WordPress, SCREW YOU!

I’m pissed. I’m really pissed!
After logging in to my blog yesterday I saw this:

Now, I don’t care whether men choose to sodomize each other.
That’s their business. But don’t shove your crap down my throat!
There is no way to disable this LGBTQRSTUVW+++ flag and WordPress tells us that it is only temporary.
Wordpress, you are supposed to be neutral.
Gays and all other kind of people can make propaganda for their lifestyle or political views on your platform as much as they want.
Is that not enough?
Where does it start and where does it end?
Why not display the swastika on Hitler’s birthday or the hammer and sickle on the anniversary of Russia’s revoluton or Old Glory on independence day or the crescent on islamic holidays or the cross on Christmas and Easter?
Furthermore, you are a bunch of cowards.
Have at least the decency to show your political views openly for all the visitors to see and not only for us blog owners.
You are too afraid to do that because you would lose the most important capital that any open blogging platform has: neutrality.
You are sissies pretending to be neutral instead of showing the whole world who you really are.
All I can say is: WordPress, SCREW YOU!

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