A Losing Battle?

Remember when you were young? There seemed to be no limits. Time didn’t exist. You were so incredibly strong and no thought of your own death ever crossed your mind. Maybe, like me, you remember the very moment, this single point in time when you were at your peak. When you were so incredibly physically strong and your mind was sharp like a razor, your senses and reactions fast as lightning, almost supernaturally, pure willpower so strong that there was nothing you couldn’t overcome.
You had the power to bulldoze and cut your way through anything in front you. A pure fighting machine that couldn’t be hurt by any punch and nothing could trow you off balance. Not only phisically but also intellectually you were at the very top.
Your memory, your intellectual and logical capacity was amazing and your senses like a radar.
From that peak everything goes downhill and and with the passage of time you know that no matter how long it takes, your ultimate destination is death.
So, if your end is always the same no matter what you do, what difference does it make how you live and what you do?
The difference is this: We all want our lives to have meaning and worth.
It boils down to the question of what value our lives have.
The only way to measure the value of our lives is the worth of the thing or cause for which we are giving our lives (or for which we are prepared to die).
Our lives are not even a blip in eternity but if we reach the end, the worst thing to say is:
“My life was a complete waste”.
If, however, you can look back and say “I devoted my life to something that is truly worthy” then you can indeed say “I have won the battle”.

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