Remember Waldsterben?

Waldsterben (literally translated dying of the forest) is according to wikipedia “Forest dieback (also “Waldsterben”, a German loan word) is a condition in trees or woody plants in which peripheral parts are killed, either by parasites or due to conditions like acid rain and drought.”.
Most likely you don’t remember Waldsterben or didn’t know what it means, which is a good thing in one sense.
Waldsterben was pushed by the same people that pushed the other big hoax “climate change” or “global warming” with the same agenda in mind.
In the 1980s and the 1990s there was in Germany a hysteria about Waldsterben that was completely insane.
There were horror scenarios painted which predicted that the forests would die in a few decades.
Well, the exact opposite happened and now no one in the press and almost no one in the scientific community talks about it anymore. As a remnant we have a German loan word that is used internationally.
That goes to show how absurd all these horror scenarios about the warming planet are and how reliable all those “scientific” predictons are.
In a sane world “global warming” should share the fate of Waldsterben and no one should remember it in 20 years from now.
Recently DLF (Deutschlandfunk), the German equivalent to NPR radio, had an interview with Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis.
Thurn and Taxis is one of the most influential families in Germany and they own among other things lots of forest.
I just loved it when the princess told the “reporter” that because they had their own forrest research station and their data indicated otherwise that they knew back then that Waldsterben was greatly exaggerated.
She continued saying that this whole hysteria about Waldsterben happened mainly because a lot of money was made out of it.
Too bad I couldn’t see the reporter’s face.
The guy didn’t have any good answer when she went on to compare Waldsterben to “climate change” and when she said that it had much of a religion and that it was much like the medieval catholic practice of indulgence.
That summed it up nicely. “Climate change”, a modern Ersatzreligion.

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