.
Of course, from a purely technical point of view he had still other choices.
He could choose to do nothing, stay the course and sing “Que sera, sera. What ever will be, will be.”.
In that case, someone else, life or fate or whatever would make the choice for him.
He could still try to get around the car.
But no matter what other choices he could technically make, the fact is, that only two outcomes were realistically possible.
He would either hit the front or the back.
Thank the Lord, my brother made the right choice and chose to hit the front. Thank the Lord, miraculously, he was almost unharmed.
This brings me to the American presidential election. Because so many people have already committed themselves to vote either Clinton or Trump there are only two possible outcomes: Trump or Clinton.
While I don’t think that Trump is that bad, I don’t understand how some who call themselves conservatives cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump because he is not conservative enough or because he is supposedly a buffoon.
Many of those same conservatives have constantly complained about Obavez (Mr. Hope and Change) for eight years.
I don’t understand why conservatives who think that Trump is not the ideal Republican or a flawed candidate would rather giveĀ  power to a Democrate candidate who is as much to the left as Mao Tsetung and who is much more flawed than Trump on any level.
Because Trump is not conservative enough let’s give power to someone who is even less conservative.
Technically they can choose to vote neither Trump nor Clinton but that doesn’t change the fact that they will still get Trump or Clinton.
So, you can fool yourself that there are other choices. You can choose either Trump or Clinton or you can sing “Que sera, sera”.