The Real Reason Why The US President Is Against Assad

The president of the United States, Obavez, as I call him, is vehemently opposed to Syria’s Assad.
It’s interesting to examine why that’s the case.
Obavez’ real problem with Assad is not that he’s a dictator who opresses and kills his own citizens. After all, Obavez supports the murderous regime in Iran and he thinks Iran could become an ally of the US.
His real problem is not even that Assad is an ally of Russia. He has no problem with the fact that the mullahs in Iran are big allies of Russia.
Is the problem that Assad is an enemy of Israel allying himself with the Hizbollah terrorists who would love to wipe out Israel?
Nope, it’s not. Iran, the biggest financier of Hizbollah, openly calls for and works towards the destruction of Israel.
Is the problem that Assad is a shia and not a sunni muslim?
Well, though some say that Obavez is a sunni muslim and that he therefore supports the sunnis and that he is against the shia, that is clearly not the case.
Not only he’s thrown the shia Iranian regime a lifeline but he gave them everything they need to become the dominant regional power. A nuclear power that is.
In fact, his deal with Iran has caused some observers to theorize that he shifted from supporting the sunnis to supporting the shias but I strongly disagree because if that was the case he would support Assad.
If there is a consistent pattern in Obavez’ foreign policy, it is this: Everything he did favoured radical muslims. Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt all were governed by secular leaders who were either toppled by the US or with the support of the US. On the other hand Obavez didn’t lift a finger or even utter a word in support of the people rising up against the brutal theocratic islamic regime in Iran.
No, Obavez’ problem with Assad, his only problem, is that Assad is a SECULAR dictator and not a RADICAL MUSLIM dictator.
Ironically, while Obavez supports all islamic regimes and leaders in the region, one of these regimes, Iran, supports a secular dictatorial Syrian regime for its very own reasons.
This explains the indecisiveness and chaos of Obavez’ policy with regards to Syria.
Though Assad, Russia and Iran succeeding in eradicating the islamic state in Syria is a good thing, expanding Iran’s inluence and Iran’s area of operations to the border of Israel is a bad thing.
But as bad as this is, a Syria without the murderer Assad would be even worse because it would lead to the same result that the invasion of Iraq produced. A power vacuum that would be filled by the barbarians of the islamic state.
Unless Europe and America are willing to put boots on the ground for a long time or to support the Kurds, Yezidis and Christians robustly, they should let Putin do the job.

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