Europe’s Descend Into Tyranny

If you ever wanted to know how Hitler managed to get the Germans into a totally irrational frenzy and how he managed to crush all resistance look no further than today’s Europe and especially today’s Germany.
Most of the media is pumping propaganda through all channels and by all means. Radio, TV, press, internet, social media, the whole thing. With a few exceptions they are going bananas and call for taking in all those poor “refugees”, for showing compassion to all of those¬† people flooding Europe.
Everyone not cheering is smeared as an evil, racist, fascist, xenophobic, islamophobic, cold, heartless element that must be fought with all means according to our progressives.
I mean, what’s not to like about 800,000 muslims flooding your country?
Never mind the 4,000 fighters that the islamic state has sent together with the “refugees” into Europe (according to the islamic state itself).
Never mind that it’s not those idiots who are welcoming the poor “refugees” with open arms and with welcome placards who would have to pay the bill but guys like me who are working like crazy to pay the taxman.
Let’s do the simple math.
Let’s assume that a refugee will cost the state 1,000 Euro per month (a very low estimate).
The total population of Germany is about 80 million.
That’s 10 Euro per person. Since Germany’s insane elites think Germany can take another 2 million “refugees” the next two years, we can safely make it 30 Euros.
But since those 80 millions include everyone (children, jobless, etc.) we can safely assume that there are only about 40 million who pay for all the rest.
That’s 60 Euros per month (67$).
Now, that may not sound much but I know a lot of poor devils who work their butt off but have to live on 300 t0 400 Euros after all the expenses like rent etc. have been paid.
Of course, many average people instinctively know that they are the ones who will get screwed and that they will have to pay a lot without doing the math.
As bad as the economic burden on Germany’s economy is, the other aspects of mass muslim immigration are infinitely worse.
It makes me totally sick, that Christian refugees, real refugees who fled persecution by the islamic state are persecuted, beaten and threatened by muslim “refugees” for religious reasons in German refugee camps.
Here we have Muslims who alledgedly fled persecution persecuting Christians and other faiths on German soil and our insane leaders want us to believe that those same muslims somehow, magically will integrate and become peaceful, tolerant citizens.
Our leaders are either stupid or criminal.
But all the propaganda is apparently not enough. Now the German goverment is calling for censorhsip on facebook.
Rainer Wendt, the chief of the German police union, even suggested that the state should punish people who are spreading “hate speech” on the internet by taking away their driving licence because that’s hurting more than just paying fines.
Welcome to the new European fascism.
The German and the European elites don’t even hide their totalitarian intentions anymore.
Screw the people. What does it matter what they want?
Just recently both a German minister and an European bureaucrat openly threatened the states who refuse to be flooded with “refugees” that they will suffer negative economic consequences.
Our elites are insane.
The very progressives who can’t get enough refugees now, just a few months ago were calling for more money to solve the following problems:
– The insufficient integration of immigrants.
– The unemployment of youth.
These are the very same people who just a few months ago caused the goverment coalition to pass a law that limits the rise of rents because there is not enough affordable housing for low-income workers.
But now, somehow, out of thin air, there will be enough jobs and houses for all those millions of “refugees”.
For 30 years muslim immigrants have failed to integrate but now, magically, that is not a problem anymore.
We are fast approaching the point where Europe and Germany is descending into downright tyranny, where Germany’s chancellor Merkel is not only breaking European and German law by taking in “refugees” that Germany has to turn back according to the law and where citys and the federal goverment are floating the idea of forcing owners of empty houses to rent them to “refugees” even if they don’t want to.
Being the stalinist that he is, the mayor of Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn (Green party), proposed a fine of 50,000 Euros to be payed by owners of houses and appartments who won’t rent their property but leave it empty instead.
Yes, you have read right. That’s nothing but the state seizing your property. Technically it’s still your house but in reality it’s no longer yours because you can do no longer with it whatever the hell you want.
Yes, that’s actually already happened. A city threatened to force an owner of a big empty building to rent it to “refugees”.
Of course, the state and the city who will pay the rent for the “refugees” will pay only the “usual” rent.
Bastards! They are no different then the mafia. No, they are worse than the mafia. At least the mafia is not pretending to represent the law and the people.
All I can say to those bastards is: SCREW YOU!
Now, if you happen to be an American you might think: “Isn’t Angela Merkel a conservative?. Isn’t she the chairman of the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union?”.
Yes, by European standards she is a moderate conservative but Europe has moved so far to the left for several decades that she would be at the right wing of the Democratic party by American standard.
Making things worse is that she is not a principled leader who stands her ground, but she is often turning where the wind blows, sacrificing principle in order to stay in power, caving to the Left on issue after issue.
Yes, in politics often compromises have to be made but in her case these compromises are made very quckly and are often completely unnecessary. After the last election here party came out very strong but her coalition partner gained concessions  that were disproportionate to his strenth.
Add to that the she shares the vision of the European elites who want to push their agenda no matter what the people of the European nation states want.
Add to that that Europe has no strong tradition of championing individual rights over the state’s rights and that in contrast to Americans Europeans have generally more faith in the state as a solver of problems.
Europe’s slow but steady descend into tyranny and totalitarian collectivism is not caused by the right and not even by some real neo nazis, racists and xenophobes who undoubtedly exist.
It is caused by the Left, by progressives and by socialists which is hardly surprising because they are just one side of the same coin as there are the fascists
Fascism and socialism have so much in common that they are often indistinguishable.
Frankly, the only difference is the justification both use to crush the individual.
While the one crushes the individual pretending to do it for the good of race/nation the other crushes the individual pretending to do it for the good of class/humanity.
For the individual that is being crushed it doesn’t make any difference.
Europe is at the crossroad and the European elites have two options.
1. Pushing their radical agenda of a European superstate that supersedes the nation states, ignoring the will of the majority.
2. Giving up their idea of the superstate, admitting failure and going back to a more loose union of sovereign nation states as it was originally intended by Charles de Gaulle, one of the big founding members of what became later the EU.

If they go for option #1 they will provoke resistance. Resistance is already beginning to rise and it will get only stronger.
By necessity they will have to ignore the people of Europe and become even more tyrannical but the people of Europe will not take this laying down. If, however, our elites can manage to go ahead and import millions of muslims there will ultimately be civil war in a balkanized Europe. That may take years but it surely will come if Europe stays on the path of insanity.
The idea of creating a multicultural superstate where the people no longer identify with a nation is doomed to failure because there is nothing there to identify with in this kind of postmodern world where nothing matters anymore. Not religion, not morality, not family, not tradition, not nation, not liberty and not independence. All these things that the progressives and some big wealthy globalists want to destroy are the very things that unite a people. The idea of a “liberal”, “progressive” (read totalitarian and collectivist) utopia is not attractive enough and not strong enough to unite a people.
Who would want to fight and die, to sacrifice for the sake of reducing global temperature? That is why such a superstate that destroys everything which gives people a common identity in order to function as such will eventualy break up. Such break ups of states rarely happen peacefully. Look what happened to the former Yugoslavia and the former USSR.

If they go for option #2 Europe will have a future because it will be the Europe that will have the support of its people.

Either way, the Europe that we have known is dead.
The following months and years will determine whether that will be a good or a bad thing.