Pope Francis And The New Galileos

Remember the story of Galileo Galilei?
Most of us know the story of Galileo Galilei who was forced by the evil, evil catholic church to renounce his support for the brandnew scientific theory of Heliocentrism.
Well, what is virtually never told, is, that the catholic church then had chosen to side with the “settled science” of the day. The Geocentric world view was almost universally accepted by the scientists of the day and by most educated people.
Though ninety years earlier in 1543 Copernicus had published his work which posited a Heliocentric system, the heliocentric world view was disputed by such scientists as the great astronomer Tycho Brahe.
If it was evil and wrong then that the church sided with the “settled science” of the time and that it silenced the proponents of a differing scientific world view it is even more evil and wrong to do so today.
Aside from the fact that the church has no business in forcing one or another scientific theory upon anyone, the hypothesis of man-made global warming is much less “settled science” than the Geocentric world view was then. It is much more disputed and it has much less of a basis in scientific data and empirical observation.
It seems that this pope has learned nothing from history. He’s repeating the same error that the church did in Galileo’s time.

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