Thank You, Lord. Thank You Jesus.

I am the happiest man in the world.
Today my beloved little brother (he’s a grown man but he will always be my little brother) after many months of illness laughed for the first time.
It’s a serious illness and it was very tough for me that I could do absolutely nothing but watch him slip into a world of darkness and hopelessness.
Though he was living it was as though I had lost him.
I prayed to Jesus.
I had lost my beloved little brother. Today I got him back.
He’s now well an his way to recovery.
I am richly blessed. I am the richest man in the world.
Thank you, Lord. Thank you Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Lord. Thank You Jesus.

  1. Update? I’m hoping that all is nothing but a lot better for you and your brother.

    And for you and your entire family!

    All the very best to you and yours,

    — x

    1. Thank you X.
      I’m glad to tell you that he’s in perfectly good health.
      In fact, he’s even better than before he became ill.
      Thank the Lord!
      As for myself, I’m ok. I’ve been very busy for over half a year.
      Has been tough sometimes but that doesn’t bother me.
      All I care for is that my brother is healthy and that he can smile again. I’m happy, happy, happy.
      What about you?
      Everything ok with you?

      1. I’m so glad to hear of your brother’s good health!!! Prayers DO work!
        I’m also thrilled to hear of your state of mind. “Happy, happy, happy” is good. It’s GREAT! My fervent hope and prayer is that every day for you is better in that regard than the previous!

        Your attitude — “As for myself, I’m ok. I’ve been very busy for over half a year. Has been tough sometimes but that doesn’t bother me.” — is delightful.

        Everything’s okay here. Some small developments. Like you, I’ve been busier than busy, and like you, I don’t mind it. However, it does take time away from y beautiful children, and I don’t particularly appreciate that.

        My daughter is in the Army now, and is excelling at all that she does. I’m not sure where she gets her drive to excel, but I don’t mind it, and I’m very thrilled for her successes! My son is 15-years old, and pushing 6’5″ in height. He excels at sports, and academics some easily to him, despite the fact that he doesn’t apply himself.

        More to the point, they’re both good, kind, sweet, big- BIG-hearted people! I’m a lucky daddy! And they make me happy, happy, happy. The good Lord has been very, very good to me, and I’m very grateful.

        That’s the quick update from here.

        Best wishes for continued good health to you and all all your loved ones!


        — x

      2. That sounds great!
        You’re truly blessed with such good children. I have no doubt that you played a big, big role in the formation of their character. You can really be proud of them.
        Again, thank you for your kind words and good wishes.
        I wish only the best for you and your family. May the Lord bless you all with health, happiness and with time to spend together.

  2. Artaxes: I’m so sorry I missed this sweet, joyous post!

    I see that it’s a month old, and I hope and pray that your brother’s health has only improved, by leaps and bounds!

    What a wonderful post! May God’s blessings pour out all over you and your brother, and your entire family, every day of your lives!


    — x

    1. X, thank you for your very kind words and your prayers.
      I deeply appreciate them.
      Thank the Lord, my brother is much better now and as things are going he will be completely healed in about 3 months.
      I cannot tell you how happy I am.
      I wish that God blesses you and your family abundantly and that He shines His light upon you all.
      No need do be sorry. I’m a bad, extremely low frequency blogger and people don’t check this blog often as a result..

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