News From The Asylum: Why Hitler Will Become Popular In Germany Again

If you are familiar with German politics you might suspect that my title is referring to the rise of German “right wing” parties but that is not the case.
For those not familiar with German politics, let me explain.
After WWII Germany rigthly recognized that it can never undo the monstrous crime it had done against the Jews but it would do everything to compensate the victims and it would do everything that this would never happen again.
Germany did a great job of making antisemitism a view that is not tolerated and shunned. To be called an antisemite in Germany is the equivalent of being called a racist in the US but many times worse.
The mere suspicion of being an antisemite or the mere hint that one sympathizes or one plays down the the horrors of the nazi regime have led to politicians or officials losing their jobs.
While this is political correctness run amok, it is understandable in the context of German history.
Germany did a great job of educating school children about the holocaust and in contrast to countries like Turkey or Japan which have problems with even aknowledging their past (Armenian genocide, rape of Nanking etc.) it took full responsibilty for its past crimes.
Germany did a great job of purging antisemitism from the public sphere and real racist or nazi parties like the NPD or the DVU rarely made it into the parlament because they rarely made it beyond the 5% of the votes needed to do it.
While it is true that the new so-called extreme right wing parties and movements like AFD and PEGIDA undoubtedly attract people from the real far right and some real nazis and while it is true that AFD and PEGIDA, sadly, are being increasingly infiltrated by these people, the majority of their base and their views are anything but extreme right wing. In fact their views are not much different from Donald Trump’s views with regards to immigration.
Note for American readers: The political Right in the European context is quite different from the American Right.
Because of the utter mishandling of the illegal immigration crisis by the German goverment, Germany is flooded with 10,000 illegal immigrants every DAY! The unwillingness of the goverment to stop this suicidal lunacy causes more and more people to look favourably toward these new parties and movements but no matter how many votes and members they get they won’t be the cause of Hitler’s rising popularity. Hint: It wont be Germans who love Hitler so much.
Perhaps you are aware that one of the most popular, if not the most popular, books in the Muslim world, is, after the quran, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.
With Germany being flooded with 800,000 to 1.5 million mostly muslim illegal immigrants this year, we can expect a rise in antisemitsism and antisemitic violence.
In countries like Sweden and France the increase in the muslim population has lead to an increase in antisemitic violence.
In Sweden it’s become so bad that Jews are leaving because they see no future in this country anymore.
This is perhaps the greatest irony. A country, recognizing its sins of the past and doing everything to make them never happen again, willingly inviting those who would gladly commit the same sins again if they could.
The leaders of the Jewish community in Germany have already voiced their concerns but they were largely ignored.
Of course, this doesn’t concern all the nutjobs on the Left and the so-called progressives.
They pretend to be the champions of women’s rights, gay’s rights, minorities’ rights and of the separation of state and religion but any mentally sane person would see that flooding your country with persons who would have none of this is actually going to make life worse for all the groups mentioned.
Are the leftists and progressives stupid or do they just don’t give a damn about their “noble” causes?
It is both. They don’t give a damn about women, gays and minorities and they certanly don’t give a damn about the Jews, worse, German antisemitism has found a new home in the Left.
The Left is stupid because its politics are suicidal.
If muslims become dominant in any country, not only will women’s rights, gay’s rights, minorities’ rights and the separation of state and religion go out the window but after the muslims are done with the Jews they will eventually go after the Left.
That’s why I titled this post “News from the Asylum”.
In the name of tolerance and diversity we will have increased intolerance and less diversity.

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